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MasterMinding for a Rich Life

Virtual Book

by Mary Robinson Reynolds The MasterMinding Maven®


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Mary's book will take you to the next level and beyond, as she weaves her riveting personal story of how MasterMinding literally took her from the depths of despair and disillusionment, to living her richest life. It is a practical, no-nonsense guide that shows readers how to utilize the MasterMind Principle, with a partner or group, to search out your soul's deepest desires. Through this honest search, you will be lifted into to states of awareness and energy which will directly affect your ability to reach your business, personal and financial goals for a rich life, without getting burned out in the process.

Mary has drawn from over two decades of her personal MasterMinding experiences, through her most intense and darkest hours, to fine-tune what "Goal Getting" really means, as it relates to the requests of your soul. Mary shows how, once these requests are examined and fine-tuned regularly in the MasterMind session, we go about deliberately, intentionally and literally setting in motion the energy which creates worlds. The result is Mary's finely woven story, and a treasury of insights into MasterMinding that is enjoyable to read and easy to understand.

In this Virtual Book you will find outlined the steps to rich consciousness based on how MasterMinding can literally, like MasterMinding For a Rich Life, break loose the confines of any bottled up limitation of your mind regarding any area of your life that is less than you really want it to be. All you ever need to do is look at the results you are getting to determine if you are ready for, or in need of, a breakthrough moment!

To understand the amazing power of how real this is, how quickly it responds, you will want to listen to this:

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"What I've gotten immediately from reading Mary's
MasterMinding for a Rich Life

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"To all my Master Minding Partners I want to announce that I reached my goal of
$50,000 in sales by February 14. That is a huge success and I thank you all
and Mary for MasterMinding with me to attain this goal." - MariaP

MasterMinding for a Rich Life Virtual Book
All Available for Immediate Download


MM101 Oline Course

The PERFECT COMPANION to MasterMinding for a Rich Life

MasterMinding 101® Online Course
with MP3 Audios and Other Resources


MasterMinding is spiritually expanding work. People tend to set goals about what they do not want and then wonder why they hit a wall or feel it's just too hard to make what they really want to happen.

Whether you are devoutly religious, deeply spiritual, an atheist, agnostic or simply skeptical, the practical messages woven through what Mary's resources have to offer will simply connect you to your best self.

A personal message from Mary:

I've investigated the leading resources on goal setting and creating a rich life for over two decades and I can tell you with great certainty: without a spiritual foundation, they are not complete.

Because of this one tangible fact, this Virtual Book is one of the greatest and most powerful self-help resources, quite literally, on the face of the earth for only $ and also RECEIVE $200 in RESOURCE GIFT BONUSES.

If you think that is a mighty bold statement, you'll be convinced before you get to the end of this message of the overflowing value packed into my very special extraordinary offer.

You'll get to all of the Virtual Book details in a minute.

There's a Reason Why People Don't Achieve Their Dreams . . .

I think you would agree with me that we all have the power to be, do and have all that our hearts desire. And while this is true, have you noticed the high percentage of people who are not getting off the dime, how difficult it is for them to keep themselves focused, motivated and committed toward those long term goals and dreams that they say they want?

The "Reason" is this: They are trying to do it all, Alone.

When several people focus on your goals,
challenges and your opportunities,
it's like putting lighting in a bottle . . . it's powerful!

Imagine meeting with other committed, like-minded, intelligent, ambitious individuals who take a personal interest in you . . . and who have the goal of helping you achieve even your most lofty dreams. Now imagine playing a key role in supporting others in the same way. The cross-fertilization of ideas, experiences and know-how in such a group is the single most powerful process ever devised in the history of human achievement."


Hello Mary,

I just got your newsletter--how timely. I'm sure my Masterminding group will be contacting you very soon with an update on our successes.

One of the greatest benefits I've experienced through Masterminding is trusting inner guidance. I've been looking for an office space in North Carolina (where I am in the process of relocating). Sunday while I was looking in the mirror I heard "contact your Allstate agent in NC, space is available near her." I put that on my to-do list. Late Sunday evening when a friend asked by e-mail when I would return to NC I told him I need an office space and a home but I trust that all of my desires will be lined up for me with immediacy and ease when I arrive later this week.

