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Mary's Entrepreneurial Journey

Mary founded Heart Productions & Publishing in 1990 to build on her success as an educator, coach, consultant, trainer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author and creator of flash online movies.

Heart Productions & Publishing creates and markets products which meet the needs of all people wanting to heal their lives in areas of: relationships, time, health and money.

In her compelling and innovative first book, You Are A Success! - 61 Proven Strategies For Developing Success (1991,) Mary's strategies stimulate people to think at higher, more innovative levels. Mary had learned these strategies as she recovered from a devastating series of trials and tragedies. She had lost her first child at birth, survived a difficult second pregnancy, divorced her husband, moved to a new state, and lived on pennies.

Mary designed a 12-city tour, with radio and TV interviews, to promote her first book, selling 10,000 of her first printing. A single mother at the time, she took her five year old son, BJ with her as she drove a 27 ft. Class-A RV and pulled her car. By her own desire, and the power of the MasterMind, she navigated from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, walked her book into 19 malls in LA, drove through the Colorado Mountains to Denver, up to Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago, Cincinnati and finally to Columbus, Ohio.

Mary invested her entire inheritance in the production and promotion of her first book. It would be many months before the sales she had made on the road would result in payments from the distributors. She had given it her all, and the money was gone. She had employed people to keep Heart Publishing going while she was on the road - and what a lesson that was! She was clearly earning her PhD in business management and leadership. When she returned, she fired them all! A most empowering decision of learning how to "take care of business." Soon after her return from the promotional tour, she found out she had been pushing herself while suffering from a debilitating condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She was ordered to bed.

Feeling sick and alone, she couldn't believe the events that had unfolded for her. Again, she had no husband to support her, and very little money in her bank account, and wondered if she'd even have enough to make it through Christmas. Her MasterMind partner stayed by her side; they MasterMinded weekly, and sometimes at night when Mary was going through night terrors about money.

Mary learned a lot about "manna from heaven" methods of supply in this period, which gave her a prosperity consciousness and a strong, inner foundation that will serve her in living a rich life mentality. She found that, with MasterMinding, old methods of supplying your needs one-day-at-a-time or one-month-at-a time, pass away as more secure and permanent methods of rich-mindedness open to you.

One day, she had just had it. From her soul, she heard herself MasterMinding with her partner for a reprieve. She was so sick by this point, it took two to three naps a day just to make it through. For the first time in her life, she felt her most heartfelt desire come up through the deepest part of her soul as she stated out loud, "I just want to be taken care of and be provided for so I can get well." And in that moment, she felt the "click." After she had hung up the phone with her partner, she went to lay down and take a nap. It was the first time in months she had no more money terrors, and she slept in total peace. Mary absolutely did not know how it could possibly happen that she would or could be taken care of without going out and getting a job.

Within two weeks, her ex-fiancé called one night "out of the blue," and they patched things up. He wanted her to go to counseling with him, and by the second counseling session she finally agreed to set a date and marry him. He took care of all of Mary's medical needs and provided a living, while she continued to build the dream of speaking and writing. It took several years of working with a variety of alternative health specialists before Mary felt well enough to work full days on her dream.

In 1996, Mary was accepted onto the training staff for National Seminars Group (NSG) of Kansas City, KS. She made herself find the energy to get out and make a living within the industry she believed was her purpose. She did one city a day, five days a week. Her days began at 6:00 a.m. and ended at 10:00 p.m. Between these week-long trips on the road, she was methodically building her marketing materials.

In a two year period, Mary spoke to over 20,000 participants and consistently received the highest scores in her participant evaluations. NSG required their speakers to author their own material to fit the seminar outline and workbook, so Mary used her original material throughout NSG's seminars. Some examples are: Image and Communication Skills for Women, a variety of Leadership and Management conference topics, and Women's Leadership conference topics.

Mary's parting recommendation from NSG:

It has been our pleasure at National Seminars Group to contract with Mary Robinson Reynolds. She has a unique ability to connect with the audience while delivering high quality training with ease, grace and impact.

To be successful in our business, our contract speakers must hold the audience's attention for 6 hours. They must travel to a different city each night and do this for 5 consecutive days. They must appear as fresh on Friday as they did on Monday. They must deliver training with as much enthusiasm and impact on Friday as they did on Monday. As you can see, this contract requires high levels of commitment and stamina.

Mary always achieved to a high level of expectation.
Sharon B. Yoder, Director of Faculty and Seminar Services
National Seminars Group ~ National Businesswomen's Leadership Association, A Division of Rockhurst College Continuing Education Center, Inc.

Before resigning from NSG in 1998, Mary MasterMinded every step of the way in designing her business and marketing plan. She also determined, with her MasterMind partner, that she would soon have six months worth of independent contracts on the calendar. As soon as the sixth month had a booking, she resigned from NSG, and began MasterMinding for a six-figure income.

Since that time, Mary has achieved Rich Life objectives every year. She obtains her goals easily and joyously through Internet eBook & Online Course sales, corporate consulting / trainings and keynote speaking engagements at conventions and rallies. She set goals, brings them into weekly MasterMinding sessions, and the phone rings or emails arrive offering her full fee to speak and Internet sales ring: cha-ching! Over 90% of her contracts come from word of mouth, and the rest come primarily from the Internet. Mary now joyfully commands 10 - 20K fee for each speaking presentation.

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