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Team Synergy 101 Corporate PackageIt was Albert Einstein who once said ... "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." One of the unexpected surprises of the Teddy Stallard Story movie was the response we received from people working in the entrepreneurial, organizational and corporate environments. While it was obviously perfect for teachers, parents and grandparents, I found that the most amazing value of this story is the emotion it stirs up in us all; it makes us want to be better people and treat each other, adults or children, more compassionately.

And that's why the answer for us all lies in the transforming power of compassion! Once, when I showed the Teddy Stallard movie to an audience of five hundred junior high and high school students, the groans, coos, ooos and ahhs were heart connecting.

When I asked the students for their insights afterwards, they said that the movie made them realize that no one can ever really know what goes on in someone else's house, and also, as many of them said, "I realized that I really can make a difference." I choked back my own tears. I had no idea how deeply and profoundly teens today would experience this story.

When I've shown the movie to adult audiences, it still amazes me how quickly it softens so many tough exteriors people believe they must project. When it has been shown to an audience of men, most of whom were directors, managers and owners, many of them openly admitted that they had to stop the movie to collect themselves. One Fortune 500 company owner told me personally that, while he had heard the story many times before, he still ended up needing to pause the movie to collect himself from the outpour of tears.

Conversely, when women employed in the corporate arena watched the movie, they did not initially admit to being emotionally affected by it. Only with additional prodding would the women admit that they were deeply affected and that they did, in fact, (silently) cry! One woman with a "director" personality style came up to me and said, "I knew at the start you were going to try to make me cry, and I was determined not to, but when Teddy said, ‘You smell like my mom used to,' you got me! I cried buckets and it felt long overdue." Which brings me to a very significant question...

What does gender have to do with compassion?

There is nothing biologically significant, and yet it has everything to do with learned behaviors and societal beliefs. When I was traveling around the country speaking in the late 90's, one thing I was asked most often at Women's Conferences was, "How do I not get emotional - or cry - at work?" Men, on the other hand, are now learning how to access, to healthier degrees, their emotional selves, and this is generating vast improvement in how we treat each other.

Men and women alike are all products of our childhoods and our environments. There are many lost and lonely people moderately functioning in our workplaces and community. To generate home and work environments that bring out the best in people, simply keep acknowledging them as though they really matter. Compassionate connection generates the transformative energy that overcomes undesirable behavior 70% of the time, to increase healthful relating and fulfilling productivity.

Compassion is the variable that will re-energize your family and your workplace culture - and inspire greater loyalty. Despite what some may think, working harmoniously with challenging individuals will not be won on the front lines by changing specific techniques and processes at the "be nice" level. Rather, it's a culture of compassion and understanding that makes the difference in all human interactions.

The answer to HOW to bring compassion in to the work place in a way that empowers people to work together harmoniously and synergistically, is through your professional development training.

I welcome you to download my 9-Weeks to a Make A Difference Year Team Synergy 101 Training Manual and try any of the ideas that work, before you invest. Check it out...

Make A World of Difference in Your organization ... it will advance your career in ways you may not even be able to imagine today!

Make it a GREAT WEEK!
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Mary ReynoldsMary Robinson Reynolds, M.S., Educational Psychologist, Author and Producer of the world renowned Internet videos, and - both amassing over 10 million views within a few short months of their releases - spent many years as a classroom teacher K-8 and then as a counselor K-12. She parlayed her phenomenal success with youth at-risk into her programs for business leaders, entrepreneurs and managers on how to be energetically effective in leading improvement in their organizations through the power of Team Synergy and MasterMinding. She has written eight books, developed UTrain&Coach programs that anyone can take into their place of work to build organization wide Team Synergy, and has presented to over 20,000 people in two year period in every major city in the U.S. To learn more go to:

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