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Make A Difference® FACILITATOR TRAINING Program

  Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment  
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This is for the person who would like to Make A Significant Positive Difference with Today's Youth!

Whether you are a Superintendent, Principal, Director, PTA/PTO Leader, School Psychologist, Counselor, Nurse or Teacher, Life Coach, Family Counselor, Support or Service Professional who feels deeply that the TIME HAS COME to get the social - emotional problems dramatically IMPROVED - then this is the program that WILL Make A MEASURABLE Difference; that WILL save lives and directly impact test scores.

This for you if... you have a deep passion to help make a difference in transforming our educational culture and our communities at large.

I don't want to sell you a program ... I want to give you a way to REACH every student including those who have been difficult to engage, teach, focus and succeed with academically.

By becoming trained in Facilitating Make A Difference WEEK Program you can be doing something phenomenally productive.

As a society we simply MUST succeed at transforming the social emotional issues of Today's Youth that make academic excellence difficult as well as stimulating the need for drugs, alcohol, bullying and suicide all with the profound transformational Power of Acknowledgment to get kids out of their heads back into their hearts.

Take time to investigate this page fully. I believe you will see how teachers, faculty, staff, school support professionals and volunteers can ALL have happy, productive, fulfilling teaching experience à the peace of mind that working with happy, healthy, well-connected, academically productive students, faculty and staff can be as your experience.

In your TRAINING you will learn how to put yourself in a position to make a positive, lasting, exponential difference.

You will learn how this program:

- Increases EQ - (Emotional Quotient) & IQ for ALL students K-12.

- Reduces the discipline issues by getting disconnected students CONNECTED within a compassionate community of their peers.

- Increases academic productivity, performance and test results

- Creates the type of "safe to connect" school wide learning environment in which ALL students will THRIVE.

- Shifts perceptions and creates innovative solutions for problematic behaviors.

- Engages a diverse group of students in thinking, understanding and developing compassion and extending it out to others as well as themselves.

- Get's students to make the 12 inch move from the heads to their hearts to better understand their impact on one another and that they DO Matter and the DO Make A Difference.

- Helps students take more ownership over their choices in every area of their developing lives.

- Increases an inner sense of one's life purpose, one's connection to others and one's sense of purpose in the world to be reaching to make a difference each and every day.

- Develops highly empowering LISTENING skills.

- Encourages students to embrace their dreams and become self-motivated and collaborative in their academic endeavors.

- Greatly improves internal self-talk, motivation and communication with disgruntled students, faculty and staff.

- Helps students "find their voice" in ways that they can be heard.

NOW you can become a trained MDPA Facilitator.

In your training, you will learn
Mary's 5 Steps to GETTING your FACULTY & STAFF
Make A Difference WEEK program to your school.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE WEEK is A Comprehensive Activities Program

Mary Robinson Reynolds has created a Program For Education - Grades K-12 to carry out a "Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment," with daily activities and easy to implement outlines.

The intention that set the foundation for this program is that it takes 30 days to integrate a new habit. Therefore, in order to positively impact the culture of a school, the PTA/PTO Leaders, Teachers and Staff will commit to utilizing Mary's activities in classrooms and assemblies. The activities that are designed for this program directly, gently and yet powerfully address the Social Emotional Issues surrounding self-esteem, to create an academically lifted school culture.

The goal for everyone is to learn how to successfully acknowledge others and thereby teach each student exactly how to Fill Their Own Cups and Step More Fully Into Their Own Greatness, Hopes and Dreams.

The remaining Activities Programs will be devoted to additional Acknowledgment Activities and Exercises to keep the momentum of "Make A Difference" going forward, reaching out further and further into communities.


The activities can be adapted to a One-Day, a Week or a Month-long Program. For the greatest impact, the Month-long model offers one week of daily activities followed by 3 weeks of weekly activity-based learning. In all of the variations, this program will help each student develop a strong Sense of "self" and "purpose," and provide the motivation for developing positive Life Skills.