This morning I checked Craigslist and found an affordable space available... and it happens to be right above my Allstate agent. I contacted the owner about the office space and she is very excited to meet me on Friday and this is all lining up for me with immediacy and ease.

This is huge because in only four months I've gone from 7 years of working out of my parents' basement to having not one, but two offices in two different cities and I am confident that my business will only grow from here.

Also, I found a home I desire to purchase so I've been focusing on the end result of being in and living in that home and though I'm not there yet, I trust that the how will work itself out. I listen to the interview you did on the Dr. Pat show while I paint and over and over I remind myself that when I trust God is ecstatic and to stop being a busy body know-it-all.

Oh, I have to tell you this before I close. It is HUGE. I listened to the show for the first time at the end of August where I had sublet an apartment. This was the time Tropical Storm Ernesto was heading towards North Carolina and we experienced heavy rainfall. Well, I had to leave my car at Firestone the previous night. Firestone was about a 5 block walk from my apartment so it made no sense to me to ask a friend to drive across town to take me a few blocks... but at the same time it was pouring rain. I called my one of my Mastermind partners for a quickie MM - that the rain would let up long enough for me to walk to Firestone. Ten minutes later the rain stopped so I started my journey. It started drizzling again when I got across the street from Firestone. The next day I had to move out of the apartment and the parents of the woman I sublet from were coming to get her things. I called in another quickie MM - that the rain would let up long enough for us to move our things out of the apartment. The parents were scheduled to arrive at 9 am but did not get there until 9:50, and by then the rain had stopped. We moved with immediacy and ease.

It was around 1:30 when we finished moving so I called a friend on campus who printed my boarding pass. He had just left his office for a meeting and left the boarding pass in his office. I had to run a few errands which took about an hour, and when I arrived to campus he was still in the meeting. Long story short he had sent the boarding pass to me as a pdf so I found a parking space close to the building where he teaches and ran into the Department Office to use the computer (I used to teach there so the staff knows me). I explained that I needed to print my boarding pass for my 4:05 flight. By then it was about 2:50. I printed the pass, ran back to my car and called my Mastermind partners for another quickie and that would make that flight. They were confident that I'd make it. There was no traffic. I pulled up curbside at 3:22 and though there were no skycaps present I remained trusting. As I took my luggage out of the car a skycap appeared - no lines for me. I was able to park my car, walk to security (there were only 4 people ahead of me which is UNHEARD OF) and make it to the gate. Now here's the great part. When I arrived at the gate The A Boarding group (which I was in) had just finished boarding and the B group was waiting to board. I was able to walk right on the plane with immediacy and ease.

Thank you for improving my life through the Masterminding 101 Program
Trevy A. McDonald, Ph.D., Author of Time Will Tell

I've had a miracle today. My "difficult" daughter - or perhaps I'm her "difficult" mom? - contacted me (this is the fourth time this month, when usually I'm lucky to hear from her once or twice a year), inviting me to submit healing designs for a product that her company is marketing. What a blessing of light and love. Affirmation as a mom as well as artist. Thanks, all my Mastermind partners, for holding the energy of reconciliation and forgiveness in all relationships. - Carol

Successes: This should have been written as they occurred but I happily bring the successes to the board now in gratitude. Without a lot of details I would like to simply say that:
* I am Happier in Life and seek even more Joy to be on it's way
* My financial needs are being met before they come.
* I believe I'm beginning to be paid what I'm worth and I'm comfortable asking for such
* My marriage is becoming stronger because of calmness and ease of communication. And it is working for all members of my family. Conversation is becoming easier and less forced.
* I'm feeling confident to journey along trusting I will be lead in the direction that is best in divine timing. Although I know I still request patience in this area.
* Sense of completeness/wholeness coming together
* Feeling Solid, grounded, confidant in Be-ing
* Not feeling alone, Ease in Being
* I'm not dispelling unnecessary energy
* I'm feeling free to dream.
All these things have come because of the guidance of Masterminding and the love and light being sent out from our creator and the beautiful open hearted person who mastermind here. Thank you Mary for leading us to understand that we can desire for things that our soul is speaking to us to be and do. How when we ease up life can becomes easier. I appreciate the guidance to further my intuition- or to listen and hear what it is helping me to grow into.
I stepped out in faith to purchase the MasterMinding 101 Online Course and I'm working through that one chapter at a time. The $ need was met on this before the charge came on my credit card bill I was also lead to order MasterMinding for a Rich Life and am looking forward to receiving Mary's Root Yourself in Success Poster I ordered yesterday (Got to talk to Craig that was nice) I pray that I'm able to further articulate the details of each of the success as they are coming into my life. But for now I see that this post will shine with light of a truly grateful student and reflect to others. What it is that they need to see here now. I release myself from feeling guilty that I have not devoted the time I need to get this done. Instead I have just been "with" the results. I live in gratitude for all that has been presented to me so far.**PS I'm working with a mm partner right now who is overwhelmed with her job and it is hard for her to make time to mm. See with me for her, that time comes easily for this important part of life** - Namaste Dee M

