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MasterMinding for a Rich Business, Rich Life

Discover How You Can Start Attracting Financial Success
— Rather Than Constantly Chasing It!

According to the research conducted by Napoleon Hill for his book, Think & Grow Rich, of the wealthiest men of this century, he reports that no individual may have great power without availing himself of the "MasterMind." He says MasterMinding is in play:

When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony
and work toward a definite objective or purpose,
they place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power
directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.

Mary Robinson Reynolds, author of eight books, including MasterMinding for a Rich Life - A Spiritual Goal Achieving System and MasterMinding 101® - 12 Sessions to a Rich Life Online Course will show you the way to easily achieve vastly more that you ever knew was possible in absolutely every area of your life.

Mary's presentation will expand your mind with user friendly Quantum physics, shift you to next level thinking with energy illustrations and bring you to a full understanding of just how powerful MasterMinding can be to smooth out and ease up every problematic area of your business ... and your entire life.

The result of your time with Mary will be that you will understand exactly how to formulate MasterMind goals and requests for the Rich Life you seek by learning how to bring it through, rather than trying to reason it through, or force it through.

You will learn how to move your business light years ahead by learning new ways of living and new methods of work. Once you enter into this energy field of learning, you will no longer be able to confine yourself to the ways and methods of the past. Instead of working to make a living, you will be living a Rich Life.

At the outset, Mary's seminar identifies the most important mental, physical and spiritual components of consistent success through the fundamental concepts of:

  • what really happens energetically with two or more in agreement
    ...and how this directly relates to your sales
  • the seeing power of two
  • the power of decision backed by desire
  • being 10 X's more deliberate about what you decide for
  • the physics of desire as it ignites energy and creates new results
  • how empathic listening attracts business and product sales

You will leave with knowledge, insights and tools that enable you to:

  • truly hear and acknowledge what you really want
  • apply the less effort for more results principle to make stuff happen
  • to identify what's intuition and what's projection
  • mentally maneuver your way through probability fields
  • interrupt old, worn out patterns
  • be 10 X's more discerning about what you subscribe to
  • achieve alignment with the appearance of adversity
  • and exponential growth in your business...and finally, how this will all translate into increase sales
Cheryl Doran, owner of Looking Good All Over Salon in Moosic, PA, used MasterMinding to become recognized as one of the Top 200 Fastest Growing Salons in America:

About Mary

Fifteen years ago, Mary's life read like a disaster area in need of relief. She had lost her first born son at birth, after many years of infertility treatments, surgeries and fertility drugs; she endured a terrorizing high-risk, but successful, pregnancy; she divorced her husband nine months later. The result of this emotionally exhausting way to live her life she found herself in total professional and personal burn out. With the precious exception of her son, whom she loves without reservation, Mary had done everything the "right way" and yet somehow managed to get everything in life that she did not want. She had worked hard, failed big and had minimal energy reserves left, and now her life felt like someone running their fingernails down the blackboard of her soul. Miraculously, she learned about MasterMinding.

"... when I look at the dreams that have come true for me, I'm amazed at how many of them have occurred since a critical moment in 1989. You see, that's when I read Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich and discovered the amazing power of the MasterMind Principle. This is the most powerful information ever written for how to create massive personal change in every area of one's life."      - Mary Robinson Reynolds

Since that time forward to today, Mary has focused solely on transforming people's minds and hearts. She's worked with organizations and people from all walks of life, reshape their personal vision of what's possible. Her powerful messages of finding the possible in im-possible by intentionally utilizing one's inherent powers - mental, physical and spiritual - have helped create startling and powerful change in tens of thousands of individuals worldwide.

The presentation Mary has designed for you will show you how to defuse any failure mechanism and to fuel personal achievement faster than ever before. In all of her works she explores the powerful relevance of user-friendly Quantum physics as it relates to brain/mind technology, physiology of the mind/body and spirituality. She gels mega amounts of information and theory into practical, sensible and understandable systems to create immediate, measurable success.

With her irresistible style, Mary captures her audience's attention with a lively mix of humor and personal anecdotes, the latest research and engaging exercises to Quantum leap your business. With her one-of-a-kind system and masterful authority of her work, time and again she continues to receive high accolades from her audiences as one of the most dynamic and compelling speakers of our time.