Listen to what participants are saying about Mary

Your Training with Mary:

  90 minute Training Overview of the entire program

  81 PowerPoint Slides - A Complete Presentation with easy-to-follow Script

  148-page UTrain® Leader's Guide PDF Notebook-size with Presenter's Outline PDF to accompany the PowerPoint SlideShow, giving you a pre-packaged training solution.

  27-page Presentation Notes Word doc and PDF

  29-page Participant Workbook PDF

  9 -50 minute Lesson Plans you can either expand on and lengthen or contract and shorten. Plus, Opening Kick-Off Assembly Script and Plans for Parent Night.

  All 6 MOVIES embedded to play within the PowerPoint Presentation:

  A Reinforcing Learning Mini-Poster PDF

  A Training Session Feedback Form PDF

  A Program Announcement mini-poster - PDF to print and post throughout your facility (with a blank text box in which to add your training session information).

Invest in MDPA for Education UTrain® Program and
receive Mary's 5 Steps to GETTING your
with bringing
Make A Difference WEEK program to your school.

Be 100% Trained up and READY to KICK OFF YOUR
Make A Difference WEEK PROGRAM


Introduction to the MDPA Program

Overview of the MDPA Program

You Can Do This

MDPA Program for Education

Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment UTRAIN®
Virtual 'Train the Trainer' MP3 Audio Training

In this TeleConference recording, Mary will walk you through exactly how to get Everyone on the same page to see the entire program through from beginning to end (the nay-sayers, the disgruntled and Yes, even the skeptical and the oppositional).

She will walk you through your MDPA Kick-Off Talk, and each Day/Lesson step-by-step so you can experience and be ready to get back to your community and make it happen!

Getting everyone's buy-in to do the program. Your KICK OFF Talk to launch your Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment Week (or Month) site-wide. Mary will walk you step-by-step through approaching Schools and/or School Districts decision makers to bring this program in before reaching out into the community businesses for sponsorship.


There are 3 ways to acquire your program:

So, Which Option Fits Your Preferences Best?
Click One Option Now

Option 1:
Digital Access

Immediate Electronic Delivery - Download - Leader's Guide, Lesson / Session Plans, PowerPoint Slides with Movies embedded within the Presentation - ready to go!

Electronic Delivery
Immediate Access

BONUS: You will receive 25% Savings on ALL Materials when you are ready to launch your first Make A Difference WEEK

Option 2:
Digital & Physical

The entire program shipped to you in Full Binder with DVD and CD of PowerPoint Presentation and all Movies
PLUS Immediate Electronic Delivery - Download -
ready to go!

Both Electronic &
Physical Delivery

BONUS: You will receive 25% Savings on ALL Materials when you are ready to launch your first Make A Difference WEEK

Optional 3 Payments
Digital & Physical

The entire program shipped to you in Full Binder with DVD and CD of PowerPoint Presentation and all Movies
PLUS Electronic Delivery

Make 3 Monthly Payments of
Both Electronic &
Physical Delivery

BONUS: You will receive 25% Savings on ALL Materials when you are ready to launch your first Make A Difference WEEK

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Each of these Movies is included in the Program
Acknowledgment Movie
Also: Kids Version
Connecting With Colors Movie
Also: K-4 Version:
Connecting With Colors Movie for Grades K to 4
Also: 5-12 Version:
Connecting With Colors Movie
Also: Teacher Version:
Connecting With Colors Movie for Teachers
Make A Difference Movie
Eagle Parable Movie
What I Can Say When I Talk To Myself Movie
The Simple Gesture Movie
Click to see Movie Selection
Hello, fellow PTA Members, School Faculty and Staff,

As the former PTA President of Ford Middle School in Allen, Texas and the initiator of the "Make A Difference Week" concept two years ago, I can tell you the activities during this week altered the energy in the school, as random acts of kindness filled the halls and expressions of appreciation and acknowledgement were the priority.

