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Make A Difference with the Power of Connection
Gift Book for Professionals & Parents  by Mary Reynolds

7" X 7" soft cover book, full color 96 pages includes true stories

The Little Book that Speaks Volumes: Rich Content that causes Instantaneous Positive Behavioral Change less than 30 seconds you can change a life for the better by Connecting with Compassion & Attention. Use these powerful stories for trainings & movies for public presentations. For all educators and parents, this book is a call to action. The energy that you will feel is amazing.

Make A Difference with the Power of Connection - is an excellent read for educators and parents who need a shot of inspiration and simple, immediately applicable strategies without spending days mired in text and extensive program implementation and processes.

This book ANSWERS How To: Succeed with ALL Kids  •  Reach and Teach Every Learning Challenged, Difficult, At-Risk Student and Adult  •  Engage ALL School-Age Children, Tweens & Teens in Their Own Learning Style  •  Empower ALL Students to THINK and Actively Contribute  •  Create a Safe Classroom Community  •  Elevate Student Voice: Enhance Participation, Citizenship, and Leadership  •  Energetically empower Students labeled ADD or ADHD, anger and rage  •  Reduce the need for Consequences  •  Understand Adolescent Brain Function  •  Remedy student backtalk when it crosses the line into verbal abuse  •  Transform a bully's need to bully  •  Use Mary's 3-Step Process for when it's gone beyond disrespect and into intimidation - toward yourself and others  •  Create School Culture that Positively Embraces Learning  •  THINK and Do What Successful professional educators and parents THINK and Do

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Educator's Package with 2 hr FACILITATOR Training
INCLUDES Acknowledgment Ceremony & Activities

Make the whole class a high-functioning, compassionate Community!

9-Week Curriculum to Make THIS The Best School Year Ever!

OPTION 1: This package, which is available for educational professionals, includes:

arrow  Two Hours of MP3 Audio FACILITATOR Training on the best use of these Activities

arrow  9-Week Curriculum of Activities for Building a Safe, Compassionate Synergistically Productive Community within the Classroom and Entire School. Leadership Guide to a Make A Difference School Year (Printable)

arrow  25 Adult Size Blue "I Make A Difference®" wristbands

arrow  A soft cover copy of Make A Difference with the Power of Connection

arrow FOUR Movie Downloads: Teddy Stallard Story, Acknowledgment Movie, Connection Movie, and Lost Cause Kid Movie

This is a $169.00 value. But because we want to support our schools and share the Make A Difference program with kids, teachers may purchase this for only

Educators Package
Leader's Guide

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Includes all of these!

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Make A Difference with
the Power of Connection

Gift Book and Free DVD

25 "I Make A Difference®"
Blue Wristbands
Adult Size 8"

9-Week Curriculum

Four Movie

OPTION 2: ADD More Wristbands and a Virtual Book for the Special Price of
Includes all of the above, with 100 Wristbands plus the No Labels No Limits Virtual Book.

Educator's Package with 100 Wristbands and Virtual Book

This is a $244.00 value.

Purchase for


Make A Difference with
the Power of Connection

Gift Book and Free DVD

100 "I Make A Difference®"
Blue Wristbands
Adult Size 8"

9-Week Curriculum

Four Movie

No Labels
No Limits

Virtual Book


  #1: THE WORKS PK82 Package
check 100 Make A Difference with the Power of Connection Gift Book & DVD Value  $1,595
  by Mary Robinson Reynolds, M.S.    
check 200 Adult-size 'I Make A Difference®' Wristbands Value  $ 140
check Academic Success 101 PowerPoint Slides and Leader's Manual PDF Value  $ 299
check Become a Turnaround Specialist MP3 Training and Workbook PDF Value  $  99

  #2: THE BREAKTHROUGH     PK82 Package
check 50 Make A Difference with the Power of Connection Gift Book & DVD Value  $797
  by Mary Robinson Reynolds, M.S.    
check 100 Adult-size 'I Make A Difference®' Wristbands Value  $  70
check Academic Success 101 PowerPoint Slides and Leader's Manual PDF Value  $ 299
check Become a Turnaround Specialist MP3 Training and Workbook PDF Value  $  99

