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    - MasterMinding! 
    --Bruce Barton

    How many times have you written out "resolutions" only to find you didn't keep them? Let's stop making New Year's Resolutions and GET RESOLVED about the RESULTS we want to experience.

    As we move into the new millennium…

    There has never been a greater time to give deliberate and decisive thought to what it is we really and truly DESIRE, and then back it up with a SUPPORT SYSTEM that will move us out of lethargy, adversity and any appearance of lack or loss.


    When I look at the dreams that have come true for me, I'm amazed at how many of them have occurred since a critical moment in 1989.

    You see, that's when I read Napoleon Hill's book, "Think & Grow Rich" and discovered the amazing power of the MasterMind Principle. This is the most powerful information ever written on how to create positive personal change in every area of life.

    MasterMinding is a spiritual - not religious - endeavor, as it definitely involves the recognition of a power greater than ourselves, the third invisible mind - the power of the MasterMind. Thousands of people have demonstrated dramatic, positive changes in their lives, and have experienced happy, successful living as a result of these principles being put into practice.

    In Napoleon Hill's, Think & Grow Rich, he tells us how he learned about MasterMinding from Andrew Carnegie, the richest self-made man on earth in his time. Carnegie told Hill that his wealth and success was due entirely to the MasterMind Process.

    MasterMinding is based on the ancient premise that the combined energies of two or more like-minded persons is many, many times greater than the sum of the individual energies involved. The MasterMind Principle states:

    When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of the creative mechanism of each contributing mind.


    Shortly after reading Think & Grow Rich, I attended a workshop on MasterMinding, and I immediately began MasterMinding with my business associate, and have been MasterMinding since. I decided that, if the CHICAGO 6 could use it and make millions… then so could I!!!

    Who were the CHICAGO 6?

    During the early 1900's 6 men in Chicago formed a MasterMind Group. These men put Chicago on the map. When these 6 started their MasterMind, which later became known as the CHICAGO 6, none of them had any money. They met every Saturday at a local restaurant over dinner, and after a very few years each one was worth several millions of dollars (at a time when that was a lot of money!).

    Do you know who was in that group?

    One was Charles Wrigley, who created the Wrigley's Chewing Gum empire. Another was William Hertz, who built the Yellow Cab Company. Their businesses were started and succeeded with the great help of their MasterMind Alliance.

    The CHICAGO 6 started out their MasterMind by each one discussing his objectives for his business with the group because all of them were starting out different businesses. This is a good way to start your MasterMind as well. The MasterMind can be directed toward any objective, with one single purpose or each member having a different motive.

    With the launch of the new millennium, there has been an intensified demand for higher levels prosperity in the form of time, money and personal fulfillment. As a result, I began receiving numerous requests for my MasterMinding programs. It's not a new concept... but it is powerful, fresh and alive with possibilities -- for you, for the team of people you work with, and even for your family. MasterMinding works for the person who doesn't know if they can make it one more day, as well as for the person wanting to achieve higher levels of prosperity: responsibility, rank and remuneration.

    So let's start the new millennium off with something that works!


    MasterMinding is HOW you make more happen in one day than is "realistically possible," because you've got people who have agreed, in the spirit of harmony and good will, to putting focus and energy into the cause.

    Let me say just one more thing about the MasterMind process. If you practice it regularly and in the spirit that is intended, there are not words in the dictionary of any language that can describe how awesome your life experience will become.

    Do the thing, and you will get the power. -Emerson

    Here's how it works.

    The number of people in a MasterMind can be two, three and more… whoever's committed and will play by the guidelines. I have facilitated MasterMinds across the country. It can work with thousands of people or just a few. You can do it in person at a group setting, and you can do it via teleconference calls.

    Also, the modified guidelines for a more intimate sized group of two or three are explained in Mary's e-book - MasterMinding: LIGHTNING in a Bottle, and e-audio package - MasterMinding for Success. The following seven guidelines are best suited for a team of five to ten business associates.

