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  Victim No More: Diffusing Bully Behaviors


"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
- Albert Einstein

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Nothing should be overlooked in fighting for better education.
Be persistent and ornery; this will be good for the lethargic educational establishment and will aid the whole cause of public education."
- Roy Wilkins, a prominent civil rights activist in the United States from the 1930s to the 1970s.
Wilkins' most notable role was in his leadership of the
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).



"Hi Mary, I bought your Victim No More: Diffusing Bully Behaviors Self Learning Training. Wow, it was powerful!!!"  - Jill Hendrickson, Author of Weight Loss, Italian Style!

"Your material is thought-provoking and encouraging to be more vigilant in understanding about what is really going on. ...I found your entire UTrain Program completely user friendly, timed perfectly to break into convenient sections to keep everyone attentive and engaged. This really saved the day."  - Pam Swett, Principal, Lawrence High School, ME

Listen in as Mary Visits with Pam:


Seen on FaceBook: LEARNING ENGLISH IDIOMS: what is a push-over? 

My friend said: "Don't get mad at me but here is what I think… you're a pushover!"

I said: "A pushover??? What do you mean?" (English is my second language and I might misinterpret things sometimes)

My friend said: "You have no backbone! Anyone can push you over out of their way with no trouble!! You're a doormat because you let people walk all over you!!"
You need to outdo the bullies and be the bigger bully!"

I said: I'm sorry… I'm not a bully, but I'm not a victim either… I learned from Mary Robinson Reynoldsto stand up for myself!!!"

Mary Replies: EXCELLENT empowered response! ... you have taken your learning seriously!
...and thank you so much for sharing Marjorie... and for the difference you are making!


UClick&Play TrainingOPTION 1:
Mary Robinson Reynolds' UClick&Play™ Training Program

While Public Speaking is Among the
Top 10 Things People Fear Most:
Anyone can press Click & Play, and
have Mary deliver your training for you.

1) You will be able to watch it on your computer as an online webinar/slideshow training on your schedule, as many times as you want, without a time limit or ending date.
2) You can project it from your computer onto a screen for others to watch and listen.
3) You will also be able download the audio portion to your MP3 and/or burn it on a set of three CDs to listen to in your car, at your convenience.

This is a 3 hour DO IT YOURSELF webinar training program with a Power Point Video - self-playing with audio, for 1) the person who is on the receiving end of bully behavior, 2) the person who is a witness to bully behavior and wishes to intervene effectively, and 3) for the person who is currently locked into believing that if they don't "out-bully the bully" they will be annihilated emotionally and/or physically themselves.

Show the video to the core groupMary presents the entire training in a PowerPoint Presentation Slide Show.

You Click & it Plays for you. Mary does the training.

It is divided up into three 1-hour segments.

You can show 1 hour at a time, stopping for discussion and individual ah-ha’s and insights at the end of each hour.

Ask individuals to commit to trying what Mary is offering in this training for 1 week and report back successes, experiences and forward movement.


Bring UClick&Play to your entire work group or family!

Show The Victim No More video to the Whole Group!Mary teaches the class through a 3 hour PowerPoint Webinar UClick&Play™ presentation.

Again, this is NOT your typical "how to 'come at' the bully behavior - be the bigger bully" prescriptive class.

We will be starting from the beginning: ENERGY of an attitude and how it triggers actions and reactions.

This instructional information has an extensive, comprehensive scientific base and has been field tested with tens of thousands of people of all ages, circumstances and cultures. The latest brain research explains what happens to a person's ability to think and behave in the face of intense situations. And I'm going to show you exactly what to "think" to come up over intense situations productively to bring about the greatest chance for a peaceful outcome!

Invest in the Video UClick&Play™ Training:  $99      
Watch this clip of the Victim No More UClick & Play Program

OPTION 2: NEW! - UTRAIN® Victim No More: Diffusing Bully Behavior

Includes Mary's 3 hour Victim No More: Diffusing Bully Behavior
PowerPoint Presentation Slideshow program as well as ...
UTrain Leader's Guide - Electronic Delivery - UPrint PDFs and PPTs

  A 54-page UTrain™ Leader's Guide PDF (UPrint)Notebook-size with Presenter's Outline PDF to accompany the UClick&Play PowerPoint Presentation Slideshow, giving you a pre-packaged training.
  40 PowerPoint Slides + easy-to-follow Script
  3-hour MP3 Audio of Mary delivering this training
  54-page Participant Handouts
  A Reinforcing Learning Mini-Poster
  A Training Session Feedback Form
  An Announcement Mini-Poster
  Certificate of Completion Form
  A Motivational Mini-Poster

