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Note: This eBook was formerly titled You Can't Have an Attitude an Keep It a Secret

Attitude Alignment

Virtual Book

by Mary Robinson Reynolds

The Art of Getting What You Want - eBook
with a Bonus Gift valued at $250!

You will learn how to:

Read Attitudinal Energy Accurately
Transform Negative People from a Distance
Create "Good Vibes" with Anyone You Meet
Heal Problematic Relationships
Detect Hidden Information
Increase Your Credibility and Power to Influence

Now You Can Get What You Want
in Your Relationships - Even When It
Appears to be ImPOSSIBLE!

I'll show you step-by-step exactly what to do,
how to transform negative vibes
- how to completely heal your relationships.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever felt an incredible connection with someone?

You know - that wonderful click, that gut feeling deep inside that just makes you feel totally drawn to that person.

You feel totally safe and comfortable, as if you've already known that person forever.

And when you talk to each other, it's as if the rest of your environment disappears and the entire world becomes the rich warmth of that person's voice, wrapping itself around you

When people feel that kind of connection, they often report instances in which they can reach each other's minds; feel each other's attitudes. They don't try to do it - it just happens.

Fortunately there are user friendly scientific explanations for how this occurs. And now, for the first time, anyone who understands the attitudinal energy behind our thoughts and how telepathic our vibes are, can begin affecting and deliberately influencing problematic relationships, in an instant.

Attitude Alignment
Watch this Attitudinal Energy Illustration:

Also watch the two-part Attitudianl Energy Illustration here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Do you experience attitudinal miscommunication at work? Have you ever wished that you could discuss issues more effectively with your boss, coworkers, or clients - children and/or your spouse?

Attitude Alignment's author and consultant Mary Robinson Reynolds explores a variety of intense communication issues that revolve around attitudinal energy and then provides you with the specific "thinking" skills you need to align even your most difficult relationships and turn difficult workplace experiences into opportunities for growth ... and YES even to the degree of the miraculous at work, home and play.

If you're ready to build better relationships at work, understand others better as well as have them understand you, then this practical and informative book is for you!

Alignment is all about experiencing breakthrough moments of connectedness and understanding with co-workers, managers, staff members, and clients. It's about the challenges of and opportunities for getting what we want while serving another, and how literally shifting one's attitudinal communication can become a tool for achieving workplace harmony and workplace results.

This information is for people who want to make a difference, who are tired of playing games and are willing to take some gentle, but life changing self-effacing risks. You will learn about attitudinal communication, how to deal with specific situations, and what your own obstacles to being an effective communicator are. You will become more aware of what you are bringing to your on-the-job - and/or personal - interactions with others and what others are bringing to you. You will learn how YOU can be the transformer regardless of what other's bring to the table. With this new awareness, you can start making new choices and turn any workplace encounter into an opportunity for personal growth, professional success, and a feeling of alignment and synergetic well-being.


Hello Mary,

Your Virtual eBook was totally on target! It was well worded and exactly what I needed to hear and understand. It made me think, and take a look at the relationships in my life, and now I will take action where needed in my attitude first, actions second. Thank you very much for this body of work!
Sondra Nolan
Roads & Rights-of-Way

I have purchased and read your e-book "Attitude Alignment" and I have read most every publication in your website and find them to be right on target with my own philosophy. Although I agree with your advice, it takes practice to live it. Once you get your own thoughts and actions under control and realize you have the capacity to affect change (how you react to what is going on is within your control), you figure out, although you can't control others, you can influence them. Learning how to do this more effectively is definitely benefiting me both personally and professionally. I do hope to participate in your future classes or seminars.
Brenda Buck CPCU, CIC, CPIW
Sr. Account Manager

Mary, you have helped me see and understand the people in my world and myself and how we act and react to each other and the situations and how to accept "what is" and then use the Love vibe. I feel less stress and more understanding as a result of the hows and whys. You make your writing not only conversational, but powerful ...and fun!
Susan Williams, Stylist


For simply purchasing my eBook you are going to receive
$250 of added value through my special Bonus Gift
when you invest in just one copy of
Attitude Alignment