I am "relatively" new to the MM process. I have been intensely studying to improve our family life. One of the most profound discoveries has been changing myself in an effort to change the behavior of others! WOW WOW WOW.. We have a 5 year old who is beyond words. I have chosen to show love, compassion, positive support and "low" tones when interacting with him. I now see him as I "prefer" his behavior to be. Amazing results!!!!! He does everything within his power to BE who I TELL HIM HE IS. He is now a joy to be around! Thanks Mary for the change in perspective that resulted in behavior changes for me and consequently my son. ? Divinne H

My Dad called this morning. He wanted me to thank the ladies for "praying harder" because he received a letter stating his Medical Military Disability was to increase to 40%. There was joy in his voice and I just want to thank each of you for helping me to give him this little joy in his later years. Thank you God for answering this requests, for allowing others to help with the requests, and for Mary & Craig for this wonderful MasterMinding and teaching us how to make the requests. I am so thankful that you all are part of my universe. In Light and Love, Peace and Joy – HappyLady365


Mary's Cutting-Edge Soul Searching System Breaks All the Rules

You may be surprised to discover that Mary's MasterMinding system contradicts conventional personal development wisdom. After all, it's not often you hear someone tell you to stop trying so hard! Trying harder at what is already not working will never be the long term solution which you are seeking.

It isn't about exhausting yourself by working harder than anyone else, giving yourself constant pep talks, or spending all of your time charting your progress and evaluating your growth.

With Mary's Virtual Book as your reference guide your MasterMind group will soon find that new life and inspiration will be breathed into each person involved. You will all learn how to come up with deliberate, intentional goals and requests, the life that is going to make you as happy and fulfilled as you can possibly imagine and then allow the conditions that will bring that life to you.

Opportunities will present themselves to you. Things that hadn't come to you before will suddenly show up. You'll be in the "flow' of life, that magical, miraculous place where everything seems to work in your favor without any effort on your part.

You will experience the "battery principle" - the more minds
you have linked together, the greater the power you can harness
and the more resistance you can overcome.

Mary's strategies might seem unorthodox. But they're rooted in the sound wisdom of a variety of disciplines, and her in-depth look at connecting with source energy when two or minds come together. Many people have come to know and use the MasterMind Principle for goal setting, accountability, and for getting ideas and advice from selected partners. The good news is that there is even more that MasterMinding can do to bring people a rich and rewarding life. With Mary's Virtual Book, you will learn not only how to do a weekly soul search for the riches you seek, but also how to bring your greatest desires into reality through applying the power of the MasterMind Principle in its highest form.

The MasterMind Principle states: When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.

In our society, we are hesitant about listening to our inner voice. We have inadvertently learned to ignore the desires of our soul, believing we can't have what we want anyway. In our humanness we judge, shame and ostracize ourselves - and therefore, each other - for many of our desires. The result of this is that we have become either too constricted or too complacent with money, time, responsibilities, commitments and love.

We are accepting that we have the power to be, do and have whatever our hearts desire and yet we wrestle between our conditioned states of powerlessness and complacency, and the subtle whispers of our deepest soul desires. And we don't see that in constantly trying to override the soul's urgings we can bring driving obsessions and addictions, pain, loss and suffering into our lives and experiences. We do not yet fully trust the inner voice of the soul when it is truly speaking to us. People by and large want to learn how to support each other unconditionally and without resistance in this kind of effort. At the core of their being, people want to learn how to listen without judgment or worrying about what they are going to say next.

