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Powerful Communications

You and I Both Know..

There is more TIME and ENERGY wasted on difficult and challenging associates in the workplace than we would really like to admit.

Sure, we all should be able to get along together, but hey, let´s face it... some people are just impossible to deal with! There it is, that word impossible. The word that literally moves us into a state of powerlessness. From that state, we believe that we have little or no influence with these people. We feel basically, OUT-OF-CONTROL. And when people feel out of control, their work efficiency and effectiveness dwindles away.

The truth is, you are never without power. But that´s not what we´ve been taught, is it? We´ve been taught that we have to put up with it, and settle for less than what we want, or feel is right. Many of us are fed up and have begun getting in touch with our anger and outrage. But neither settling nor getting angry will give you what you want.

Take the advice of someone who´s been in your shoes... true power comes from reducing your resistance to challenging people. That´s right, reducing resistance! You can continue to put your dukes up and fight back, or continue to withdraw and suffer in silence. BUT, if you are anything like me, you love the thrilling feeling that comes from having powerful, productive working relationships.

Get the know-how you need for moving out of conditioned states of powerlessness and into your inherent, authentic power.

Powerful Communication that will revolutionize the way you deal with challenging associates. This outstanding business training will give you cutting edge tools for commanding more respect and credibility. As the result of utilizing Mary´s tried & true techniques to communicate powerfully, you will feel reenergized and ready to GET MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT AND LESS OF WHAT YOU DON'T WANT.

I look forward to hearing from you soon...

All Programs are Customized specifically for your needs.
Mary can provide Powerful Communication Techniques For:

  • Team Building
  • Leadership & Supervisory Skill
  • Managing Challenging People
  • Emotional Control & Self-Discipline
  • Sales
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Defusing Conflict & Confrontation
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Productivity

Maximize your Professional Potential through Communicating with Power & Influence. You will learn:

  • How Attitude Alignment
  • How to read "Vibes" and what to do about Negative Ones!
  • How to recover quickly from a blunder... and how to react when other's make mistakes!
  • Actions that ensure you'll "fit in" with any group of people... no matter how little you may have in common.
  • An experiential process that shows you exactly how you go into a state of powerlessness and how to instantly move yourself right back into power.
  • Mary's best 7 One-Liners for dealing with the "abusive personality types" in your office -- including passive aggressive types.
  • Transform Loser Language into Leader Language, instantly.
  • How to Listen in a way that Powerfully Influences.

Here is what clients have to say about about
Mary´s Powerful Communications Program:

Mary Robinson Reynolds is such an inspiration to me. As a Seminar leader she´s GREAT! She reminded me of a great speaker by the name of Barbara DeAngelos.
Aida Fields,

I feel very empowered with the tools and techniques Mary presented. Mary is an Excellent Speaker who was able to incorporate theory with real life situations. I highly recommend any program Mary presents.
Bob Nance,
Sales Representative

Mary made me laugh and was very helpful all at once. I wish I could listen to her talk once a week.
Chris Shahan,

I feel the topics discussed were in depth, real life situations that can be applied to further my career and life goals. The concepts were right on target.
Leficia Fernandez,
Claims Supervisor

Mary has made self analysis challenging and painless. We all need to look at our self improvements before we apply them to our lives.
Charles Foster,
Manager West One Bank

Mary is a great speaker. Give her a raise!!!!
Lisa Marie Brown, Administrative Assistant

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