Virtual Book - for DOWNLOAD
Nothing will be Shipped to You

This is what you get:


Mary's 5-Week Series of 2-Hour TeleClasses = 10 Hour Training Value = $250

The Art of Getting What You Want in Every Relationship
Dealing with Challenging People Energetically

  • TeleClass 1 - Two-Hour Tele-Class eAudio – Attitudinal Communication a Foundation
  • TeleClass 2 - Two-Hour Tele-Class eAudio – Taking Your Power Back
  • TeleClass 3 - Two-Hour Tele-Class eAudio – Becoming a TurnAround Specialist
  • TeleClass 4 - Two-Hour Tele-Class eAudio – Stand in your Power
  • TeleClass 5 - Two-Hour Tele-Class eAudio – Requests for Others

Mary started successfully teaching this material 20 years ago for Portland State University Continuing Education classes. Out of a bazillion authors on relationships, Mary has a most insightful spin to put on what's really going on and what people can do about it. There is more than you ever realized in relation to what's happening energetically in our interactions with each other. Using humor, the principles of Quantum physics and physiology she helps people learn how to quickly and effectively adjust their Attitudinal Vibes and Unleash Their Greatest Relationship Potential.

What Happened in these TeleClasses?

Amazing Life Changing Content. This 5-Week TeleClass training was for adults who thought that they knew a lot about relationships -especially what is possible and what is not. Mary taught them something new! She says, "You can lead a horse to water and make it drink!" And she used her own personal successes and Quantum physics to back up what she taught. Even if you think you've learned from the greatest psychologists in the world, you've learned it wrong from the beginning. If you don't do a blessed thing about what you are really saying to people in attitude energy language, nothing will ever change for the better, and stay better, period! This TeleClass changed people's lives and transformed their important relationships in just 5 weeks!

Mary, Thank you for working with me on your relabeling telecall last week. I was so nervous and afraid to speak up, but I know now its time. It made such a difference to me because at times it felt like I was the only one going through it. And at times I felt like I was not good enough and there was something wrong with me. By hearing others I Didn't feel alone anymore and it helped tremendously. Now to be called a Procrastinator is such a blessing. Now I know that there's a special spark in me and now I know its a blessing to be different. Thanks again, Many blessings! -- Mary Ann

Mary used Role Play, Exercises and immediate Application. She worked with as many people as time allowed. In every class there was lavish time given for question and answers, dealing with the participants' personal "stuff." Mary worked with participants on specific relationship issues applying her very specific and easy techniques and strategies. Successful results were had by all. - Over $250 Value


I have some remarkable information to share with you.

Soon, you are going to reach a point in your life where stress and conflict no longer exist. You're going to feel truly, genuinely good all of the time. You won't have "problems." You won't have "enemies." The big and small challenges that are plaguing you mind right now will simply disappear. And you will never see them or their like again.

Soon, you are going to experience total satisfaction in your life. You'll long for nothing, because you will have discovered The Art of Getting What You Want in my newest ebook, Attitude Alignment.

Soon, you will possess the remarkable ability to bring a sense of calm, comfort, and healing to everyone you come in contact with.

You'll effortlessly radiate a most extraordinary kind of energy, and it will ignite each person you meet. Simply by being in a room with people, you will be able to elevate their spirits and improve their condition.

With this information - maybe even sooner than you think - you are going to be living on a level that very few people ever reach. Your experience of life is going to be deeper and richer than you can possibly imagine. Your experience of your authentic power to affect your world in an instant, is going to be automatic and intimate, not vague and remote.

Does this sound like the place in life you have been striving to reach?

Is this the level of living that you've hoped your personal communication work has been moving you toward?

If so, then I urge you to read on. Because quite soon, you will enjoy this kind of bliss ... but only if you understand and apply the energetic transformative information I am about to share with you.

Once you learn the transformative power that your attitude holds, you'll be absolutely amazed by the things you are able to do.

Even more amazing will be the things that just start showing up in your life. Enjoyable, easy going relationships, professional advancement, opportunities, time expanding to meet your needs, good health, whatever you're needing or lacking will suddenly appear.

Have you ever met a person and felt instantly, inexplicably good?