The inspirational videos (one of which was Mary's Acknowledgment Movie ) that the students silently watched with emotion, made a huge impact, and the stories related directly to the activities that were asked of the students throughout the week.

I have observed troubled students transformed from the power of "Make A Difference Week" as they came to life by the simplest acknowledgement of their good nature from their teachers.

The purpose of this week is to demonstrate to the students new ways of making a difference in our world. These next generations are our future leaders, and the world is greatly depending on them to create a more peaceful coexistence for humanity. It's crucial for kids to understand the important role they play in the world, and it's up to us to remind them. "Make A Difference Week" is a fun-filled week that encourages students to be the "highest vision they have of themselves," to bring out the good in others, and to practice the power of acknowledgement, appreciation and kindness.

One week can truly make the difference in our world by impacting the lives of our children, as we empower them to be the positive role models and community heroes for the generations that follow.

Now this amazing, nationally-recognized educator - Mary Robinson Reynolds - has taken "Make A Difference Week" to the next level.

I highly recommend her Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment Week Program for the upcoming year as a way to create a tradition in building a caring and compassionate community of young adults in your school.

Please pass this email along to your Programs chairpersons.

Angel Carlton
PTA President, Ford M.S., Allen, TX
Make A Difference Acknowledgment Programs are Recommended by...

"We were experiencing a very challenging time within the organization and it was important for us to recognize those people who have truly helped us make a difference in what we do and how we do it. Mary Robinson Reynolds' 'I Make A Difference' Wristbands and Stickers were a very powerful and meaningful way for us to express our gratitude for their contributions. The process had amazing results in people's attitudes."
– Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder & Chairman of BNI, Business Networking International, as well as a New York Times best-selling author.

"I got the stickers - the Acknowledgment Movie and the stickers were a HUGE hit today! Yeah! Thanks."
– Suzanne Steele, Balanced Wellness, LLC

"Mary, I just dropped my son at school after a very difficult morning ... one of many. Patrick and I have one of those 'clashing' relationships where we are constantly bickering with one another. Your email arrived just in time and I watched the Teddy Stallard story. A box of tissues later I realize that 'I Am' the problem. I hear myself talking and that's all I hear sometimes. Thanks for reminding me that if I want change, I need to create an environment of gratitude, laughter and encouragement. I know that, but today I needed the reminder and recharge. This time I won't forget. Rather than respond to 'my Teddy's' sarcastic tone, I'll stop jumping in with an answer. We fight for independence. The mirror is a powerful tool and a very scary realization. Patrick is a wonderfully kind, sensitive, creative young man who has much to offer the people around him, including me. I just need to give him a chance to share that. I see more laughter in our household. That's a good thing. Just need to keep it going.

"I learned something the other day .... the word 'listen' when you change the letters spells 'silent'. Thank you."
– Terri Stanganelli

"Thank you for doing what you are doing. You do make a difference. A box of Kleenex isn't enough. Your movies are so moving, they touched my heart and opened my eyes. In a world of 'what more can I get' I see the greater value in 'what can I give' . I have two young girls who will each receive a letter of acknowledgement and appreciation when they get home from school today. Thank you for inspiring me to inspire them."
– Barb Moxsom

"Thank you for this encouragement. Yesterday was a very hard day filled with hopelessness. I am holding on and have to have internal fight to get through all of what I am facing. Your movie gave me hope, something to hang onto. I will be watching this through the day when the hopelessness returns. Thank you Mary, you made a difference today in my life."
– Catherine Renee

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Here's just a sampling of what you'll get in our comprehensive Virtual training:

Step 1 Get Everyone ON BOARD

"This process will uncover the heart of acknowledging even the most disgruntled, stressed out and overwhelmed teachers. You will be amazed at how you will be able to will get them all on board all the while thinking it was their own idea."

We start here because Getting Everyone ON BOARD on your Faculty & Staff is IMPERATIVE for the success of this program - let alone any program.

