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10 – Session Coaching for MasterMind Group Leaders
...who want to position their businesses for "Toll Booth" income!

Mary’s system of MasterMinding will dramatically you move away from the authoritarian model of trying to control and force yourself, and the people in your life, into being accountable for their actions or non-actions.  It has ended more relationships and MasterMind groups than it’s helped or kept going!  This old, worn-out model of shame, guilt, superiority and scarcity mentality is the largest single deterrent to self-actualization, personal power and the ability to listen to one’s own absolutely perfect inner guidance, that there is. 

With Mary coaching your MasterMind group things will start happening for each person involved. You will all learn how to design deliberate, intentional goals and requests to create a life that is going to make you as happy and fulfilled as you can possibly imagine through this amazing process.

Mary will coach you on how easy hearing what's really wanted can be, when you all understand that you no longer have to have all the answers, or be the expert or the policeman of what's right or wrong, good or bad.

Mary will teach your group on how to relax and learn to share from the heart-mind-spirit, and how to listen to each other's deepest desires without having to jump in and start fixing or rescuing.

Your group will learn exactly how to “see” beyond what’s really going on in highly problematic areas or situations that appear to be impossible.  As you learn to come up with a new vision that overrides the existing one, you will experience the energy shift and begin to flow.  You will feel the power of what can happen instantly when you learn how to change your mind.

Mary's strategies might seem unorthodox. But they're rooted in the sound wisdom of a variety of disciplines, and her in-depth look at connecting with source energy when two or minds come together.

Investment for each Intentional Group Coaching is


You can schedule your 10 sessions to be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly: whatever
you and your group prefer in taking your business to the next level ... and beyond!

Each Member of the Group may register individually using these ordering options:


For a Partnership of Two Members:


For a Group of Three Members:


For a Group of Four Members:


For a Group of Five Members:


Payment via electronic check, check or money order.
We take Visa/MCard/AmEx/Discover for International contracts only.

For alternative methods of managing the $12,000 investment,
please Contact Mary


Group Coaching Policy:  Our work together is based on the intention of commitment. Group Coaching with Mary is for people who are committed to doing their own personal work of transformation. Because each person's financial commitment is based on their own personal investigation into Mary Robinson Reynolds' work as an author, speaker, consultant and coach, once you have registered, we will give 100% refund up to 3 days after registering to go forward and schedule your first Group Coaching appointment with Mary.

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness concerning all acts of initiative and creation. There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans; that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen events, meetings and material assistance which no one could have dreamed would have come their way.

I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets: "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!"
W.H. Murray

A separate contract must be signed by each participant. Download the coaching contract: Click Here

Coaching for MasterMind Group Leaders

The MasterMind principle states that: "No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind."

The human mind is a form of energy, a part of it being spiritual in nature.  When the minds of two people are coordinated in a spirit of harmony and agreement, the spiritual units of energy of each mind form an affinity, which constitutes setting energy in motion toward a desired result.

So, if you're tired of forcing things, handing out boxes of business cards, constantly shaking hands with strangers, making uncomfortable cold calls and attending every networking function within a five-hundred mile radius, struggling with your wife, your kids and certain co-workers ...

Then you're going to love what Mary reveals in your coaching sessions!

The spiritual intent of MasterMinding is to be repeatable and to deliberately ask for and receive amazing supernatural results, which means, once you’ve mastered the process, you will be able to create the results you want over and over again in absolutely every area of your life. By following Mary’s system step-by-step, you will begin to see miraculous results immediately.

Whether your current goals center on dealing with procrastination, focus and performing excellent follow through to having more money, better relationships, saving your marriage, assisting your children to emotional balance and academic success, health restoration, weight loss, or creating the lifestyle of your dreams, you will achieve the success you desire by deciding to get deliberate about by learning Mary’s next level thinking system of MasterMinding.

Many great authors have alluded to this arena, but have not expanded on it with the tenacity and detail that Mary includes in her inspired works. Mary uses her personal tragedies and triumphs as instructional tools in understanding how one’s inner spirit remains ever so gentle and persistent with us about this business of pursuing its dream for us: fulfilling our purpose and living our passion.

Generalities do not produce results because they lack substance and power. Vague hope and indefinite goals are not convincing to the mind, whereas a clear-cut picture of the good you want to experience motivates people, places and events to cooperate with your pictured desires and energetically produces those results for you.

As you learn to MasterMind more deliberately and powerfully you will build up your energy, then vibrations from an obstacle will be weaker than your vibration, and the perceived obstacle will give away.

Many people have come to know and use the MasterMind Principle for goal setting, accountability, and for getting ideas and advice from selected partners. The good news is that there is even more that MasterMinding can do to bring people a rich and rewarding life.

With Mary as your Coach, you will learn not only how to do a weekly soul search for the riches you seek, but also how to bring your greatest desires into reality through applying the power of the MasterMind Principle in its highest form.

As a leader, you must however, keep your resolve and your vision, which is founded in understanding and in the certainty and approval of your MasterMind partners.

You must not imagine the obstacle to have any power over you.

Refuse to bow to it.

You are strong.