  SAVE over $100    

Academic Success 101 Online Course Audio/MP-3 Program Package

check 15 Hours TEA CPE Academic Success 101 Tele-Course sessions Value 
  Includes Q&A, Successes, Weekly Assignments and
  experiential exercises and application
check Mary's 2-hour LIVE Become a TurnAround Specialist performance Value  $99.00
  Printable Workbook    
  Mary provides a simple, and yet profoundly powerful system on RE-LABELLING
  the most difficult situations and challenging personality types in an instant.
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Academic Success 101 Audio Training Package

Academic Success 101
*Incl. Wristband Acknowledgment Ceremony*

Educator's 9-Week Curriculum Package

Educators 9-Week
Make A Difference Activities
*Incl. Wristband Acknowledgment Ceremony*
and Teddy Stallard Activities

CPowerPoint Presentation Slides and Script Sets

PowerPoint Presentation
Slides and
Script Sets

The Power of Compassion - 7 Ways to Make A Difference

The Power of
Compassion -
7 Ways You Can
Make A Difference
*Includes Teddy Stallard Story*

I Make A Difference - Silicone Wrist Bracelets

Silicone Bracelets
"I Make A Difference®"
Quantity Pricing

Audio Clips of Success Stories from Make A Difference with the Power of Connection Book Strategies used in companion training program, Academic Success 101 from Participants, Regarding Specific Aspects of the Course
  The "What, If, When" Method

Martha, Mother of 7 adopted foster children, Colorado


ESL, Special Needs kids: Pamela, Elementary Educator, Texas


Dona, Educational Administrator, Ohio

  Innovative Solutions

Martha, Mother of 7 adopted foster children, Colorado


Reticular Activating System: Pamela, Elementary Educator, Texas

  Energy Exercise

Kindergartners: Jennifer, Elementary Educator, Texas


Nicole, Educational Director, Netherlands Antilles

  Relabelling Ourselves and Others

Pamela, Elementary Educator, Texas


Nicole, Educational Director, Netherlands Antilles

  "Make A Difference" Plans, Questions, Comments, Insights & Last Thoughts

Pamela, Elementary Educator, Texas


Bullying and Compassion: Cindy, High School Educator, Maryland


Cindy, High School Educator, Maryland


"The words with which a child's heart is poisoned, whether through malice or through ignorance,
remain branded in his memory, and sooner or later they burn his soul."
-Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Spanish author of The Shadow of the Wind


"I've purchased and read Make a Difference with the Power of Connection, and it is indeed a powerful little book! I am in HR and am blessed to be restructuring our management and business culture. "Connecting" with the people we work with is invaluable ~ especially Management to team member. Your book only solidified my deep belief and caused me to see further areas within myself that I need to shift in order to be more connected through compassion. While reading it I not only reflected back upon how I related to my own children, but substituted the word "child" with adult, team mate, employee, friend and/or at times even boss! Blessings abundant to you and your calling, Mary Reynolds." - Ann, Human Resources Manager

Mary's Response: Dear Ann, Thank YOU SO MUCH for your kind words about my Connection book for Parents & Professional Educators - and do I have a surprise for you! & Because of the very issue you bring up, I re-wrote my Make A Difference with the Power of Compassion book to now include 7 Ways You Can Make A Difference specifically for the working adult, working, employee, teammate, audience who very much needs this information to soften those hard edges we all carry around to end the generational legacy of pain in our society. It is the companion book for my FREE Team Synergy Training Manual: Make A Difference in 9 Weeks. Which you can download for free at: - Mary


Mary Reynolds, M.S., Educational Consultant and creator of the world renowned Internet videos, Teddy Stallard Movie and Power of Acknowledgment Movie -- both amassing over 10 million views within a few short months of their releases, has just launched her comprehensive 96 page gift book for professional educators and parents. It is a book that instills the power of Connection and calls out the greatness in today's youth, one child at a time.

Mary spent many years as a classroom teacher in K-8 and then as a counselor for K-12. For the past 20 years she has taught educators how to create an ALL engaging, highly productive classroom and to individualize instruction. Her techniques empower parents to bridge effective communication and leadership with teachers. She also teaches leaders and managers how to be more effective in leading improvement in their organizations. She has written eight books and has spoken to over 20,000 people in two year period in every major city in the U.S.

