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Increase Your Energy
~ the POWER of Successful Communication

Experts agree that your professional success depends primarily on human relations skills.

To see the truth in this, just look around you... it's not necessarily the technical skills, hard knowledge, or intelligence that makes "fast-track" professionals super-effective in their jobs. Skills and knowledge are useless in a vacuum. Many times, it is superior skill in handling people that propels careers, boosts productivity, and ensures job satisfaction.

In this presentation you'll be motivated to...
  • Work a simple process that will increase the level of help and support you get from employees, co-workers, and managers.
  • Apply a powerful technique that bridges communication between polarized personality styles.
  • Eliminate self-defeating esteem issues with a technique called Reverse & Re-label.
  • Learn what real, authentic power is and how to deliberately use it to empower others.
  • Effectively use Mary's 7 Best One-Liners for DEFUSING and DISARMING conflict, and confrontation, with challenging people and/or recurring hostile situations.
  • Learn how to "SAY IT" with the kind of energy that "connects" confidently and credibly.

Alternate Titles

  • Teaming in the ZONE for Self-Generating Synergism!
  • The Power of Team Communication ~ Problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Powerful Communication for Professional & Personal Success.
  • I Don't Know Anyone from Mars or Venus: A practical look at gender-based psychobabble!

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