Invest in the PowerPoint UTRAIN® Training:   

IN BOTH OPTIONS 1 & 2 you will learn:

•  The Conventional Understanding of Bully Behavior Mindset and the Victim Behavior Mindset.
•  The 2 things that drive bully AND victim behaviors.
•  The Role of Attitudinal Energy that is in play and can be diffused in 30 seconds or less.
•  How I intervened in a public restaurant to save a toddler from his abusive father who launched a very public verbal attack at me.
•  How I diffused a gang member who chased me in my car showing me the big knife he was indicating he was going to use on me.
•  How I healed a first grader who the school psychologist, social worker and teacher had labeled his bully behavior as "evil."
•  How I diffused a situation involving a man abusing the deli lady in the grocery store.
•  How I stopped a big Texan man from physically abusing me in a public arena with my ENERGY and without bullying him back.
•  How I diffused a difficult work situation with a repulsive, covertly abusive man with my attitudinal ENERGY.
•  How I stepped between two big FB Linebackers getting ready to duke it out and diffused their impending fight with one simple question.
•  How that one simple question gets more bullies to cry and get to the "heart" of the issue faster than anything else I use.
•  How I "gave away what I wanted" (i.e., control) to my network marketing business associate to diffuse her excessive need to back-stab and gossip about me.
•  How to be the Transformer of any intense situation without using hurtful tactics.
•  How to teach Victims how to call their experience a SUCCESS!
•  How to work with the Bully behaviors to get to the HEART of the issue in 30 seconds or less.
•  How to intercede in the ways that are least inflammatory and most effective.
•  The 2 Simple Steps to healing Victim Mindset once and for all.
•  What the latest Brain Research reveals about consequences, compassion and what is possible to impact a situation positively.
•  Effective language and Inflammatory Language.
•  My 7 Best Field Tested One-Liners to use in intense situations that completely diffuse the entire situation.


Do you struggle with how to deal effectively with those that bully?  Are you the victim of bully behavior, feeling hopeless and helpless?  Or are you the administrator, manager, parent or partner dealing with co-workers, youth and family members who use abusive tactics to control and keep the world at bay?

It's Time … to resolve, dissolve and heal the fundamental issues underlying bully behaviors and victim mentality without using old-school, be the bigger bully, "teach them a lesson" abusive, attack back techniques.

This Potent, Next Level, Return to Civility training program is derived directly from Mary Robinson Reynolds' two newly-released Corporate and Educational books: The Power of Compassion: 7 Ways You Can Make A Difference for Business and Personal relating, and Make A Difference with the Power of Connection for Professionals & Parents.  

Mary's NEW Victim No More: Diffusing Bully Behaviors UClick&Play™ Training program will teach you and your team/colleagues/family members the secrets of strength-based intervention for both the bully and those who are on the receiving end of being bullied through a criticism-free way to communicate that transform behavior and constructively empower everyone involved.

Using the latest brain research, user-friendly Quantum physics and principles of communications psychology, you will learn why typical old-school "coming at the problem" doesn't work long term.  It actually teaches bullies how to be bigger bullies and victims to continue to collapse into states of powerlessness - both continuing the generational legacy of pain in our society today. 

You will also learn how to deliberately and intentionally use the palpable power of compassion - with a three-step process - that addresses issues head-on for both the bully and the person on the receiving end of being bullied.

Mary's specific and immediately applicable intervention techniques, skill development and "productive" disciplinary guidelines will help 1) the person who is hurtful in their behavior, 2) the person on the receiving end of abusive behavior, and 3) the person with the power to do something constructive to intervene, reach, teach and transform these situations once and for all.

Don't let your excuses get in your way of learning something profoundly fundamental, 100% transformative and effective in every imaginable intense situation!

What excuses?  The ones where you say, "My situation is more dire than your program could possibly help. I have to be the bigger bully because I'm in a violent, culturally diverse arena and if I'm not the bigger bully, I'll get creamed" excuse!

Knowledge has organizing power inherent in it.  You CAN be the difference maker … learn how!

Watch this Attitudinal Energy Illustration:

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Listen to Mary's Interview with a reporter on this topic:
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Dear Difference Maker,

Maybe you are like me in that it seems that every time I turn on my TV, or receive the latest news release, I see at least one example of people hurting one another. When I think of bullying behavior I think of....