Make A Difference with the Power of Connection Gift Book & DVD is designed to be integrated into a school's core curriculum and everyday language so that it isn't "one more thing" teachers and administrators have to do.


Drawing on the many "connecting" techniques and examples that have already seen incredible success around the world, Make A Difference with the Power of Connection shows how easy it is to incorporate effective and compassionate understanding and skills into daily life. It is a timely answer to many of the challenges facing today's youth, businesses, parents, and educators - one that is perfectly matched to the now, ever increasing global demands of the twenty-first century.

Studies have identified what is referred to as a "skills gap" - a difference in how students are prepared for the workforce and the skills and character employers are seeking to match the demands of today's global economy.

Make A Difference with the Power of Connection helps develop the essential life skills and characteristics students need in order to thrive in the 21st century.

Thinking in terms of "connection" quickly becomes part of the culture, gaining momentum and producing improved results year after year, benefiting schools and students in the following ways:

  • Develops students skills and self-confidence to step fully into their greatness.
  • Students want to stay in class: decreases discipline referrals.
  • Teaches and develops community consciousness and leadership through existing core activities.
  • Improves academic achievement.
  • Raises levels of connection, accountability and engagement among both parents and educators.

Whole School Implementation:
Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost self-worth and esteem of their personnel. When teachers know that they really do make a difference and experience first hand the uplifting effects of a safe community consciousness, it's amazing what they can and will accomplish in their classrooms. This gift book is designed for it's simplicity of what really works with one immediately applicable Next Level concept at a time.

Classroom Implementation:
Make A Difference with the Power of Connection is a companion book to Mary's FREE 9-Week to a 'Make A Difference' School Year Activities. The concepts in this book marries with her student activities to provides easy to use "community building" activities and engaging tools to assist educators, students, and parents in implementation during the first 9-weeks of the school year that sets the pace for the rest of the school year and which reinforces the process in the following years.

Making A Difference with the Power of Connection assists any adult working with children develop the essential life skills and characteristics students need in order to thrive in the 21st century. Mary's companion FREE 9-Week Activities includes Effective Language which generates a Compassionate Culture through facilitated peer-to-peer discussion, videos, learning exercises, and implementation training.

How to Implement At Your School: This book is currently 50% Discounted for Quantity Orders.


"When I viewed your movie, The Power of Connection, it brought tears to my eyes. Our Superintendent believes in educating the whole child and has been a very innovative leader since she arrived. Each year, she assigns to leadership, reading material that is designed to clearly set the tone for change. I was very impressed with the critical elements you captured that I personally have experienced make a huge difference in the hearts of young people.
I have shared this with our key decision makers in leadership as a possible convocation presentation for ALL staff. I plan to use it and your companion book, in our dropout prevention and intervention site for staff to be reminded of how important their interactions are for discouraged youth, and I plan to use it in my speaking to reach many people. As you can see, Make A Difference with the Power of Connection struck a loud chord within me. Thank you very much for creating this masterpiece." ~ Vern Kennedy, Professional Development Trainer

"I was so pleased to receive a copy of Make A Difference with the Power of Connection Gift Book and DVD. Your work is helping so many parents and educators connect with students that are often difficult to reach. Thank you for your hard work and tireless dedication to our schools and students." ~ Elizabeth Burmaster, State Superintendent, State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

"We are a small rural elementary school in Los Banos, CA. Each year I provide my teachers with a motivating / positive book from your company. Last year I purchased your first book which was really great for my staff. I expect they will enjoy Making A Difference" with the Power of Connection as much, if not more. I will meet with my staff after they have read this book and we will discuss things we can do to touch the lives of every student in our school. Thanks!" ~ Lou Ruiz, Charleston Elementary

"Fabulous, absolutely fabulous movie about Randy the Lost Cause Kid from your Make A Difference with the Power of Connection Gift Book. I moved my family out of Newton after 10 years because there were so many students like Randy and many teachers who labeled instead of connecting to teach the whole child. And my three kids are better for it. I have shared your movie with many of my friends. I just had to say THANK YOU and well done." ~ Sincerely, Donna King

"Thanks for the information about your gift books... I found your books to be the best gifts in my life, ones that I can treasure forever."~ Fernando Pantino, Department of Education, Pasig City, Manlia, Philippines