With a vision of exactly what is possible from spending a week together toward ONE common goal - daily practice, trial and error application of the Transformational Power of Acknowledgment to boost self-confidence and get students out of their heads into their hearts when it comes to being a part of something greater than themselves.

This is essential to the transformation of your school's culture which today's students need the adults in their worlds to make happen - both with and for them.

You'll get my7-step process that will get everyone "on board" and revved up to doing Make a Difference WEEK Program to save lives and create a safe, compassionate community of learners who are able to excel academically and personally.

You'll also learn:

  • How to acknowledge emotional upset without getting de-energized by it! You'll be able to take problematic areas and turn them into positive solutions.
  • How to give away control so you can be in control! This is exciting stuff - you are going to LOVE how it works.
  • How you can feel confident undertaking this process because you know exactly what's going to happen throughout the 7-steps to keep everyone engaged and moving forward in the direction that will align people.
  • The biggest mistake most facilitators make when trying to get everyone On Board by being "positive" instead of hearing what is problematic for people first.
  • How you can leverage people's input to increase the likelihood of their buy-in.
  • Easy ways to create new solutions that generate highly productive participation.
  • 3 simple steps to inspire follow up and follow through that is self-sustaining.

"One week can truly make the difference, as we empower them to be the positive role models and community heroes for the generations that follow.

I highly recommend her Make A Difference WEEK Program as a way to create a tradition in building a caring and compassionate community of young adults in your school."

Angel Carlton
PTA President,
Ford Middle School
Allen, TX

Step 2 Get Funding

"This is where we make it happen!"


Now that you have everyone ON BOARD and ready to get Make a Difference WEEK on the calendar, we're ready to get the funding - if that is an issue for your school as it is with many schools today.

Even if your school already has funding available, you are going to want to learn about the really cool ways that you can get community involvement and partnering with your school. It's so much easier than you've previously thought.

You'll also learn:

  • Exactly where the big money is in your community regardless of the current economic situation in your area.
  • A simple formula to put together your presentation to the decision makers.
  • Create an instant connection with prospective partners so you quickly become someone they know, like and will trust you and the vision you have for this school wide - community wide event.

We've already done the heavy lifting for you by creating the Presentation you will take to people in your community to partner with.

...and how - if you are an independent contractor, a person who wants to advance your career and/or a person who wants to go out and do this Part-Time or Full-Time - to get yourself paid for being the lead facilitator of this program.

Whether you want to make a difference, part-time or full time, here is a peek at what this can mean for you financially with even just a little pursuit. Here is just an example of how you can Make an Exponential Difference with Today's Youth when you become a trained Facilitator of this program.

And if you are hearing yourself say right now, "It's not about the money" then you will need to correct this mindset as fast as you can because it IS about getting the money to bring Make A Difference WEEK program into schools to SAVE LIVES, positively transform school culture AND to get yourself paid for your gifts and talents in facilitating this endeavor.

It most certainly IS about making a life, making a living AND making a difference with this program.

So understand, in this training we are NOT going to shy away from the MONEY conversation. It's the most necessary conversation you will be learning how to have.

With Make a Difference WEEK you will be able to create an income AND make a difference.

Here's what a recipient of full funding had to say about her successes with facilitating MDW:

"I'm excited to inform you of our awesome Make a Difference Kickoff which was held on Friday, September 13. We rolled it out with Kinder-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th and 6th, 7th and 8th assemblies. The students and staff loved the messages! It is so amazing to see blue wristbands throughout the building! Sincerest thanks to you and your program!"


Nadine Garcia'Montoya
Literacy Coach/Specialist
Heroes K-8 Academy
Pueblo CO

Step 3 Get Ready to Rock'n Roll! It's going to be the Best WEEK Ever!

"Now is the time for a walk through of the Kick Off Assembly and the first Lesson Plan to get
the safety nets in place for everyone to have an uplifting, positive learning experience!"