Do you know anyone who makes you feel calm, serene, and peaceful simply by being around?

Have you ever felt the energy of a room full of people suddenly change by the entrance of a particular person?

People who have this remarkable ability are people who possess Pure Positive Attitudinal Energy. And as you learn to really tap in and turn on to how to do this too, you will:

chkDissolve the problems in your life instantly.
chkAttract new and completely different people and circumstances into your life.
chkDiscover facts about the healing process that could change your life and even save it.

I think you already know - intuitively - that you have the ability to transform relationships or anything else that is going on an instant. I also think you already knew that you simply cannot have an attitude and keep it a secret!

The Power of an Attitudinal Vibe
IS What Can Get You The Love, Peace and Harmony
You Want In Your Most Important Relationships

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mary Robinson Reynolds, and the ideas I'm about to share with you have been my life's work.

By the time you finish reading this letter, you'll understand how your attitude is the maker or breaker of all of your communication - and your ability to make things happen - at an energetic level.

You can say all of the right words, use the most politically correct language, but if you have even the most minuet attitudinal vibe going on, you simply will not get what you want out of your relationship or situation.

For the last three decades I have been working with literally thousands of children, adolescents and adults in learning to communicate powerfully and in healing and saving their relationships. It's been my lifelong purpose and passion.

It began for me as a child, when I vowed to end the legacy of attitudinal abuse. And in my very first teaching job, as I caught myself chewing out a kid the exact, negatively attitudinal way my mother had, I stopped myself and said, I will not do it this way. I will find a new way to get kids to do what they need to be doing to be successful. Because my parents had attitudes toward me that were negatively hurtful and harsh... I knew the power of an attitudinal vibe.

As a young teacher, I decided, because of my own painful childhood experiences with the adults who held negative attitudes about me, to be mindful not to do the same to any child in my classroom. The results? Miraculous. I had children excelling above and beyond anything I could have ever planned for or imagined. All because I changed their label and adjusted the energy transference of my vibe.

As my career unfolded, first and an educator, the family counselor and ultimately as a corporate consultant... I found that the strategies and a Love vibe I was intentionally sending could be applied to heal and transform ALL relationships dramatically and instantaneously.

Removing judgment and labels, not only transforms and heals children and adolescents, but adult relationships as well.

Recently I was at the supermarket. It was just before Thanksgiving and I heard yelling coming from the deli. There appeared to be a crotchety old man who was very angry at the gal trying to wait on him and who was unable to satisfactorily answer his questions. Upon hearing his anger, I immediately experience my heart racing ...and the flight or flight response kick in to high gear.

I realized right away that I was energetically taking on his anger and allowing myself to be physiologically affected. I consciously jolted myself out of that childhood trance -believing myself to be powerless - and decided to try to send him the Love vibe. I deliberately drove my grocery cart over to a container of frozen products sitting right next to the deli section... all the while, deliberately moving myself more and more into the negative air space, making my heart slow to a normal pace I began to initiate the Love vibe.

Within less than 30 seconds of sending the Love vibe, he started sputtering like an old Chevy about to shut down and he started having difficulty continuing to be angry at the girl. And then suddenly, he turned his grocery cart and started walking away as if he forgot what he was angry about.

This same Love vibe
can work for you too . . .

The Love vibe that I discovered and intentionally used over the years ...still amazes how quickly it actually works!

In my book, Attitude Alignment - I will show you exactly how energy transfer happens through scientific examples and energy illustrations that you can do with your friends.

I use one specific illustration of how attitudinal energy directly and instantly affects the physiology of the body that I use with my live audiences.

I can take what has been invisible to the human eye, and with audience participation, I will show you exactly what happens and why. And more importantly, how you can work the Love vibe and have immediate changes occur in even your most difficult and problematic relationships.

My methodology and strategies can work for you too.

I know, because they've worked for thousands of people just like you.

Your situation is not unique. More importantly - your situation is NOT impossible to come up over and change.

The strategies that I have used to transform the legacy of painful, difficult relationships -have been developed over the entire 35 years of my professional life as an educator, counselor, consultant and author.