    If you want to model the people that have been the most successful using the MasterMind you can use the same schedule that they had… the CHICAGO 6 had a MasterMind every Saturday night. Meet once a week for a 1-2 hour block (2-4 at first) and commit to 16 weeks. It will give you enough time to get used to it, practice the process and benefit from the process long enough to see if the group you've got is the right one to continue. It also works perfectly at monthly or bi-weekly intervals as well.  The Guidelines:

    1- Only doers are invited. So what if you have "non-doers" on your already existing team? People who are determined to become successful leaders practice Behavior Modification's #1 Rule: Before you can change anyone else you must first change yourself… i.e., your attitude! State the rule, then treat everyone on your team "as if" they are doers and they will become doers. It's the greatest thing you will ever do.

    2- No complaining or whining, and no arguing with or negating anyone else's ideas. Remember: "coordinate in a spirit of harmony."

    3- Schedule your MasterMind sessions regularly. Open each and every meeting with the "7 Steps to the Mastermind Connection™" available at my website:

    4- Start each session with a time for Success Stories from the requests from the week before. This time generates incredible synergy for the group.

    5- The team members cooperatively determine the "Top 10" challenges in the way of moving productivity and team harmony ahead. One person acts as facilitator and lists the challenges out on a board or overhead.

    6- Prioritize the obstacles. Take a vote on each of the challenges listed. Go down the list and ask this question: "How many of us would like to focus on this one first and work on it until it's resolved?" And then take a vote. Do that for every challenge down to #10. You will then have one that has more votes than any other.

    7- The big fix: The facilitator then reads aloud the challenge with the most votes and says to the group, "Who here has any experience that can help with this problem?" Then, write all of the solutions on the overhead/board. This may seem an obvious methodology, but the magic is in the initial stated intention of the 7 Steps which produces an attitude of harmonious cooperation and accountability within the group.

    You can have quickie teleconference calls to help each other in between schedule meetings.

    If you want an awesome work experience with self-generating team synergism, rotate the facilitator role so those who are coming into their power are in front of the room more than you. This equals true leadership.

    Mastermind facilitators are not trainers, they just ask, "Who in the group has overcome an obstacle," and let the rest take it's course.

    It has revolutionized businesses and personal relationships across the globe for thousands of years.


    Do the thing, and you will get the power. -Emerson

    There's no better time to make the big decision.

    What's the big decision?

    Do you want to make a change or stay the way you are.

    Your number one role, unequivocally, once you've established your MasterMind team is to keep harmony among those independent and proud persons who comprised your group.

    Carnegie told Hill that he personally knew nothing about the manufacturing or selling of steel, but his 20 MasterMind members did. And when Hill, who was totally wide-eyed, asked Carnegie what he did then to earn all the money, he said, "I'm responsible for keeping harmony among them all and that is a full-time occupation."

    John Rockefeller, the brains and the organizational genius behind the Standard Oil Company, the # 1 oil refining company in the world in his day, said that the most important characteristic he sought in his leaders and managers was the ability to get along with people and to get others to work in harmony together. He stated in his memoirs that keeping harmony among the wild and wooly members of his MasterMind was his most important role, and that it was entirely responsible for the tremendous growth and the keeping of his organizations' greatest assets: it's key people, throughout all those years.

    All growing organizations need and thrive on friendly disagreements. A leaders' role is to keep everyone focused on the objective and to keep everyone working together in harmony and at the same time create an opportunity to provide every member of the team that occasional lift that everybody needs. That is perhaps the most significant role of an awesome leader: to set up and run that friendly alliance of minds working together in harmony to overcome all obstacles in the way of success, so that each member can create their new future together.

    Regardless of your position or status; you are the CEO of your life. Great leaders never do it all and the never do it alone. The main reason New Year's Resolutions are rarely kept or met is that we haven't been accountable to anyone but ourselves. MasterMinding makes everyone accountable in a most powerful and productive way, and this is what causes change and new productive results.

    In keeping your MasterMinding powerful and productive, let me give you a few shortcuts so it can happen in your lifetime!

    • Give all your team members each other's phone numbers/email addresses.
    • Seek new knowledge everyday… find successful people who have done and do it.
    • Daily ask yourself, "Of all the things I could be doing, what will move me (and/or my team) ahead the most?"

    Finally… when you dream and visualize the things you want or want to become, add your MasterMinding team to the equation -- again, think leverage. What gets you more? Wondering each night how you can do it all by yourself or picturing each night how your team members will move into the zone with you to make things happen easily, effortlessly and harmoniously.

    Which one will you be picturing for YOUR SUCCESS in 2001?

    ©2001 Mary Robinson Reynolds, Heart Productions & Publishing

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