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Forming a MasterMind group

As you read through the various articles, blogs and product descriptions in this site, you will notice that Mary is teaching about attraction action regarding the formation of MasterMinding groups.

In her MasterMinding 101 Online Course and Stay Married Online Course she provides you with immediate access, via her MasterMinding Message Board, to other MasterMinders throughout the world working on manifesting miraculous outcomes in the areas of highest interest for you. You have access to their email addresses and profiles. You are free to create your own MasterMinding group with those you feel a connection with and they with you away from the message board as well as at the message board.

Mary's message board is accessible only through her online courses because it is imperative that you learn and follow her system when MasterMinding at the Message Board she provides free for your use.  She also checks in at the board daily to "see" over your MasterMind requests.  If you are getting off track with her system, she will give you some free coaching at the message board.

That's the deal.

Learn and apply Mary's system.
Get Access to MasterMind partners throughout the world, immediately.
Mary checks in at the MasterMinding Message Board daily to "see" with you.
Value to you:  priceless.

As you do Internet keyword searches for "mastermind group" you will find thousands of sites that want you to join their group or form and manage a mastermind group on their website. There are several key differences between the way the vast majority of these sites teach people to mastermind and the way Mary approaches and teaches MasterMinding that you will want to be discerning about.

Hard vs Easy

The Hard Way: Most of the mastermind groups formed under the direction of other advisors, instructors, organizers or managers ("other groups") are using some form of an "authoritarian" model of organization, whereby one person or sub-group of "leaders" are in charge of the group and basically dictate the rules and decide who is admitted to the group.

The Easy Way:  Mary's system for the formation of MasterMind Groups puts all of the power equally into the hands of the participants. While she does offer her coaching services on a contract basis and in special tele-class events, her method is to teach the participants how to go out and attract MasterMind Partners and run their own meetings.

The Hard Way: Most other groups use various "brainstorming" techniques, by which participants bring out their ideas on solutions to the problems brought by a given member. Some groups may even have a resident 'guru' who is looked to for words of wisdom (advice) on every subject. Almost always, the unspoken rule is that you must be realistic and grounded in "reality" as you state your goals and plans.  Utilizing MasterMinding as a brainstorming session leaves Infinite Intelligence ─ Spirit, God, 3rd invisible mind ─ out of the equation and this is you chasing results rather than attracting and allowing in what you've asked for.

The Easy Way:  With Mary's method, the purpose of the MasterMind Group is to help each person "get to the Heart" of what they really want, regardless of "what's possible" or even likely, and to "see for" each other the fulfillment of their desires. Period. No brainstorming. No advice-giving. No "reality check." Remembering always: Most of the greatest achievements of mankind were once thought to be impossible through divinely inspired action and synchronicity brought about by a goal and/or a request.

The Hard Way:  Most other groups' methods include some form of "accountability" to the group, based on what you said you were going to "do" in the last meeting. The theory is that if you have to "account for yourself" in the next meeting, you are more likely to "perform." In practice, this may be the biggest reason people drop out of their MasterMind group, rather than face the consequences of their (apparent) inaction.

The Easy Way:  Mary's method of creating success with the help of a MasterMind Group, however, has no form of "reporting back to the group," other than to announce successes, big and small. Her experience is that MasterMinding in not about "accounting for yourself." It makes other people the authority over you instead of you being in your own power authorizing – authoring  –  your own life!  If you didn't do what you said you were going to do in the last session, then look at what's behind that to discover what's really wanted.  Stop trying to make yourself do things that Spirit is not guiding you to.  Her assumption is that much can be happening within the appearance of inaction, when energies are in alignment with what is wanted. No progress reports. No judgment. Only un-conditional positive regard for each other.

Other websites may provide "pre-packaged" MasterMind groups that appear to have done all the work of forming a group. It is very different to learn how to form – attract – your own MasterMind Group, through the power of MasterMinding itself. And Mary can teach you how to harness this power for yourself and your MasterMinding Partners.

Resources you will find in this site (also see links at top of page) that will give you immediate access to other MasterMinders throughout the world:

MasterMinding 101 Online Course and Stay Married Online Course

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