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Additional Topics

Here is a partial list of additional topic modules. These topics also stand alone as 60-minute keynotes or can be expanded or combined into a half-day or full-day program. Many of the following may also be combined and expanded into two- to five-day retreats for Leadership, Managerial and Team Trainings. The title and content may also be customized to enhance the theme of your event.

  Entrepreneurial Mentality
RISK-TAKING is the key word here. Over a decade ago, Mary used her risk-taking skills to move across the country to Oregon as a single mother of a 2 year old, facing physical and emotional burnout from combined losses: her first born son, marriage of 6 years, and health because of stress and a strong work ethic during the prior 15 years as an educator and counselor. She had been interviewing in Oregon for nine months prior to moving. Every job fell through… she came close, but no cigar!  Every ounce of her was ready to move, but the supporting "evidence" suggested that she would be crazy to go without a JOB!  A decision had to be made, so she went with her heart and took a leap of faith.

  Mastering Change ~ Living Your Best Life
CHAMPIONS ADJUST… Each and every one of us needs to acclimate to this type of mentality if we are to accept responsibility for our lives. You see, we are all CEO's of our own personal service organization. It doesn't matter what job position or title you hold, you are an independent contractor for the work that you are agreeing to do for the remuneration you receive. You have the power to leave, and… you have the power to stay and have great influence. A Master of Change is a Champion who accepts this fully.

  Powerful Communications
Learn techniques that will revolutionize the way you deal with challenging associates. This outstanding business training will give you cutting edge tools for commanding more respect and credibility. As the result of utilizing Mary´s tried & true techniques to communicate powerfully, you will feel reenergized and ready to get more of what you want and less of what you don't want.

  Increase Your Energy ~ the POWER of Successful Communication
Many times, it is superior skill in handling people that propels careers, boosts productivity, and ensures job satisfaction. Learn a simple process that will increase the level of help and support you get from employees, co-workers, and managers.

  Prosperity Principles for a Rich Life
Thousands of people have learned to control their thoughts with prosperity principles… and it's making their lives rich. The Prosperity Principles taught in this program will give you the power to open any door, meet any challenge, overcome any obstacle, and achieve wealth, health, happiness and true riches of life.

  Mastering Customer Loyalty
Companies today are seeking to gain a competitive advantage in getting and keeping customers by consistently providing outstanding service. Everyone must become customer-focused and service-driven. Customers are not always right, but they are always our customers.

  Makin' Magic with Difficult People
(Spouses, Children, Relatives as well)

This program will revolutionize and rejuvenate today's educational forum. "Back to basics" is the primary ingredient, but with a radically different viewpoint. Mary explains exactly what to do to recreate magic in the lives of those we're losing in our interactions with them.

  You Can't Have an Attitude an Keep it a Secret
Based on her years of teaching and training, Mary reveals the most powerful forces known in human relationships! Using principles of quantum physics as the background, and examples that everyone can relate to, she leads you through the discovery of this hidden potential power that each of us possesses.

  Healing Today's Children & Ourselves
Program will be customized for your program.

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