Geico's new TV commercial where the older male therapist verbally accosts his patient on the couch, then throws a Kleenex box at him, and how that's supposed to be funny but only shows us all how much further we have to go yet;

The more than 34,000 people that die by suicide each year; of all American teens who die by their own hand, 30 percent are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning; and suicide is the second leading cause of death on college campuses;

ABC's Primetime "What Would You Do?" TV show, where they show what people actually do, and don't do, when faced with adverse public situations. They show how people either attack back or avoid what's happening. They film as long as it takes until they get a person who will actually step up and be powerfully, humanely effective in the situation;

The high school principal who wrote me, proudly saying that there aren't any bullies in his school, because he IS the bully. (Thus, teaching kids exactly how to be bigger bullies as they grow up!) His justification being that his mother was a pushover, so when he got into education he found that ALL of the successful teachers in his nationally renowned inner-city, private, low-income school were authoritative, old-school, using the "black parenting style" approach, and that this was the ONLY way to work with these kids.

Just because you don't know "how" to do something doesn't mean it can't be done giving you the best long-term results to heal generational legacies of pain!

I, along with you, have experienced the feeling of fear and powerlessness when it comes to being faced with circumstances that I know, if I was to get involved and/ or to intervene, will mean the possibility of harsh, hurtful backlash and upset.

Many people confuse LOVE with abuse.

I was raised in the old-school, "black parenting style" as the above mentioned principal called it (only my parents weren't black) rigid, hard-handed, verbally and attitudinally abusive, harsh-minded approach to "teaching me a lesson" I'd never forget; and still, I was strong-willed enough to promise myself repeatedly growing up that I would never treat my children - or any child for that matter - the way I had been treated. And I can say honestly, that when those opportunities came to do it the way my parents did, I made a conscious choice each and every time to do it a different, compassionate way ...and it worked! Not only with my children but with the thousands of tweens, teens and adults ...and yes even belligerent, oppositional children and adults, from inner city, low income, multi-cultural to middle-class and extremely wealthy.

Many people misunderstand that being humane, approaching situations compassionately and as a peaceful presence, does not mean you are no longer holding a position of authority. Quite the opposite. Authority is earned by how empoweringly you treat people. Attitudinally treat them like they can do something or show up in a certain way, and they will! Treat them with disdain, disapproval, skepticism, condemnation, or shame, and they will become even bigger bullies, thanks to your very specific teaching methods. We teach people how to treat us!

Many people have not yet learned that you are actually more powerful, the second you reach into the "heart" of that bully behavior and start turning it around.

It's just a skill and anyone can learn how!

Having been on the receiving end of abuse and bullying, I know what it takes internally to come up over life's opportunities to call them ALL a Success.

I know how to meet situations powerfully and peacefully, and it is my greatest passion to share this information with you, so you can make the difference you are being pulled to make.

Victim No More: Diffusing Bully Behaviors UClick&Play PowerPointPresentation Slide Show training is not your typical class, because we will be starting with the POWER of your attitudinal energy and will work our way forward from there.

I'm NOT going to give you the same-old stuff that so many experts say you should say and do!

We will NOT be starting with what you can "do" ...we will be starting with what to THINK.

We're making this harder than it needs to be for ourselves and for everyone we are trying to FIX or control!

Mary Robinson Reynolds' Credentials and Experience


Professional: Masters in Educational Psychology, Counseling & Development.  Thirty years of measurable success with at-risk youth, families and working professionals.  Presented to twenty thousand people in culturally rich and diverse areas of the country; from old-school to new-school; from inner city to urban to the ‘burbs to the heartland audiences.

Personal:  Mary has had experience with being on the receiving end of psychological, emotional, physical and culturally acceptable abuse.  Utilizing the very practices and principles she now teaches to transform her life and the lives of those who were skilled at being incredibly hurtful and harmful.  

Author of:

For Educational
Professionals& Parents
For Business Professionals

Never underestimate the depth and breadth of the wisdom that comes with learning to do things differently than a culture may dictate.  At the heart of each individual is the desire of peace, love, harmony and good will.  Our only job in life is to call out the best within each and every one of us.

NOW IS the time to heal the generational legacies of pain. 

Please join Mary and learn how you can make the biggest, most effective, long-term difference in the lives of those on both ends of the spectrum.

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