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This colorful multi-faceted poster is an inspirational reminder of Mary's 61 Proven Strategies for Developing Success. This poster depicts the simplicity and enveloping beauty of the tree. It's root system indicates the process of personal growth and the inner strength which develops as a result. Success begins with one strategy, one decision.

Fine Art Print: "Root Yourself in Success" by Mary Robinson Reynolds and the Beautiful, Hand-Crafted Calligraphy of Fran Sloan

Provide 61 bite size pieces of Motivation and Focus for your home, office, reception area or for a recognition/appreciation gift to your business associates, staff, friends and even your teens. Four-color reproduction of an original watercolor creation with the title embossed in gold leaf stamping: "Root Yourself in Success" in a fine calligraphy. Suitable for framing.

4-color Fine Art Print; Gold Leaf imprint - 36.5" by 19"

The quote at the bottom: Proverbs 3:18 - "It is a tree of life to them who hold fast to it and everyone that upholds it is happy."

  • 4-Color Fine Art Print with Gold Leaf imprint
  • Mary's "61 Strategies for Developing Success"
  • 36.5" by 19" - poster size - Suitable for framing.

Click here for a listing of the 61 Strategies summarized in this beautiful poster.


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Testimonials for Root Yourself In Success poster:

"A woman who works at George Fox college brought in a poster for framing one day entitled, 'Root Yourself In Success'. I was drawn to it immediately because it was so beautiful. As I framed it, I began reading the strategies and I realized that my son and daughter each needed this poster.

"As I was framing the poster, the strategies began to appeal to me even more because they are good for anyone; from professionals in any field, to teens, to senior citizens. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that no matter how far down the road of life you are, a person still needs to be reminded everyday about what's important and what really works.

"I gave my (rebel) 19 year old son a framed poster for his apartment. I asked him to just read one strategy a day and I'd get off his case. That was about 9 months ago. Today, he is joining me in business - ready to make something of his life. These simple strategies work.

"My nephew ordered a framed poster for each of his children! People from all walks of life find their way into my frame shop. Those who are attracted to the 'eye-catching' appeal of this poster want it, and of course I do the framing!

"The strategies of Root Yourself In Success poster have been a GREAT INFLUENCE in building my business; monetarily and personally. And who knows what all it's done for my customers´ lives! What a great business this is to be in..."

--Linda Tucker, Frames Plus

"Thank you for working with me on getting this order placed. Our special event is on February 14. I am a sponsor in a program here in Anchorage called the Anchorage Fit Club. This is a local 'Biggest Loser' contest. It focuses on 3 major areas for the Fit Clubbers. Those areas are nutrition, exercise, and mindset.

"Your poster, 'Root Yourself In Success' fits perfectly with what the mindset training coach has been trying to teach each Fit Clubber. It will be a nice gift for each of them to take home at the end of this season's contest.

"Thanks again, and I look forward to receiving and sharing this poster now and for future Anchorage Fit Club contestants.

"On a side note, I am actually very pleased with the website and what it has to offer. My sister and I are looking forward to taking the Academic 101 Online Course. We are both going to be opening daycare or pre-school programs and are looking to take some classes that will help us to better care/educator providers."

Kristine A. Jorgensen, Fasteners & Fire Equipment Co., Inc.


Nothing is Anything Until You Call It . . .

. . . Call Your Life a Success!

There are 'no mistakes' ...everything leads you to success!

Dreams that previously looked impossible will suddenly seem a lot bigger, brighter and closer to fruition than they ever appeared to b e in the past.

Your relationships will achieve a whole new level of intimacy and depth. Forgiveness will come easily. Harmony will take over, even in situations that involved a lot of conflict and hurt feelings in the past

And best to all, you'll have even more of the one quality you need to begin the whole process: RESOLVE. You'll find the courage you need to boldly step forward and make your dreams happen!

As you use the strategies from Root Yourself In Success Poster to live your best life, more fully than ever before, you'll find yourself growing and becoming more like the person you were inherently created to become.

Your life will be more enriched and meaningful. You'll experience massive amounts of joy and increased passion for living. Your life's purpose will be crystal clear, and you'll embrace your future with gusto.

And as you continue that journey, you will find the ultimate level of satisfaction and fulfillment in practicing these simple strategies.

Mary's strategies stimulate people to think at higher, more innovative levels.

Change your mind and you change your world.

The more we become aware of simple mind shifting strategies, the more this knowledge gets structured in our consciousness and awareness. Then it is more likely that our attitude and behavior will change spontaneously, without any effort on our part.

Using effort to consciously practice an attitude or to cultivate a mood is unnecessary and can cause stress and strain. It is important only that we know what our attitudes are and that we become aware of them.

Knowledge has organizing power inherent in it. It is simply enough to know, to be aware of the strategies; the knowledge will be processed and metabolized by our bodies, and the results will be spontaneous.

The results do not occur overnight, but begin to manifest gradually over a period of time.

Read a strategy a day, then you will see the changes that happen spontaneously in your life and the effortless ease with which wealth and affluence come into your life.

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