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Letters from Coaching Clients

Hi Mary,  It's so funny that you emailed me today because I was just talking about you last night in great detail, and I gave someone the website to go to. 

Since we last spoke, I have continued with the MasterMinding.  I have done a weekly MM with Anne Johnson and another woman Gail.  We started MM together to help each other win the cruise incentive that Mannatech offered.  We all just got back a few weeks ago from the cruise and I really don't think we would have all been there without the Masterminding.   I also have been doing another MM group with some people in my downline.  There are 3 people besides myself and they are all in the same leg in my organization.  That leg is doing the best by far in my group.  I really see the benefit of the MM with them. 

I just got highly motivated by a dynamic builder in Mannatech who I'm doing some training with and it caused me to put out to my downline a challenge for them to join me in working towards some very clear goals over the next few months.  With the holidays around the corner and during a time when most people slow down, only a few people stepped up to the plate and said I'm ready - let's go.  Part of the requirement was that if they were to be part of this team they had to join a MM group.  Because of the interest, I just started 2 other groups with 3 people in each of them.  The woman I spoke to last night was the only one who hadn't taken your course last year when I went through it chapter by chapter with everyone.  So, I gave her a brief summary and encouraged her to get the course so she can read it more thoroughly and benefit from all of the great information in there.  It was fun reviewing some of the things I had forgotten about. 

It is nice to hear from you and thanks for checking up on me.  I haven't yet reached the goals that I set out when we last spoke but I am still very determined and very optimistic and I plan to achieve them now.  Obstacles come up and they definitely can slow me down a bit but I am determined to overcome any and all obstacles and keep my path clear for success.

Best wishes.
Susan Nisinzweig
snbiz @


Hi Mary,

How are you?  I was just thinking about you the other day and how you and your MasterMinding coaching and 101 Online Course appeared at such a pivotal moment in my life and business.  Things are going great and I have just recently moved into a new home!

My business is wonderful and I love educating others about their health and we have a new anti-aging skin care line that I absolutely love!  It's another chance to help women feel beautiful (along with their insides LOL)!

I use the MasterMind principles daily and my mom writes "requests" all the time!  I know it has made a huge impact on us!

Hope you and your business is soaring and I wish you and your family the best Holidays ever!

Make it a great day and don't let anyone steal your dreams!

Kimber King
Executive Trainer - Isagenix International

PS:  We lost our family dog for about 24 hours the other night, and I wrote some MM requests, visualized and prayed that he was home safe, and we found him! 


Good morning Mary!

Since our last coaching session, I have attracted in a MasterMind partner.  We meet once a week and I find myself really looking forward to our sessions.

The clients who have come into my life since my MasterMinding coaching sessions with you have been friendly, reasonable people, which makes my job much more enjoyable.  I really miss my sessions with you but it’s great for me to be so powerful in this way now.  Anything spiritual and positive that you can deliver via e-mail would be most helpful.  


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