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"Make A Difference" Team Synergy Package
INCLUDES Acknowledgment Ceremony & Activities

This package, which is available for businesses and organizations includes:

arrow  9-Week Team Synergy Activities for Building a Safe, Compassionate Synergistically Productive Community. Leadership Guide you can Print Out

arrow  Attitude Alignment Virtual Book

arrow  Become a Turnaround Specialist MP3 Training and Workbook PDF

arrow  100 Blue "I Make A Difference®" Wristbands - Adult Size (8")

arrow  TWO Movie Downloads: the Teddy Stallard Story and Acknowledgment Movies

This is a $166.00 value.

GIFT: Download NOW 9-Week Team Activities

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Teddy Stallard Story
Acknowledgment Movie

Corporate Training Package
Leader's Guide


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Includes all of these!
Attitude Alignment Virtual Book

Attitude Alignment
Virtual Book

Become a
Turnaround Specialist
Audio Program

100 "I Make A Difference®"
Wristbands - Adult Size

Teddy Stallard Movie &
Acknowledgment Movie

Dear Difference Maker,

We spend most of our time with the people we work with in our places of business. We have a responsibility as leaders to help our people get plugged in and turned on to creating an environment in which, they can be part of a synergistic culture.

What we know is that throughout time, stories are very powerful for transforming lives and in galvanizing movements across the nation as well as the world.

The two stories I incorporate into this training are the world reknown - heart jolting stories - the Teddy Stallard Movie and the Acknowledgment Movie - together they've been viewed over 10 million times in the past few years as flash online movies at our website.

These 2 particular stories are both as relevant for business and community leaders as they are for schools.

They generate Team Synergism in 4 specific ways:

  1. Promote the importance of making time to connect with all people.
  2. Generate instantaneous compassion and understanding.
  3. Create a catalyst for change.
  4. Cut across all demographic and cultural barriers.

These stories are all about realizing that One person's act of compassion can make a huge, huge difference.

So as you bring my training program into your business, you are going to see these stories build a strong foundation and resonate with people very powerfully.

My Team Synergy 101 is a corporate motivational and inspirational training program that you will see an immediate climate change in the corporate environment that sustains over a long term with a far reaching impact into your community.

The core of a good business is having regard for your peers. Respect for the people you work with, respect for your clientele and for your venders …and if you can instill that in to a business the same way we try to instill that into our children it would make a huge and lasting difference.

This program is for the leaders who are trying to make a difference through deliberately and intentionally igniting the power of what happens when people come together in the spirit of harmony and good will.

What this program will help you do:

  1. Gives you time tested – strategically placed exercises that unify people and will  help you
    give experiential training.
  2. Shows you how to apply what you are learning in each of the sessions, in the real, everyday work world.
  3. You are going to get lasting tools that will allow these 9 sessions to be more than a one-time climate changing experience. You will find that the specific information and unifying experiences will bring about a long term - self-sustaining team synergy.

I have field tested my training with over 20,000 people across the U.S. in a 2 1/2 year period.

With the kind of negativity that's going on in society today, there's never been a more important time to learn exactly what will lift morale and align polar opposites to create a most effective, productive synergistic work environment AND this will not happen by telling someone that they just need to be more positive!

There is no school, business, home or government anywhere that would not benefit from these two stories I've built into this training to understand more fully that absolute Power of One and practicing those principles in their day to day life. 

When people feel that sense of compassion, belonging and connection, you get the best from them.
If you can read … And if you can listen compassionately, you can lead with my Team Synergy101 Training Manual.

It's all laid out for you in 9-consecutive sessions.  When you invest in any of the Corporate Training packages I've provided, you will be given immediate access to the download printable version of this manual that you are welcome to print for each weeks sessions.

Mary Robinson Reynolds


Ms. Reynolds,

I just want to say I have benefited greatly by your teachings. One of my friends emailed me your link a couple of years ago around the holiday’s season to help me to focus on the more important things in life.

Your teachings have helped me in a way that I cannot explain, and it is like fire spreading. I was promoted to a client service training position, and your teachings helped me in lining up the goals that I wanted to accomplish in the organization: to make an impact in training, since we did not have a formal training program.

I have developed the curriculum for our call center personnel, and it has assisted in exactly what I set out to do. Make an impact!

With you providing uplifting, up-building, empowering, useful information, this has developed me to reach more people with a positive message, not just about processes and procedure - this is only one part - but about connecting with people and their concerns as well. I come in contact with people from all walks of life, and the message is all the same: how we are down-trodden with anxieties about family, money, work and life that effects everyone; but the key to gaining any headway is by conditioning our mindset.

The facts are that I teach process and procedures, however I still contribute to people's well being by conditioning their mindset. To develop an industrious person starts first with the mindset.