Ah, now we've gotten the funding, it's time to handle the logistics.

7 weeks out from your Make a Difference WEEK Kick-Off Date that - as the Facilitator of this Program - you will conduct your first faculty In-Service Meeting to get everyone on the same page AND for ordering materials within the week.

You will also go over Lesson Plan 1 and what they can expect the day of the Kick-Off Assembly.

You'll walk them through:

  • Giving students the Connecting with Color Personality Style Profiles - PSPs - tallying the results making sure no student is missed.
  • Where each teacher can place their order for materials for Make a Difference WEEK Program at your school's ONLINE DASHBOARD. You will give them ONE WEEK to get their Color Style "Connecting turns 'me' into 'we' = Synergy" wristbands order placed for each student.
  • An overview of what will happen at the Kick-Off Assembly; show the Acknowledgment Movie and discuss the questions that will be used to engage the student body after the movie culminating in the "I Make a Difference Ceremony."
  • The importance of Lesson Plan 1: Connecting with Color Personality Style Profiles which will immediately follow the Assembly. This will be one of the KEY safety nets to be put in place to set students up for success as they start reaching out to acknowledge others. It's imperative that every single student get a simple understanding of how each of the different personality styles may or may not be able to accept the gift of acknowledgment without getting their feelings hurt and then giving up before they've had success.

"As the students in each class returned the second day, there was an excited buzz in the classroom, the atmosphere was changed."


Jeanie Hershey, LMFT, LCPC

Step 4 Calling out the Greatness in Each & Every Student!

"I provide you with the kinds of questions that will root out underlying problematic issues and at the same time empower students. This will make them feel great about themselves no matter what they've thought about themselves before now!"

Yes there IS a way you can ask questions that will lead and guide students to their own empowered insights, answers and wiser decisions.

I'm going to show you the ONE THING that I did that the largest percentage of teachers working alongside of me did not do because they did not believe the dare take the TIME to do it.

This ONE THING is what made my classrooms the safe, learning community of individuals that cared about each other and worked together synergistically no matter who they were pared up with.

This ONE THING is what settled them down emotionally so they could focus upon their school work and begin excelling at learning because they became relaxed enough to enjoy their mind's intellect.

You'll also learn:

  • How making time to stop everything to deal with what's happening emotionally right here, right now in a way that will WIN you time back in a big way.
  • You can still be in charge while empowering students to put words to the feelings, beliefs and thoughts behind disruptive, unproductive behaviors.
  • My behavior changing "What, if, when ..." technique that gets to the root of every belligerent, contrary, oppositional, angry and unskillful behavior quickly and easily.
  • How to embrace the emotional outbursts presenting themselves in your classroom as a way to resolve and dissolve beliefs getting in the way of learning.
  • How to get to the "heart" of the matter more quickly than you ever imagined possible. Your classroom students will learn to SEE with new eyes of understanding and HEAR with healing ears.

"I have started the program with my peer mentoring kids, and its going phenomenally well. The more I teach the material, the more I love it!"

Vikki Johnston
Peer Mentor Program (PMP) Coordinator
Omega Community Services
Wyoming Public Schools, Michigan

Step 5 Taking Make A Difference WEEK Forward

"Now that you've gained valuable new insights into the students in your classrooms,
you are experiencing effective ways to connect, so let's keep it going over the next 3 weeks!"

What will happen in the next 3 weeks is what will SUSTAIN the MOMENTUM that this week has created!

Unlike other one day programs, Make a Difference WEEK actually extends beyond the week with Lesson Plans for students to start defining what their gifts and talents are as they will one day relate to actualizing their DREAMS.

Without knowing what your goals and dreams are it's hard for anyone to stay motivated about learning especially in the subjects that aren't directly on the path you will be taking.

So while certain subjects will never be used again in this life, it is developing a learning mind that will make a difference in the future one intends to create for oneself.