Mary will demonstrate how quickly you can join with other like-minded individuals to change any and all of your current circumstances by learning how to formulate MasterMind requests. What comes through Mary with any group is energetically life-altering, and she is not only a MasterMinding Maven, she is a Master at being able to quickly field questions on problematic areas and turn them into power requests that move the participant into "receiving mode".

Mary's Virtual Book will show your MasterMind group how easy hearing what's really wanted can be, when you all understand that you no longer have to have all the answers, or be the expert or the policeman of what's right, what's wrong, good or bad.

Mary's Virtual Book will show your group on how to relax and learn to share from the heart-mind-soul, and how to listen to each other's deepest desires without having to jump in and start fixing or rescuing. And the greatest thing about Mary's work as a MasterMind Maven is that what she teaches you will filter into all areas of our lives, in communication with our spouses, children, co-workers, absolutely everybody. We've really just been making this all too hard.

Mary shows you through examples and stories exactly how to connect spiritually and gently poke around each group member's souls' deepest desires, and the conflictual data stored in the human psyche, making it all so much easier on everybody!

Generalities do not produce results because they lack substance and power. Vague hope and indefinite goals are not convincing to the mind, whereas a clear-cut picture of the good you want to experience motivates people, places and events to cooperate with your pictured desires and energetically produces those results for you.

As you learn to MasterMind more deliberately and powerfully you will build up your energy, then vibrations from an obstacle will be weaker than your vibration, and the perceived obstacle will give away. You must however, keep your resolve and your faith, which is founded in understanding and in the certainty and approval of your MasterMind partners. You must not imagine the obstacle to have any power over you. Refuse to bow to it. You are strong. Resolve to MasterMind with consistency.

Mary loves making things happen. She is a woman who dissolves fear of lack and limitation, and she loves to lift others into the exploration of their souls, to accomplish that same empowering spiritual connection, and a whole lot more.

In your 35 Chapter Virtual Book you will learn how to identify the most important mental, physical and spiritual components of consistent success through MasterMinding, using the fundamental concepts of:

• how to energize and create synergism in your group in the 1st MasterMind session,
• how to do a soul goal search,
• how to meet your financial obligations on time, every time,
• how to tap in and turn on to your life's purpose and passion,
• how to make sales,
• pick up the phone to follow up and follow through,
• how to grow and fund your business,
• how to restore and reconcile relationships,
• how to call out the greatness in each of your children,
• how to instantly formulate a MasterMind request for impossible situation,
• how to request what you really want /stop settling for less than you want,
• take an ambiguous, lifeless goal and get intentional and deliberate,
• how to visualize for another without getting bogged down in reality,
• how to MasterMind for others that are not in the group,
• consciously listening in a supportive, accepting, and approving way,
• truly sensing, hearing and acknowledging your heart's desire,
• applying less effort for more results,
• knowing you never have to do it alone,
• feeling the power of a decision, backed by desire,
• understanding the physics of desire as it relates to energy in motion,
• developing unusual clarity and interpreting intuition,
• how to set energy in motion and get results quickly and easily,
• disrupting your habits, to determine an intentionally better future,
• and using a "no exceptions policy" approach to focus on what you want.

MasterMinding for a Rich Life will assist you "quantum-fiably" in learning how to create a MasterMind group that will be able to have weekly quantum leaps in isolating and removing all energy-wasting distractions, while becoming the creator of an environment designed to let your natural entrepreneurialism, charm, talent and personality flourish.

You must adequately and positively fulfill the potential
within the limit to have a quantum leap . . .
. . .and that's exactly what you will be getting
in each profoundly powerful and inspiring chapter of Mary's Virtual Book!

MasterMinding for a Rich Life Virtual Book
All Available for Immediate Download


MM101 Oline Course

The PERFECT COMPANION to MasterMinding for a Rich Life

MasterMinding 101® Online Course
with MP3 Audios and Other Resources


Resource Gift Bonus: 8 Hours of MP3 Audio Training

MP3 Player

Bring Mary Along with You!
Listen to Trainings Online - or download
the audios to an MP3 Player.

These products are
Downloaded Virtual Book and MP3s

Nothing will be shipped to you.

