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Put Mary Robinson Reynolds on your desk!

... or your bedside table, beside the coffee pot or anywhere you could use wisdom from The MasterMinding for Money statements of intention... at the touch of a button.

At a touch of the hand, The MasterMinding for Money Life Learning Device ('Easy' Button) verbally relays deliberate statements of intention through a positive, motivating message spoken by Mary Robinson Reynolds or Craig Reynolds.

Press it again on the same day, and the same message plays again. Then the next day, there's another tidbit of Mary's MasterMinding for Money wisdom.

'Easy' Button with Female Voice Purchase for   


'Easy' Button with Male Voice Purchase for   


Curious about how it works? Click your mouse on each of the demo buttons below, and listen to the example messages. There are 30 messages - one for each day of the month to develop your spiritual muscle with new thinking, believing and expecting skills. Each day there's a new deliberate and intentional message. You can play it again, and again and again... as many times throughout the day that you need to hear it, feel it, and believe it as a real and a MOST possible way to experience a RICH LIFE.

Research has shown that it takes 30 Days to change a habit. Mary has created these 30 messages directly from her online program which is still available for you to join for free. (30 Day Miracle MasterMind)

To go read the 30 Day Miracle MasterMind SUCCESSES CLICK HERE

The device is completely self-contained. There's no need to be connected to the Internet or to a computer or to a power source. Just insert 3 AAA batteries and put The MasterMinding for Money Life Learning Device anywhere you'd like to have a daily dose of inspiration and meaningful, thought changing content. It measures approximately 4 inches in diameter by 3 inches high.

If you're looking for a unique gift that says you truly care, there's nothing better than this. It's truly a gift that keeps on giving every day of the year, and the motivational messages spoken by Mary Robinson Reynolds - FEMALE voice selection as well as offering you the choice of a  MALE voice (done by Craig Reynolds, the voice on all Make A Difference Movies/Stories) - can indeed be life-changing.

Wondering what happens at the end of the month? The messages start over again at the beginning. Or, you can purchase additional memory cards as Mary comes out with new MasterMinding for Money, Health and Relationship messages along the way.


Female Voice examples

Male Voice Examples

FINALLY!  A button similar to the Staples "Easy" Button, only SO MUCH MORE!
Your Life Learning Device has 30 Days of Miracle MasterMind Money Requests

*  Be on your desk all year long offering daily words of wisdom.
*  Your intentions are thought and felt between you and Infinite Intelligence - the MasterMind.
*  Repetition is the mother of all learning which sets manifesting energy in motion.

30 days of this Life Learning Device (LLD) is programmed to verbally communicate a new tidbit of MasterMinding for Money wisdom and life changing ways to think more powerfully.

No matter how many times the button is pressed, it will play that day's MasterMind Request as many times as you need to hear it, until the next day.

Do you know anyone who could benefit by hearing a new positive message from Mary every day? Order yours today and see what a difference it can make!

Here's is a small sampling of the MasterMinding Successes others are having with Mary Robinson Reynolds' 30 Days of Miracle MasterMind Requests that you can NOW listen to over again and over again.


Wow!  I MasterMinded for partner and I had three people arrive to MM for me. This has shifted my entire reality as I've known it thus far. Thank you for rocking my universe. I've realized that I have been creating a very limited reality for myself with my belief that there is nobody willing to gift to me as extraordinarily as I would like. Guess what? With that belief, I, too, was one of the 'bodies' not willing to gift to me.
- Sarah Jenkins

I have not worked for about 3 months and I had been having trouble paying my bills. The Miracle MasterMind Requests have been helping me manage my money fears and my expectations about how people will treat me which has definitely set new positive energy in motion because today, all day, bill collectors called and they were not nasty as usual. They all spoke to me in a cooperative way and were willing to wait and take small payments. I kept saying to myself, this is weird. Then I read the Miracle MasterMind Request Day 14 request and I was amazed. - Martha Campbell

Yesterday after asking to receive the money for my obligations my tax return was deposited earlier than it was suppose to be.  - Louis Skidmore

Then there is the sweetest miracle of all. The ability to turn anything and everything around by making a request ALL DAY LONG. The sense of doom or choicelessness or powerlessness is dissipating with alarming speed; it no longer has anything to cling to.  -Jamie Freezen

MMing is such a miracle for me. I had specifically asked a question about 'seeing' for other and others 'seeing' for me less than 2 days before someone sent me a forward of an email containing the innerguidance movie. I did not know to call what I was asking for 'seeing' so I may have expressed my desire in another way. Probably, something like hold the space to allow  x, y or z to show up in my life and the lives of others. I watched the movie and loved it and then clicked the link to the Mary's home page and continued exploring. I was quite excited to see the lightning in the graphics and in the title of one of her books. You see, just the day before a friend sent a poem he had written that really touched me. In it he wrote, don't wait for the next thunderstorm, be your own lightning. This is what MMing is all about: Create your own reality; don't be the effect of it.  --Celia H

I have two financial miracles yesterday. I knew when I read the 30 Day Miracle MM Request that something would happen. Someone paid my Verizon cell phone bill -- just went into a Verizon store -- and then left a message on my voice mail saying he had done that. Next, I received a call from a private client for a body work session. The best part of this miracle is that my schedule is pretty busy for the next three days. I am attending an all day workshop on Sat and Sun and working at the office all day Friday. For some reason I read the schedule wrong and told the client I had a 2.5 hour break in the middle of the day and that I could go see her then -- she lives about 14 minutes away from the office. Even when I realized my mistake, I felt confident in asking the boss for this time off. I will earn much, much more with the private client than I will by clocking out for 2.5 hours!  - Misty Greyson

I woke up today with more enthusiasm, excitement and joy about life than I can recall in a long time. This is what I call big time success. And, further, I am the sole source of this feeling. That is, there are no external factors creating it, I am experiencing manifestation of my list of requests in small increments; however, an extraordinary place to live has not shown up yet and there are only 2 days left. Still, I am thrilling at the prospect of receving this in my life. No settling, no compromising, no talking myself into believing something less is best. My eyes are not completely clear and, again, with one brief exception, have never before known with such certainty that they will be beyond perfect in every way. I am very new to networking/marketing my business and ideas and today I am thrilling at the chance to get up in front of many others and speak about what I have to offer. I received a good tip/idea yesterday on something I can do to promote my business.  - Jake Jameson

 Hi Mary...I was asked to be part of a MM group a few months back and our group of 4 now is going strong.  We are such amazing support for each other and just today one of my mmpartners said 'I just don't know what I did without you guys.  Anyway, the reason for me writing is that I feel so fortunate to have surrounded myself with such incredible people.  I am in the process of starting my 3rd group...separate from the original one I was asked to join, and I am now guiding them through the program.  When asked to lead these three other groups I honestly thought that really... I can only benefit from all this supportive and loving affirmation I am getting...4 times a week.  The trick will be to keep balance in my life, but I am so happy to share your wisdom with others who are looking to kick up their own self-discovery process....actually I am honored to do so.  This must be what propels you forward...helping people.  BRAVO! Big changes are happening, thanks to you...
Sincerely...Angela Garnier

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