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Mastering Change ~ Living Your Best Life       

Mastering Change ~ Living Your Best Life! --will help your participants take into account; different lifestyles, having the skills to plan ahead by selecting the type of future they want, and doing what it takes in advance to pursue whatever will be required of them.

You will learn:

  • How to find peace, purpose and passion.
  • Answering the question, "How am I intending to use my life?
  • A question you can ask that reaches in for your souls' answers.
  • How to get control of one's experience of change.
  • Need for pro-activity - techniques to quickly shift out of conditioned states of powerlessness.
  • How to take a new set of actions and challenge belief systems to create productive outcomes and live agelessly.
  • The importance and nature of communication in the midst of change craziness!
  • 7 factors which impact one's success in living life fully; where true meaning and genuine purpose in life rests.

Recently on The EARLY Show, a news reporter was interviewing Martina Navratilova. They were talking about other great tennis players, and Billy Jean King was mentioned. Martina said that she had received the best advice of her carrier from Billy Jean when she overheard Martina being very negative about how badly the ball was bouncing on the court surface. That's when Billy Jean said,

"Being negative about it won't change it… Champions Adjust."

Whether or not you consider yourself a champion does not matter… each and every one of us needs to acclimate to this type of mentality if we are to accept responsibility for our lives. You see, we are all CEO's of our own personal service organization. It doesn't matter what job position or title you hold, you are an independent contractor for the work that you are agreeing to do for the remuneration you receive. You have the power to leave, and… you have the power to stay and have great influence. A Master of Change is a Champion who accepts this fully. To step fully into our greatness, we need to accept responsibility for championing ourselves, first and foremost. The rest will follow as we are ready.

Tools you will want to start using immediately are:

  • Build personal and interpersonal mastery in yourself and others.
  • The Science of Mastering Change.
  • Create intentional results with the 5 Pillars of MindPower.
  • Use NEW TOOLS that release your energy and expand your potential.
  • E=MC2…Intention plus Creative Mechanism plus Reticular Activating System equals Results!
  • Transforming Cornerstones… wake-up calls.
  • Listening for what's really being said.
  • The mental technique to become the ultimate TurnAround Specialist!

Alternate Titles:

  • Champions Adjust!
  • Innovative and Solution Generating Thinking ~ Tapping the creative mechanism of your mind.
  • Mastering Change: Becoming the Ultimate TurnAround Specialist!
  • You've Got the Power!

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