I was so excited to read your message about your free 9 week curriculum, because I really feel this can make a difference, especially if it gets in the right hands. I will surely do my part.

You have a phenomenal spirit, and I just wanted you to know you do “Make a Difference."

Toni Mander
Client Service Department Trainer


Using the Power of Acknowledgment in Increasing Your Business Bottom Line

Core Values, your "reason for being," will determine your success in life and in business. To help you or your company reinforce what's most important, and to show that you care, begin with the simple act of acknowledgment - organization-wide. It will have a continuous exponential ripple effect!

Acknowledgment makes more money!
According to Professor Daniel Goleman, who conducted research on how emotions affect the workplace for his book Primal Leadership, there is a direct correlation between employee morale and the bottom line. One study found that every 2 percent increase in the "service climate" - that is, the general cheerfulness and helpfulness of the staff - saw a 1 percent increase in revenue.

To the small or large business owner and entrepreneur: Real leadership begins on the inside with your own commitment to inspire the best in others and be the difference you want to make in your lifetime.

Leaderless leading is a philosophy - an attitude - that will work wonders for anyone in any type of leadership role. Emerson said it best, "It's one of the most beautiful compensations in life that no person can help another without helping themselves."

Change is cited as a major cause of organizational negativity:
The newest research shows that negativity in the workplace can significantly hamper employee productivity. Employees create negativity within themselves and often the work environment amplifies such negativity and transmits it to others. It's everywhere!! Negativity breeds negativity and on it goes. What can you do about someone or something that is so negative all the time?

Understand - rather than resist - where negativity originates: fear. Please watch my free Energy Illustration Parts 1 & 2 video training online at:

Abraham Maslow, known as the father of modern motivational theory, based his famous work Motivation and Personality on his studies of people as psychological specimens. His theory asserts that individuals are more capable, rational, and self-reliant than previous theories had suggested. The central core of his thesis is that man is an ever-evolving creature. As one desire is satisfied, another surfaces, and he goes to the next level. In his "hierarchy of needs" chart, he showed a five-stage progression-from survival, security, and belongingness, to self-esteem and finally self-actualization. In 1990, aesthetic, self-actualization and transcendence were added as upper levels in the hierarchy.

Having worked with clients throughout the United States, varying in age, sex, race, financial status, and lifestyle, I have found it to be obvious that, although their concerns span a broad spectrum, they follow quite literally the progression outlined in Maslow's chart. There is little similarity between the person who is concerned about basic survival issues such as where he is going to get his next meal, where he will sleep, how he will clothe himself, and the person who is focusing on a career change, a divorce, or life purpose. I have found one consistent, all-pervasive theme that appears to be a major issue to all people regardless of their life condition, status in society, or background: the need to connect with someone else, with understanding and regard.

All the techniques and exercises included in this training manual have been used by my clients and workshop participants to compassionately deal with basic human need and fears which can result in communication breakdowns and organization-wide loss in profitable momentum do to negativity. These methods will dissolve negativity and create a greater sense of community and synergy among team members. Thereby extending out to customers, clients and your company's resulting credibility.

Synergy begins with compassionate attention, connection and acknowledgment . As you work with the methodology described and experienced in this training, negativity is gently dissolved and resolved.

Claim your right to be a happy person, start acknowledging the best in others, and you will start feeling it yourself!

First, believe in what you are here to do.
Second, believe in the greatness inherent in ALL people.
Third, rest assured, when acknowledged, people WILL take good works forward.

Acknowledgment Dissolves Organizational Negativity
Staff Meetings: Give the gift that gives back: acknowledgment. Whether you are leading your own company or team, running for mayor of your town, or just trying to conduct a conversation with your teenage child, the power of acknowledgment will help you break through the negating undercurrents that may be deterring your success. Making the time to acknowledge your employees and other members of your staff or organization keeps energy up and productivity flowing.
Extended Family: Your employees' families have a vested interest in the success of your business. Acknowledgment most certainly must include spouses when they are invited to company events and celebrations.

Clients, Patients, Customers: Showing them gratitude and acknowledgment for their decision to give you their patronage is KEY. Give them an "I Make A Difference®" wristband every chance you get. Then give them two more to pass on to someone important to them.

*Give additional gifts throughout the year: Posters, Make A Difference gift books and movies on DVD.

* If you have a waiting room, place "Make A Difference" collateral material surrounding your customers. Have the DVD movies playing on a television for everyone to enjoy.

Immerse your employees and customers in acknowledgment of their importance and show them this business/ office's dedication to making a difference.

Reports will come back from referring doctors, family members, co-workers and on and on about the significant shift the "I Make A Difference®" Wristband acknowledgment provides and continues to provide.

Never underestimate the power of one person to have an impact in this world,
by simply acknowledging one person at a time.

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