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Victim No More - Diffusing Bully Behavior

Every day, 160,000 children miss school because of a fear of being bullied.
(U. S. Department of Justice, National Association of School Psychologists)


OPTION 1: UClick&Play

Mary does the training: Anyone can Click & Play, and have Mary deliver your training for you:
You will be able to watch it on your computer as a webinar/slideshow or video training, 2) You can project it from your computer onto a screen for others to watch and listen and  3) You will also be able to download the audio portion to your MP3 and/or burn it on CDs to listen to in your car, at your convenience.

D.I.Y. [Do It Yourself]:
In today's world, Managers, Administrators, Principals as well as Administrative Assistants are now stepping up to do a great amount of staff training... so we've made it easier for You to train and coach!
The PowerPoint presentations and outline have been created for: 1) Trainers who work with groups of 10 - 100 or more, 2) Staff developers who really want to make a difference and 3) Anyone who currently spends a lot time in front of groups, or will in the future.

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"Hi Mary, I bought your Victim No More: Diffusing Bully Behaviors Self Learning Training. Wow, it was powerful!!!"
- Jill Hendrickson, Author of Weight Loss, Italian Style!

"Your material is thought-provoking and encouraging to be more vigilant in understanding about what is really going on... This was my very first public presentation like this, and I found your entire UTrain Program completely user friendly, timed perfectly to break into convenient sections to keep everyone attentive and engaged. This really saved the day."
- Pam Swett, Principal, Lawrence High School, ME

Listen in as Mary Visits with Pam:


Victim No More


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