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GOING BEYOND "ONE AND DONE" Programs to create
Social Emotional Well-Being and Academic Excellence.

The Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment (MDPA) Program is a simple to implement, straight forward and flexible program.

While the MAKE A DIFFERENCE WEEK lesson plan is the most common use of the MDPA program, schools can also spread it out over a month or school year. However, the momentum of what can happen in just one week – one class period per day – will positively shift your school’s culture, creating a greater humanity, civility and community.

In addition to the MAKE A DIFFERENCE WEEK – there are three additional lesson plans in this program that were added at the request of a Career Counselor from Utica High School (NY) for the students he works with, to keep them actively interested and engaged in their school courses with dream building. These additional lesson plans help students develop their “dreams” and engender a new understanding as to why succeeding in school really does matter in accomplishing their future goals.

Students and Teachers Receive Tangible Benefits
from Make A Difference WEEK: SUCCESS STORIES

Our very First school to receive the full MDPA program from donations was:

Pueblo City School District 60, Heroes K-8 Academy
Their Kick-Off date was this Fall. Congratulations to Nadine Garcia' Montoya, Literacy Coach/Specialist for stepping up to make this happen for her school.

"Wow what a fast paced year this has already been! I have been meaning to inform you of our awesome "Make a Difference" kickoff which was held on Friday, September 13. We rolled it out with Kinder-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th and 6th, 7th and 8th assemblies. The students and staff loved the messages! It is so amazing to see blue wristbands throughout the building! Please call anytime so that I may share more with you! Sincerest thanks to you and your program!" -Nadine Garcia'Montoya

Go to: to listen to what Nadine had to say about how flexible the Make a Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment UTrain® Program is, and how straightforward it was to get teachers K-8 on board to deliver, and the community it has created with the students.

Pueblo City School District 60, Heroes K-8 Academy

Here are some examples of writing assignments completed
by the students in Ms. Garcia'Montoya’s class