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Forming a MasterMind Group
The 7 Steps to the MasterMind Connection®
The 7 Steps to the MasterMind Connection®

Mary is "The MasterMinding Maven®"

What is MasterMinding?

When several people focus on your goals, your dreams and your opportunities, it's like putting lightning in a bottle...

MasterMinding is a goal-achievement tradition that goes back as far as Benjamin Franklin, and Henry Ford: convening a group of like-minded individuals and meeting regularly to support one another's progress toward similar intentions and goals.

Rugged Individualists Don't Achieve as Quickly as "Group Intention Setters,"
Says Psychologist Who Teaches MasterMinding 101® Online Course

"So many people never achieve their dreams because they are trying to do it all by themselves," says Reynolds, who combines her experience as a psychologist with a masters degree in counseling with years of study of classics like Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. "When two or more minds come together, the result is greater than the sum of its parts.  Having several people focus on how you can actualize your intentions is like lightning in a bottle - incredibly powerful stuff!"

Her MasterMinding 101 Online program offers insights, anecdotes, exercises and complete instructions for creating and running a MasterMind group, including:

  • how to formulate MasterMind Statements of Intention that set energy in motion
  • the principle that ensures that your actions LINE-UP with your INTENTIONs
  • why over-efforting is counterproductive and what to do instead
  • how to transform an ambiguous life goal into something with promise and power
  • why disrupting your habits can create the future you really want
  • ways to set energy in motion and get results easily and quickly

"With weekly meetings in person, you experience a HABIT of showing up and learning how to access your inner gyroscope, i.e., inner heart feelings + gut hunches, while online meetings offer a way to deal with instant need and fear," Reynolds says. "With over two decades of MasterMinding experience to draw from, my program has a place for both."

Mary is the expert in MasterMinding Groups, and author of many resources for dream and goal actualizing through MasterMinding. You can MasterMind for your heart's greatest desires: your dream, your marriage, your children, your business, your health and weight.

When you learn Mary's system and add it to your daily life, greater and more far-reaching opportunities begin presenting themselves to you. Synergism and connections with people, places and things that hadn't come to you before swiftly start showing up when you create a MasterMind Group.

You will be in the "flow" of life, that magical, miraculous place where everything seems to work in your favor without any effort on your part. You will experience the "battery principle" - the more minds you have linked together, the greater the power you can harness and the more resistance you can transform into positive energy.

To understand the amazing power of how real this is, how quickly it responds, you will want to listen to this interview about how one woman who purchased MasterMinding 101®, had just begun her study in the course when a dear friend called with a huge, immediate, financial crisis. Click the play button to learn how together, they created a money miracle.

MasterMinding is spiritually expanding work. People tend to set goals about what they do not want and then wonder why they hit a wall or feel it's just too hard to make what they really want to happen.

Whether you are devoutly religious, deeply spiritual, an atheist, agnostic or simply skeptical, the practical messages woven through what Mary's resources have to offer will simply connect you to your best self.

Why Mary started writing about MasterMinding

Many today are still MasterMinding within the age old authoritarian model. Which is why Mary felt a great desire to write about it from a higher perspective: allowing the third invisible mind into the equation.

This shift in consciousness alone dissolves the need to analyze a thing to death and/or brainstorm until the cows come home! To acknowledge Infinite Intelligence is to then allow and receive divine, creative solutions to the greater good.

Mary's system for MasterMinding is a spiritual, not religious, peer-to-peer model.

For example, Mary's 2 spiritually based goal achievement programs - MasterMinding 101® and MasterMinding for a Rich Life - will show you how to say good-bye to authoritarian models of control, force and chasing after success. You will learn exactly how to flex your spiritual muscle for the results you intend. You will tap in and turn on your innate power to actualize what you are really dreaming of.

In Mary's internationally acclaimed relationship healing program - Stay Married: Make More Love & Less Conflict - you will no longer begin your rebuilding process with what you think is possible. You can Master all the good that life is calling you to create.

Visit my MasterMinding 101® information page to listen to other audio interviews about just how powerful my system is for getting you new, immediate results.

Not to dream more boldly may turn out to be, in view of present realities, simply irresponsible. - George Leonard

Mary is the Author of the MasterMinding 101 Online Course and MasterMinding For a Rich Life

Keynote Topics: MasterMinding for Success! and MasterMinding for a Rich Business, Rich Life

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