You'll also learn:

  • How to help students DISCOVER their dreams.
  • What it's going to take to turn their dreams into reality.
  • How to activate the creative mechanism of their minds to find a way to accomplish each of their dreams especially when there doesn't appear to be a way.
  • The simple steps to Goal Setting that will accomplish every one of their dreams.
So now you may be wondering,
"Mary, how EXACTLY are you going to teach me to..."
  • Get Everyone ON BOARD
  • Secure the Funding and order materials
  • Be Ready to Rock'n Roll
  • Call out the Greatness
  • and then Take it Forward into Dream Discovery and Building...
  • ...All without being forceful, controlling or pushy. that students can be focused, caring learners AND enjoy the kind of academic excellence and growth that is possible?''

GREAT question!

Here's my answer...

I've designed Make A Difference WEEK Facilitator Training to go much deeper than other ONE & DONE programs that gets a high level of momentum going with students, faculty and staff and then just fizzles away quickly after the presenter and/or facilitator has left the building.

The other KEY thing about Make A Difference WEEK is that it will compliment and give an extra boost to any existing program your school may already have in place.

I'm going to hold your hand all the way through this one. It's not okay with me for you to do anything but maximize your effectiveness as a Facilitator of this Program.

I want you having so much success that you are compelled to take it into other schools. I want other schools hearing about your facilitation and hiring you to come and run this at their schools through sheer WORD OF MOUTH!

Here are the SPECIFICS of how we're going to do this:

You'll be sent an invitation to join our exclusive online DASHBOARD where we'll post all trainings,recordings of the calls, additional video training, transcripts, worksheets, sample marketing material and more. You'll also get the recordings of 3 live training calls.

Remember, I don't believe in just sending you a product to have it sit, unused and gathering dust, on your shelf. I've created an entire Virtual Discussion & Q&A around this life-changing information so you get the most out of it.

The only catch? You really need to do the work.

Now, the creator of 2 world renown Make A Difference online movies that change lives for the better, brings you her System for working effectively and successfully Make a Difference in your community.

Qualifications: Master's in Educational Psychology Counseling and Development K-12 from the University of Nebraska; demonstrated expertise with every imaginable label awarded childhood behaviors, physical attributes and learning styles. This includes: Youth At-Risk, Substance Abuse, EBD, Suicide Prevention, GT, ADD, Special Ed, i.e. Intensity, Academic and Behavioral. Extensive experience teaching educators the key to "connecting" with students and adults based on their attitudinal energy, labels and expressed (as well as non-verbal) expectations.

Mary Robinson Reynolds, M.S.
Educational Psychology Counseling & Development

Author and Producer of the world renowned Internet videos, and - both amassing over 10 million views within a few short months of their releases.

She has written eight books and has spoken to tens of thousands of people in a two-year period in every major city in the U.S. As a professional speaker, Mary's dynamic presentation range covers the spectrum from subtle, lightly spiritual and endearing to outrageously, side-splittingly funny, to hammer-the-point intensity. She is also wise, humorous and masterful at helping others trust that what they prefer is valid.

As an author, she writes as she speaks, with vocabulary that's familiar and engaging. As a consultant, her advice is direct, not airy-fairy encouragement, to get people going with the changes they know they need to make. She opens your "heart" with gentle, probing questions like, "So how do you really prefer it to be?" and "Why do you think you can't have it?"

Mary spent her early professional years as a K-8 classroom teacher and then as a K-12 counselor. She was having tremendous, measurable academic results with the kids nobody else wanted in their classrooms and developing "attitudinal" energy techniques to empower students and parents to bridge effective communication and leadership within the educational system.

As a former girls volleyball and basketball coach who won championships in each sport, she knows what it takes to energize and positively influence teams to winning outcomes with synergistic focus and intention.

