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Mary visits with you about your training needs

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Click to Open The Best of the Best: Connecting with Colors by Mary Robinson Reynolds

CONNECTING Turns 'Me' into 'We' = SYNERGY

See the Connecting with Colors Website

This Charismatic Redhead has a gift for grace-filled,
'tell-it-like-it-is' talk.

Time simply does not exist when Mary is on stage!

The Power of the Made-Up Mind What Mary Can Do For Your Organization
Mary Speaks
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Mary Speaks
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The Power of Acknowledgment
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Personal & Professional Coaching
Personal & Professional Coaching
Personal & Professional Coaching

"Mary's techniques are the best I’ve ever seen!
I first heard Mary speak about a year ago. I was very impressed with her ability to 'touch' the audience. Her techniques are some of the best Ive ever seen and her sincerity is so clear that no one can misconstrue it as being contrived. As time went by and I made some adjustments in our support center organization structure, I realized we had varying levels of skill when the employees were involved in team oriented situations. I called Mary. We discussed the kinds of issues I was seeing, and she customized a one-and-a-half day team training session that was delivered in July. It went very well. Mary continues to follow-up and is available if I or the managers have questions. I highly recommend Mary Reynolds to you. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me!"
Sally Phares
University and Community College Systems of Nevada
System Computing Services

You gave us the competitive edge we were looking for!

I am writing to you today to express my appreciation for such a wonderful seminar that you put on for our employees... In the automotive business, where understanding the customer becomes paramount in all of our departments, your seminar hit the mark. We knew we had to find a way to effectively communicate to our customers to remain profitable in such a competitive atmosphere as the retail automotive business is, and your Connecting with Colors Training did just that, in fact Mary, you have given us the competitive edge we were looking for. Thank you.

Daniel J. Morris
Dealer Operations Manager
Dave Hamilton Auto dealership

Mary Robinson Reynolds' dynamic presentation range covers the spectrum from subtle and endearing to outrageously, side-splittingly funny, to hammer-the-point intensity. She is also wise, humorous and masterful at helping others trust that what they desire is valid. Also being an author, she writes as she speaks and her vocabulary is familiar and engaging. Her advice is direct, not airy-fairy encouragement, to get people going with the changes they know they need to make. She opens your 'soul' with gentle, probing questions like, "So how do you really prefer it to be?" and "Why do you think you can't have it?"

You will learn how to defuse any failure mechanism and to fuel personal achievement faster than ever before.

In all of her works she explores the powerful relevance of user-friendly Quantum physics as it relates to brain/mind technology, physiology of the mind/body/heart. She gels mega amounts of information and theory into your psyche so you can easily start making peaceful changes throughout every challenging spot in your life.

With her irresistible style, Mary captures her audience's attention as well as their hearts. With her one-of-a-kind system and masterful authority of her work, time and again she continues to receive high accolades from her audiences as one of the most dynamic and compelling speakers of our time.

Mary is the woman who can show you exactly how to make great things happen for your company. Many in our society today abdicate responsibility for Success to some entity, to a company, to the "appearance" of impossible people and/or situations. We have been taught a form of compliance that says we have little or no control over our ability to get what we really want in all areas of our lives.

Mary can and will show you exactly how to make things happen. Her personal motto is: "If you don't like it, change your thinking about it!"... and the part about, "So how do we change our thinking about something that's impossible?" is exactly what she will teach your organization. She will design a program for your event that will meet your highest expectations... and beyond!

During each presentation, Mary lifts and magnetically engages participants while giving them practical tools to use right away in their professional and personal lives. People will start getting new results that day.

You will be learning exactly how to get to the "heart" of what is really trying to happen in the accomplishment of your dreams and desires. You will learn exactly how to listen and hear what your inner guidance is really guiding you to be, do and have!

She holds a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology, Counseling & Development. Mary has spoken to over 20,000 people throughout the United States , consistently receiving rave reviews.

Beginning in 1996, Mary was accepted onto the training staff for National Seminars Group (NSG) of Kansas City, KS. She did one city a day, five days a week. Her days began at 6:00 a.m. and ended at 10:00 p.m.

During the years of speaking for NSG, Mary consistently received the highest scores in her participant evaluations. NSG required their speakers to author their own material to fit the seminar outline and workbook, so Mary used her original material throughout NSG's seminars. Some examples are: Image and Communication Skills for Women, a variety of Leadership and Management conference topics, and Women's Leadership conference topics.

Mary's parting recommendation from NSG:

It has been our pleasure at National Seminars Group to contract with Mary Robinson Reynolds. She has a unique ability to connect with the audience while delivering high quality training with ease, grace and impact.

To be successful in our business, our contract speakers must hold the audience's attention for 6 hours. They must travel to a different city each night and do this for 5 consecutive days. They must appear as fresh on Friday as they did on Monday. They must deliver training with as much enthusiasm and impact on Friday as they did on Monday. As you can see, this contract requires high levels of commitment and stamina.

Mary always achieved to a high level of expectation.
Sharon B. Yoder, Director of Faculty and Seminar Services
National Seminars Group ~ National Businesswomen's Leadership Association,
A Division of Rockhurst College Continuing Education Center, Inc.