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Who I Am Makes A Difference®: The Power of Acknowledgement
by Helice Bridges

" of the most important books of our time. Helice "Sparky" Bridges follows in the footsteps of great leaders like Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Her powerful Who I Am Makes A Difference® Acknowledgement System gives children and adults of all ages the long overdue right to be appreciated, respected, loved and nurtured by the society in which they live."
- JACK CANFIELD, author and editor, Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

"Helice "Sparky" Bridges has created a necessary vehicle to bring about great change in today's society. - SPENCER JOHNSON, M.D. author, Who Moved My Cheese

The best of the Acknowledgment stories - 143 pages, softcover

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IMAGINE ... Positive relationships between children and adults of every age, race and religion

IMAGINE ...Anger and violence replaced with dignity and respect.

IMAGINE ... Apathy and mediocrity transformed into possibility, pro activity and prosperity.

The true stories inside of this book demonstrate how you can change a life in a minute or less through the Power of Acknowledgement.

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By Popular Demand: Make A Difference at Your Next Event
We're proud to present Helice "Sparky" Bridges as one of the leading voices behind
Heart Productions & Publishing's Make A Difference for your next conference, corporate event, or training seminar.

IMAGINE.... revitalizing the human spirit One School - One Family - One Community at a Time

Helice "Sparky" Bridges' Difference Maker Training Programs
Our Goal: To shift the paradigm from punishing people for what they do wrong to acknowledging people for what they do right in order to:
         - Eradicate bullying and cyber-bullying
         - Avert adolescent suicide
         - Ignite passion, purpose and prosperity
         - Inspire appreciation, respect and love
         - Make dreams come true.

Helice Bridges provides a range of leadership training programs for schools, universities, corporations, organizations, families and religious institutions. Our acknowledgment products and community events create awareness that helps to maximize the human potential of all people where they live, work and learn.

Listed below are some of the training programs available.  Contact our office to review the complete range of programs available including those that can be customized for your group.


"You Can Get There From Here" – The Art of Acknowledgment
• Action plan that brings out the greatness in Everyone
• Create Compassionate and Authentic Connections

STANDING STRONG TOGETHER LEADERSHIP TRAINING (2.5 days scheduled 4-6 times per year)
"Uniting Youth & Adults" - Community Leadership Training
• Discover how to acknowledge the worth and importance of self and others.
• Experience the power of acknowledgment to end bullying, raise self-worth and building positive relationships in the home, school and workplace.
• Co-create an action plan to weave the vital life skill of acknowledgment into every fiber of your community.

"Leadership" – Reach your Highest Potential
• Be a Model for Proactive Leadership
• Inner and Outer Bottom-Line
• Empower others to build proactive communities

"Being the Change" – The One Minute Acknowledgment
•  Acknowledgment to create positive social change
• Listen & communicate with compassion to be heard and respected
• Create a caring, compassionate  and creative community that brings out the goodness and 
greatness in everyone.

"Uniting Youth & Adults" - Create Positive Social Change
• Discover how to acknowledge the worth and importance of self and others.
• Experience the power of acknowledgment to end bullying, raise self-worth and building positive relationships in the home, school and workplace.
• Co-create an action plan to weave the vital life skill of acknowledgment into every fiber of your community.

Intended for:

1.   Schools: Teachers, Administrators, Students grades K-12th and Universities

2.   Family: Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Siblings

3.   Organizations: Boys & Girls Clubs, Girl & Boy Scouts, YMCA, YWCA, Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

4.   Sports Groups: Coaches, Athletes, Members and Families

5.   Public Service: Mayor, Police, City Council, Elected officials

6.   Medical: Hospitals, Hospice, Nursing Homes, Doctors, Health Professionals, Patients

7.   Houses of Worship: Ministers, Spiritual Leaders, Congregants and Volunteers

8.   Philanthropists: Individuals, Foundations and Corporate Sponsors

Purpose of Programs:

1.   To provide educational tools for schools in which children are able to express their unique talents and contributions and recognized for their individuality.

2.   To provide trainings for individuals interested in speaking publicly on behalf of recognizing and acknowledging others.

3.   To offer products, programs and community services which stimulate and inspire people to make a difference.

4.   To spotlight and unite individuals and groups who are making a difference in their community, country and world.


Helice Bridges

Imagine kids and adults growing up in a community where all people are built up, encouraged to live their dreams and are passionate about making the world a better place.

Helice Bridges had this dream and dedicated her life to finding a way for all people to feel appreciated, respected and loved so that they would know that Who They Are Makes A Difference.

In 1980, at the age of 38, Helice Bridges, co-chair of the San Diego Hunger Project, discovered that people were literally staving for recognition. It was then she decided that people of every age, race, religion, nationality and economic status deserved to be appreciated, respected and loved. As a result, she created a "One Minute Acknowledgement" process and began to teach children and adults how to show their appreciation, respect and love for one another. People were shocked at how simple, powerful and moving this process was.

To help eradicate emotional hunger, Helice purchased 1,000 "Who I Am Makes A Difference®" buttons and began honoring people everywhere. With a handful of youth and adults, 1,000 people were honored in less than two weeks. The spirit of the acknowledgment message began to ripple throughout communities. People told stories of how this "One Minute Acknowledgment" healed broken marriages, stopped fights, increased grades and raised self-esteem. Helice dreamed that her "One Minute Acknowledgment" would ripple throughout communities, healing broken relationships, raising self-esteem and making dreams come true for everyone.

Between 1983 and 1993, Helice taught youth and adults how to present self-esteem programs in elementary, junior and senior high schools. She trained thousands of children, teachers and parents how to appreciate, encourage and respect one another. In 1988, a teacher in New York honored every one of her high school students with verbal acknowledgment. Then she invited her students to start a class project by honoring people throughout their community. Students honored their friends, family members, teachers - everyone.

One of these blue ribbon Acknowledgments actually saved a 14 year-old boy from committing suicide. In 1993, the "Who You Are Makes A Difference" story about the 14 year-old boy who did not commit suicide was published in the first "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book. In the year 2000, this story was made into a television movie that aired nationwide. Helice also co-wrote the "Who I Am Makes A Difference®" song which was introduced by school children on ABC's 20/20. Soon children and adults were honoring one another, creating a rippling effect. The combination of these events made it possible for millions of people throughout the world to see how a simple gesture of love and acknowledgment could change a life forever.

In a minute or less, you can change the world!


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