She parlayed her phenomenal success with at-risk youth into Continuing Education Courses for Portland State University on how to be energetically effective educators. For the past two decades, she has taken her exceptional programs to educational professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate managers and administrative assistants conducting training and consulting on how to be effective in creating improvement in their organizations through the power of Team Synergy.

During this same time period, she was also an active network marketing business builder in The People's Network (TPN) - a Positive Television company. Known as "The Success Channel," it was one of the most revolutionary concepts ever introduced to the television industry. During the first two years of building this business, her organization's exponential efforts brought in well over 1200 business associates, and Mary was recognized as one of TPN's Top 50 Producers. When TPN merged with Pre-Paid Legal, Inc., she put all of her efforts into raising her family while systematically building her publishing and production company.

She has first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day demands of owning and running a business - customer service, recruiting, training, managing - as well as the long term goals of group development - contracts, negotiations, sales, branding, production costs, increasing customer base. As a TurnAround Specialist, Mary knows that running a business also includes effectively dealing with negative mindsets and misunderstandings that can lead to contagious gossip and brutal back-stabbing among staff, which can - if not effectively defused - ultimately will seep out to consumers and business associates. The development of her work with such a diverse and creative group of individuals has been key to the growth and reach of her business to make a difference.


Mary Robinson Reynolds'
Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment UTrain Program is ...

Experiential, Inclusive, Engaging: a Community Transforming Program that will have you leaving with a very clear, understandable, step-by-step program you will be READY to deliver.

You will positively affect your entire organization's culture and be able transfer knowledge about acknowledging skills that transform unproductive behaviors.

THE MAGIC SECRET to measurable success everyone wants to know about is:
it's ALL in how you ACKNOWLEDGE


movie graphic

Currently, we have problematic areas within our society, which is steeped in tradition and old ideas.

It's time for new tradition.

It's time to re-write the script of the how we treat each other.

It's time to learn how each individual learns, so we can communicate effectively with out causing harm to ourselves or each other.

Bring your biggest problematic situations to this Training and learn exactly how to Turn them Around!

CASE STUDY Successes from Previous Training Participants:

Term Paper for Academic Success 101 by Ran Walp Spring Quarter, Instructor Mary Robinson Reynolds

This was a very motivating and exciting class for me. As a 54 year old high school counselor ~ I love my lob. I do find it very challenging as today's youth are very complex and they are raised is such different situations with such different amounts of love and support. This complexity in our youth of today is at epidemic level. The same type of situation existed years ago, but what has happened is that those kids had kids and the cycle has continued. What we have is a "diluting effect" where more and more students are being raised by parents who are disconnected from the school setting. This negative effect is not good for the school scene. The information presented in this unique class is really valuable information for those school personnel in the system that are willing and charged with energy to work and take risks in the process of working with At-Risk Youth.

This course should be called "Making Magic." I really find the information not new, as it really is mostly common sense stuff. But what is different and new is that instructor/writer Mary Robinson has the information organized and presented more effectively.

My case load is 317 students. That is a problem. I am applying the principle that I am trying to do fewer things better than a whole bunch of things poorly. I wish I could spread the wealth. As I get better I find things go easier with each student. I honestly believe that it is a combination of me getting better but also that the students see and feel that I care and they allow this process to work. The real answer is for more of this magic making to take place in the classroom where cooperative learning is being employed. This class has been very exciting for me. It has helped me put some of my skills together so that I am functioning better, and for that I sincerely thank you Mary Robinson. Don't be surprised to see me in one of your classes again. I affirm and visualize success to you in your business venture, but even greater success to you and your BJ. Thanks, Ron

Term Paper for Teachers As Counselor's Training by Carolyn Papulski, Spring Term, Instructor, Mary Robinson Reynolds

I guess the most valuable thing I have learned from this experience has been that I can really look at a child whose outward appearances aren't the best, and realize that inside is a neat kid just waiting to blossom, Now that I "see" Billie in a new light, it is easy to reaffirm to him that he is lovable and capable. Because my schedule Is time constricting and demanding, I sometimes forget to take time to try to find that "little child" in each of my students, I didn't expect to find my time with Billie as much fun when I first starting working with him but after taking your class, I can truly say that my changed attitude towards Billie has been a worthwhile experience for me and I find myself even trying to do some of the same things with my other students. I try to keep telling myself that each one needs lots of encouragement and to make it a point every day to recognize the worthiness of each one I see.

