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Mary Robinson Reynolds, M.S.

Educational Psychology Counseling & Development

Author and Producer of the world renowned Internet videos, MakeADifferenceMovie.com and AcknowledgmentMovie.com - both amassing over 10 million views within a few short months of their releases.

She has written eight books and has spoken to tens of thousands of people in a two-year period in every major city in the U.S. As a professional speaker, Mary's dynamic presentation range covers the spectrum from subtle, lightly spiritual and endearing to outrageously, side-splittingly funny, to hammer-the-point intensity. She is also wise, humorous and masterful at helping others trust that what they prefer is valid.

As an author, she writes as she speaks, with vocabulary that's familiar and engaging. As a consultant, her advice is direct, not airy-fairy encouragement, to get people going with the changes they know they need to make. She opens your "heart" with gentle, probing questions like, "So how do you really prefer it to be?" and "Why do you think you can't have it?"

Mary spent her early professional years as a K-8 classroom teacher and then as a K-12 counselor. She was having tremendous, measurable academic results with the kids nobody else wanted in their classrooms and developing "attitudinal" energy techniques to empower students and parents to bridge effective communication and leadership within the educational system.

As a former girls volleyball and basketball coach who won championships in each sport, she knows what it takes to energize and positively influence teams to winning outcomes with synergistic focus and intention.

She parlayed her phenomenal success with at-risk youth into Continuing Education Courses for Portland State University on how to be energetically effective educators. For the past two decades, she has taken her exceptional programs to educational professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate managers and administrative assistants conducting training and consulting on how to be effective in creating improvement in their organizations through the power of Team Synergy.

During this same time period, she was also an active network marketing business builder in The People's Network (TPN) - a Positive Television company. Known as "The Success Channel," it was one of the most revolutionary concepts ever introduced to the television industry. During the first two years of building this business, her organization's exponential efforts brought in well over 1200 business associates, and Mary was recognized as one of TPN's Top 50 Producers. When TPN merged with Pre-Paid Legal, Inc., she put all of her efforts into raising her family while systematically building her publishing and production company.

She has first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day demands of owning and running a business - customer service, recruiting, training, managing - as well as the long term goals of group development - contracts, negotiations, sales, branding, production costs, increasing customer base. As a TurnAround Specialist, Mary knows that running a business also includes effectively dealing with negative mindsets and misunderstandings that can lead to contagious gossip, bullying and de-energizing back-stabbing among staff, which can - if not effectively defused - ultimately will seep out to consumers and business associates. The development of her work with such a diverse and creative group of individuals has been key to the growth and reach of her business to make a difference.

There is nothing more important to Mary than her husband, children and extended family and friends. She feels she lives an amazingly rich life, having put her faith, family, and her passion for world healing and peace as her top priorities. Her husband, Craig, was able to join her in the production of online flash movies and publishing business in 2004. She feels the greatest of all her achievements is her blended family, with her husband's two daughters and her son.

Her enjoyments are football, knitting, quilting, and ballroom dancing with her husband.

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