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Ten Tricks that Work with Difficult People!

(Spouses, Children, Relatives as well)

This program will revolutionize and rejuvenate today's educational forum. "Back to basics" is the primary ingredient, but with a radically different viewpoint. Mary explains exactly what to do to recreate magic in the lives of those we're losing in our interactions with them.Magic comes in the form of the following "tricks:"

  1. Refuse to accept appearances;
  2. Reverse the labels;
  3. Stop accepting excuses
  4. "No, you cannot";
  5. Eliminate manipulation;
  6. Refuse to remain engaged in conflict;
  7. Insist on high level performance;
  8. Get a new attitude;
  9. Trash the wet blanket;
  10. I'm on your side.

Magic is only an illusion.....
what better way to assist people in
dismantling the "appearance" of
insurmountable obstacles, conflict and confusion!
—Mary Robinson Reynolds


©2001 Mary Robinson Reynolds, Heart Productions & Publishing

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