I am an educator at heart, and because of this I know the value of learning through a variety of mediums. There was never a time that I stood in front of a classroom that I didn't assign pages in a text book followed by my teaching exactly how to use and understand the knowledge being conveyed in my MasterMinding for a Rich Life book!

That's why I've just made available these 8 Miracle Producing Hours of TeleClass and MasterMinding Coaching sessions - a $200 Value - to go along with my Virtual Book for those who want to immerse themselves in the Energy Field of Expanding your vision and formulating specific requests that align you with your dream:

You can get it all! [ bottom of page ]

Audio Learning - 8 Hours of Content & Expertise working with a Diverse Audience
Visual Learning - 256 page, 35 Chapter Book - Mind & Vision Expanding Language
Kinesthetic Learning - Inspirational and touching Stories & Hands On Examples

If you've been sitting on the fence wondering if MasterMinding will work for you, today would be a great day to learn how easy and uplifting MasterMinding really is.

So let me start by giving you a peek at the MasterMinding for a Rich Life Training $200.00 of real value:

That's right, I want to give you the OPTION of not only reading the Virtual Book but to learn through listening to my expansive and comprehensive eAudio/MP3 Trainings on the my system of MasterMinding, if you choose, for only $17 more!

You can come back to his page any time you want to purchase MasterMinding for a Rich Life Training and receive $200 of added value through my Training MP3 AUDIOs when you invest in just one copy of MasterMinding for a Rich Life


  • Deliberately Designing Your Life to Get Rich Results Now! – 2½-Hour TeleClass/MasterMinding Coaching Session with Mary - eAudio/MP3. The Art of Getting Deliberate about the RICH Life You are Designing in the first hour. The Success power of imagination is age-old. When people in ancient times desired more money, they would sit in meditation, picture definite sums of money, and then demand of the universal substance "give me this!" In this eAudio, you will learn: 5 Things that will Repel Money, 5 Things that will help you Attract Money to you and 5 Specific MasterMind Request to Open the Doors to your Prosperity. $50 Value


  • Three-Step Dance to Finding the POSSIBLE in imPossible! - 2 Hour Tele-Class & MasterMinding Coaching eAudio/MP3. An impossible situation requires that you do not try to explain it. To find the possible in the impossible means you must begin again in your thinking, by reflecting solely on the outcome you prefer. It requires that you invite the greater good into every phase of your life no matter what the appearance of a situation is. And as you give your attention and new expectation to the thing that is preferred, you 'will' find the possible in impossible. 5 Steps to Miracle Mindedness: thinking where you've never thought before, believing where you've never believed before.$50 Value


  • Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe - 2 Hour Tele-Class/MasterMinding Coaching eAudio/MP3. The #1 Dissolving Agent for Lack Premature Cognitive Commitments - PCC's. Learn the 3 Communication Issues that get in the way of your MasterMind Requests being answered and how it directly affects money flow, relationships and health! Learn the 3 Investigative Procedures that will energize your MasterMind Requests to manifest more readily, no matter how big the problem. Learn 3 specific MasterMind Requests to Open the Doors for a Peaceful and Prosperous Life. $50 Value


  • Formulating Requests for What You Really Want! 2 Hour Tele-Class/MasterMinding Coaching eAudio/MP3. Getting specific about what you want. How to access "the zone" of attraction more consistently. How to get completion on your to-do list. Creative process of web design - getting to the "heart-desire" of the matter. How to ask for what we really want vs what we think is possible. Dealing with the "history of self-sabotage" label. Dealing with the "nobody wants to work with me" label - networking. Paying attention to the "vibrational level" of words. $50 Value

Total Value of RESOURCE GIFT BONUS MP3s: $200


MasterMinding for a Rich Life Virtual Book
All Available for Immediate Download


MM101 Oline Course

The PERFECT COMPANION to MasterMinding for a Rich Life

MasterMinding 101® Online Course
with MP3 Audios and Other Resources

MasterMinding for a Rich Life MP3 Trainings - to be downloaded. Nothing will be shipped to you. As soon as you have gone through the payment process, you will receive a download link in the final page AND the same link in an email.
MasterMinding 101 Online Course

MasterMinding 101
Online Course

Attitude Alignment Virtual Book

Attitude Alignment
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The Power of Compassion - 7 Ways to Make A Difference

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Transformational Leadership Online Course

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Fine Art Print: Roots of Success

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