Here's How You Can Start Healing Your Kids,
Your Spouse, Your Co-Worker, Your Parent
- Any Problematic or Painful Relationship
Right Here, Right Now ...

Think for a moment about the things in your life that are stressing you out, worrying you, or upsetting you right now. Chances are, you wouldn't be bothered by a single one of them if you knew about the Love vibe and practiced the relabeling process that a TurnAround Specialist uses.

In Attitude Alignment - I have outlined a step-by-step detail of what you MUST do differently to affect an instantaneous change - transformation and healing by becoming a TurnAround Specialist.

I will share with you how to use the Love vibe to affect change in problematic and stressful relationships.

When you know what this Love vibe is and put it to work, it's like having access to the control center of the universe.

You will know exactly how to take the intangible magic that exists in the world of energy and direct it toward specific aspects of your own life. You will understand how to move yourself, in an instant, to that "zone" where miracles happen.

Learning to become a master at using Love vibe is like a light switch. The moment you discover it, the solutions to all of your problems are suddenly revealed to you. The answers you have been groping for will materialize right before your eyes, as if by magic. Best of all, the gap between realizing a want or need and fulfilling it is dramatically shortened.

This Love vibe taps you into the flow. This is the one thing that you can do that will ensure that you never experience stress again from the appearance of things going sideways.

As you learn to access this pure positive energy that the Love vibe holds - and as it is flowing to you and through you constantly, uninterruptedly, your life will begin to change quite quickly and dramatically.

You see, once you've mastered this incredible Love vibe, you will radiate a level of positive energy that will have an actual physical impact on the people you come into contact with.

Your strength will strengthen them, your power will infuse them.

It's a most extraordinary thing, but as you'll soon discover it really does happen. This will also empower you to:

chkDerive strength from every single thing in your life.
chkCounterbalance the collective negativity of countless numbers of people.
chkGet what you want without ever encountering conflict or division.

Now you know what the Love vibe will bring you.
Are you ready to learn what it is?

The choice is yours ....

It would appear that the time is now for you to do something different than what you've been doing ... the very thing you fear most likely will remain the same or grow even more painful and disturbing.

Remember, what you want, wants you ...and everything you think and broadcast out right now is either helpful or harmful, whether you mean for it to be or not.

The most innocent conditioned responses and attitudes are either pushing people away or bringing you the love, support and comfort you want.

Attitude Alignment will give you the specific step-by-step strategies you need to heal your life, your relationships and all those whose lives you touch.

You can have what you want most: love, harmony, inclusion, accountability, integrity, accommodation, generosity and good will. Simply become a TurnAround Specialist by applying the Love vibe to any and all situations that come your way.

You can download the ebook right now for only

Here's How You Can Get Started
Getting What You Want in Your Relationships
In the Next 10 Minutes ...

When you click on the button below, you'll be taken to a secure order page for your credit card information. We use third party secure processing company so your order information is kept completely confidential - only the processing company and your credit card company access the information.

Your order is processed immediately, and you'll get a receipt for your purchase with a transaction number and a link to where you can download your book, in ebook format, right away.

Every Part of Your Life Will Be Transformed

You will be able to start changing people and situations immediately upon reading just the first chapter!

To say Attitude Alignment is an eye opener would be an understatement.

This is a book that is warm, anecdotal, and conversationally written. It includes highly specific disciplines for the you to try right away and get instantaneous results!

All in all, it is a gentle and yet powerful invitation to enter a new and liberating era of being a kinder and more gentle example of what humanity can be.


Whether you're dealing with a co-worker, business partner and/or organization that has negative undercurrents, a spouse, or a family member who is in trouble behaviorally or emotionally, this book will explain exactly what's been going on between you and those you are struggling with.

There's absolutely no way you can lose out - unless you decide to "think it over". But frankly, this shouldn't even be something you need to think about because I don't know one single person who has not been able to affect change in their marriage by doing exactly what I recommend in Session 1.

Trust your gut feeling and go for it! You'll be glad you did.

AND Please let me know what happens! I look forward to hearing about how your life being transformed to being all that you desire that it be.

To Your Best Life,
Mary Robinson Reynolds, B.A., M.S.
New England

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