"Your latest book is an absolute treasure! I wish every person entering the teaching profession were able to read it - able and REQUIRED to read it! It's a book for ALL people. Wonderful bit of writing. I repeat! Your parents would be so proud of you! Keep up the good work, Mary and a big "thank you" for my copy. I shall read it again many times. I especially enjoyed the story about Randy -- and haven't we all had a Randy in our classrooms? Bless you for changing this kid's life."
~ Doris Wiens, Retired Educator

"I'm hoping that your new book is receiving a marvelous reception in the educational community. Everyone I've shown it to is really quite enthralled with the message." ~ Heather Kibbey, Northwest Publishers Consortium

"I just got done reading your newly released book Make a Difference with the Power of Connection. Wow! I had so many light bulb moments as I was reading it. I would like to get your book called No Labels, No Limits next. I am a 45 year old mom of two girls. My oldest daughter is 16, and I can see where I have not been connecting with her, and can hardly wait for her to come home from her band camp to start connecting. My baby is just 18 months old, and I can see where I have already started the same sad way of reacting to things. But now I am certain I can change that too. I really appreciate the help your writing is giving me. Thank you." ~ Kelly Harris, Parent

"This is the first time in my life that I get a mail with such a delicate touch of care. To me they were a great surprise. I will share the movie with my colleagues. I did show your movie during the opening of school for teachers. We want to help our children grow in all aspects of their lives and compassion is nurturing as you said in the book. ~ Martha Tamayo de Vergara, Bilingual Social Worker

I had to write to let you know how touched I was by your "Make a Difference" movie and gift book. It was given to me by one my many adult nephews for whom I have been a lifelong teacher. I am 57 years old, and have spent my entire career as an attorney and business executive. Last year I retired, and am now pursuing my dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. I have always had a passion and aptitude for leading children on adventures of discovery - rather than just imparting information. Your epiphany about "teaching children" rather than "teaching subjects" resonated with me very deeply. My goal is to combine my passion for instilling in the children a lifelong love of learning, but to also work with the parents on understanding how to appreciate and implement their roles in the process. A lifetime of working in the "adult world" with very difficult interpersonal challenges will hopefully assist me in this endeavor. I would love to support your mission and your organization. Please let me know if there's anything I can ever do to help. Thank you, ~ Philip Simmons ~ CA


Compassion is an old idea made new, because science has caught up to ancient literature and philosophy to prove that "the only way out" of resentment, anger, harmful or unskilled behavior is through compassion. It makes you protective rather than controlling and when this occurs, you simply stop using fear and shame to modify unskillful behaviors, which dramatically advances focus and productivity.

This beautifully illustrated book shows how everyone can make a difference with a simple act of compassion and positive attention toward any challenging person or situation. Compassion plus attention gets it done!!

There is probably nothing more challenging for any adult - professional and/or parent - than feeling the stresses of day-to-day life and work pressing upon them and simultaneously having a child or several children needing an appropriate dose of time and attention.

There is an old, worn out authoritarian model - still being subscribed to - that says that if you give a child too much positive, affirmative attention, you will spoil them and teach them to be self-absorbed to the point of being arrogant and narcissistic. Even though research has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the “lack of positive regard, affirmative attention and unconditional love” that actually instills those unwanted, self-absorbed behaviors within an individual, we still think withholding love and attention will somehow correct unwanted behaviors.

It's been said that life is like a carousel slide projector. The size of one's carousel depends on all the un-resolved snap shots of our life experiences. The carousel keeps going around and around inserting one unresolved scene after another - being played out in real life time - through our repeat experiences. Over and over until we are able to resolve, re-frame and/or forgive.

Healing Today's Children ...and Ourselves means that through our children, we get to live out anything in our past that we have not resolved, re-framed or forgiven. As we do our own personal work, our children automatically experience immediate freedom from generational legacy's of pain, shame and fear.

Whether we are an adult working in a professional setting with children, or a parent, when we have children in our immediate field of influence, anything that's not inwardly resolved within ourselves will most assuredly be played out.

This book gives you concise, simple ways you can immediately begin "thinking differently" to positively affect children and heal anything unlike what is wanted.

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