The MasterMind Principle has revolutionized businesses and personal relationships across the globe for thousands of years.

Your number one role, unequivocally,
once you've established your MasterMind team

is to keep harmony among those independent and proud persons
who comprised your business.

Without a clearly communicated "intent" of team vision, your independent contractors and employees create their own "missions." Those missions are likely to manifest themselves in multiple forms such as: resistance, resentments and withholding of the talents. The result? Misdirected efforts, ineffective utilization of resources, slower decision making, we/they, greater demand for supervision, unclear priorities and "wild geese" flying off in varying directions!

Effective organizational results are achieved when leaders clearly articulate a meaningful vision, personally commit themselves to living that message, and empower team members to function as partners in fulfilling the mission.

When effectively and consistently communicated, the synergism of the MasterMind team begins to assume a self-generating source of power while providing coherence, excitement and meaning. The presence of team synergism, through MasterMinding, serves as a focus on larger issues and encourages people with varying orientations to pull together as partners in producing significant results.

MasterMinding facilitates the decision-making process by defining when we say "yes" or "no." Synergism can also encourage excelling rather than just seeking to survive. As a catalyst for change, synergism can motivate, provide direction and place individual efforts in a focused context.

Analyze the record of any person who has accumulated a great fortune, as well as many who have accumulated modest fortunes, and you will find that they have either consciously or unconsciously employed the "MasterMind" Principle.

Andrew Carnegie, the greatest steel magnate in American History revealed in his interview with Napoleon Hill (Think & Grow Rich) that he personally knew nothing about the manufacturing or selling of steel, but his 20 MasterMind members did. And when Hill, who was totally wide-eyed, asked Carnegie what he did then to earn all the money, he said, "I'm responsible for keeping harmony among them all and that is a full-time occupation."

All growing organizations need and thrive on friendly disagreements.

A leaders' role is to keep everyone focused on the objective
and to keep everyone working together in harmony and at the same time
create an opportunity to provide every member of the team
that occasional lift that everybody needs.

That is perhaps the most significant role of an awesome leader: to set up and run that friendly alliance of minds working together in harmony to overcome all obstacles in the way of success, so that each member can create their new future together.

Regardless of your position or status; you are the CEO of your life.

Savvy business owners never do it all and they never do it alone. The main reason personal goals are rarely kept or met is that we haven't been stated out loud to anyone. Our vision is merely swirling about in the ethers of our minds. MasterMinding creates a safe space where we start probing around our heart's true desires and where we learn how to start speaking them forth, and this is what causes change and new productive results.

MasterMinding is an "experience" in gaining clarity about purpose and the attainment of that. It is about learning to think where you've never thought before and believe where you've never believed before through the energy, support and power of alignment. It's about finding the "easiest" way to lead your independent contractors and employees to establishing a greater VISION first, and then bring in the "how" it will happen through rich ideas that create rich results that will come as a result of MasterMinding.

Mary shows her audience how easy listening can be when you don't have to have all the answers, or be the expert or the policeman of what's right, what's wrong, good or bad. Mary teaches people how to relax and learn to share from their hearts and how to listen to another's desires of the heart without having to jump in, fix or rescue. And the greatest thing about Mary's work with MasterMinding is that it will filter into all areas of our lives, in communication with our spouses, children, co-workers, absolutely everybody. We've really just been making this all too hard.

Mary teaches people specifically how to utilize their own personal power,
along with the power and the energy of others in combination with
Infinite Intelligence, the MasterMind, to lift themselves to new heights
toward their Richest goals and dreams.

Mary shows you how to gently poke around their inner spirits' deepest desires, and the conflictual data stored in the human psyche, making it all so much easier on everybody! She loves making things happen, especially big, juicy, impossible dreams. Mary is a woman who has mastered fear of lack and limitation, and she loves to lift others into the exploration of their inner spirit, to accomplish that same mastery, and a whole lot more.

Alternate Titles

  • MasterMinding for Continued Success!
  • Finding the POSSIBLE in ImPOSSIBLE!
  • Less Effort More Results
  • UNLEASH Your Greatest Potential with MasterMinding
  • Teaming in the ZONE for Self-Generating Synergism!
  • The Ultimate Support System: MASTERMINDING

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