Term Paper for Academic Success 101, by A. McGuire, Instructor, Mary Robinson Reynolds

Attempting to make a difference with some individuals can be an extremely difficult, unrewarding, and challenging task in the early stages. The most difficult aspect for me has been the idea that I need to generate positive thoughts or attitudes about the person involved before I can make an impact. I need to believe in an individual and have a positive vision for him/her before I can expect a positive outcome. This is quite a task when the individual doesn't shower you with positive feedback because she doesn't believe in herself. I have learned however, that Makin' Magic works, with persistence.

I have been doing a case study the past seven weeks of this training, using one of my twelve year old 7th grade social studies/language arts students. His name is Donald. I picked Donald because he is a silent one who will fall through the cracks of school bureaucracy if he doesn't get help quickly. He is not violent, vulgar, or angry. He is not a typical, loud and boisterous, attention - demanding twelve year old. His pleas for help are quiet and subtle. He breathes unwantedness and incompetence. I have actually been working with Donald since last fall when I began to notice this child who didn't care much about school, let alone himself. I have tried desperately to seek out ways to inspire him. His lack of success and unhappy nature have been nagging at me ever since I met him.

Earlier in the year, I approached Donald with doubt and contrived encouragement. I was a good example of frustration. This was exactly what Donald was used to. Frustrated adults nagging at him to do things he knew would never meet their expectations. I directly reinforced his negative core believe of incompetence and indirectly made him feel unwanted. Even though I was putting a significant amount of emotional energy into this child, it wasn't doing any good. I verbally nagged Donald, wrote passes requiring him to come in at lunch, called his nagging mother, conveyed disappointment to him when he didn't follow through, had him design a behavior contract which he, his mother, and I signed. Amidst all this negative energy, I wasn't able to see the core beliefs that Donald was harboring. It's no wonder we didn't get along.

It is now plain as day for me to see the negativism that surrounds Donald's spirit. With this knowledge, I have been rejuvenated and have found a new passage to Donald's spirit. I am optimistic.

Donald's most obvious negative core beliefs about himself are that he is unwanted and incompetent. When I talk with Donald and work with him now, I intentionally focus on the opposites of those beliefs and convey that message to Donald. I tell him that he is talented. I tell him that I enjoy having him come to my room to work. I tell him that I sincerely care about him and want him to be happy. I tell him that he is competent and loved. I show him these feelings by sitting with him at the same table in the mornings. I give him extra pats on the back for completing the assignment with little assistance. And, the assistance that I was giving him was no more than what any other child might need. I believed that he could complete assignments and would complete them to the best of his ability. This attitude and belief created and fueled my new attitude and response to Donald. It was a bit like a miracle to see the changes in Donald.

However, it has taken about eight weeks for there to be noticeable change in Donald, as Mary indicated it would.

It is now quite easy for me to visualize myself in a positive, new response. I believe in Donald so the new, more optimistic response comes easily. Virtually everything I say to him is somehow related to "I really care about you," and "this is really good stuff." He honestly seems to want this because he keeps coming back for more. His level of commitment is now active. When we first met he didn't care. There was no reason for commitment. Once in a while he dips into passivity but on the whole he seems to enjoy being active and now he has a reason to be active.

Donald is now keeping up with all assignments in my class and spends extra time in my room on his own. He is an inspiration to others. My attitude about Donald has changed significantly since last fall. I have learned that he is very capable and I have learned to really care about him. I hope that I have provided him with the tools and confidence to believe in himself. These he will need to maintain his active level of commitment.