The world is vibration and the strongest vibration is the one that will create your reality.

Allow yours to be the strongest.

Resolve to MasterMind with consistency.


     Rather than rushing about and trying to force or reason things through, you will learn how to use the power of your vision, in combination with the agreement and SEEing power of another, to bring RICH IDEAS that yield immediate RICH RESULTS to be orchestrated for you, quickly and easily.

     If you have been one of those well-meaning people who have mentally accepted the old do-do-do-do model of hard work - MASSIVE ACTION - thinking that to be your salvation from lack - or if you have erroneously believed that hard work alone would bring you riches - you are in for a pleasant surprise!

     Wealth - especially vast wealth - rarely comes as a result of backbreaking work.

     Fortunes are the result of Rich Ideas.

     The idea that can help you experience increased wealth is the idea of "substance."

Going Beyond E= mc²

     In spiritual terms, the bible is a study in "substance." and how to mold it into tangible abundance.

     Quantum Physics explains exactly how you intend manifestation and how you are either attracting it or repelling it based upon your current level of thinking – beliefs – about just how hard creating financial freedom has to be! It explains how you are creating what you are receiving in regard to all of your affairs: relationships, health, money and time.

     Your thoughts are composed of "Energy" which do, in fact, affect substance, right here, right now. When you add that to the power of the MasterMind, miraculous things begin to happen.


Thank you for coaching me, and your awesome MasterMinding 101® Online Course has been extremely helpful for application directly into my network marketing business in Oasis.  I've been earning a highly substantial monthly income, and am wanting to go to the next level - $50,000 a month and become a Blue Diamond - and now, because of your course in MasterMinding, I can see how I'm going to energetically create that quantum leap in my business.

Just two and a half weeks ago I contacted you for coaching regarding my business. In working with you as my coach and diving into the Online Course, I am now having tremendous success.  Because I hadn't set up my MasterMind group yet, you coached me regarding several business issues, and functioned as my interim MasterMind partner.

One in particular, that you coached me to try "just for the fun of it" was attracting people to call me for business. What a new concept! The results have been remarkable! In just two weeks time, I have had three individuals call me out of the blue.  Two of them were individuals that I had previously contacted several months prior for business reasons and had simply never gotten back to, and the third was a woman that I had met 2 years prior.

All three called me and wanted current information about my business. As a result, two have joined me in business and the third will be joining shortly.  Thank you Mary for vastly expanding my mental horizons and giving me new dimensions in business strategies.  Using your MasterMinding method is truly going to make building my business so much fun ... not to mention rewarding as I get every one of my associates working your MasterMinding program as they enroll.

Your method is so far advanced from the old model of Brainstorming and trying to control and hold people accountable, I can't even begin to tell you how healing, what you have to offer in this course, has been to my psyche and how I am now focused on being the attractor ―not the chaser. How awesome! What a phenomenal mind shift and how profound that I can set goals and make requests for things I have never before even considered ― LIKE PEOPLE CALLING ME! And then when you nailed me on my "Criteria"... oh man, do you know what you are doing lady!
John Ryan
Thanks again... you are the Best!

-John R. - Oregon

  Audio of the interview with John Ryan - Oasis Diamond

In your 10 sessions you will learn how to identify the most important mental, physical and spiritual components of consistent success through MasterMinding, using the fundamental concepts of:

  • How to attract the perfect team of like-minded individuals who want to think where they've never thought before and believe where they've never believed before to create rich and fulfilling lives,
  • How to use the "Mary method" of MasterMinding rather than limit it's potentiality by solely using it as a brainstorming session ...or worse yet, advice giving session,
  • How to no longer do, do, do - try this, try that - try, try ...try, try, try, try!
  • How to "instead" specifically formulate your weekly MasterMind requests to set energy in motion to either attract people, circumstance and events to you, or, for new creative ideas and solutions to come through you ... and to you,
  • How to team in the zone for the extraordinary results you want,
  • How to MasterMind to dissolve your most problematic situation or personal characteristic / concern,
  • How to decide for specific financial goals and achieve them within the time frame you determine,
  • How to energize and create synergism within your group in the first MasterMind session,
  • How to do weekly goal probing and criteria setting,
  • How to instantly formulate a MasterMind request from an impossible situation,
  • How to request what you really want and stop settling for less than you want,
  • How to take an ambiguous, lifeless goal and get intentional and deliberate about it,
  • How to visualize for another without getting bogged down in their reality,
  • How to MasterMind for others - any distance away - that are not in the group,

And you'll also DISCOVER a great deal more as your group begins honing in on the vibrational power of language and any limiting beliefs you still have that pop out when faced with anything happening unlike what you prefer.

You will also have Group Exercises to develop the synergy of your group, Thought Expanders, Success Stories that support the concept being taught in each session.

When you begin MasterMinding and applying the specific guidelines and techniques I'm recommending, you'll notice immediately within the first week, that things are in fact, coming to you a lot easier.


  • consciously listening in a supportive, accepting, and approving way,
  • truly sensing, hearing and acknowledging your spirit's desire,
  • applying less effort for more results,
  • knowing you never have to do it alone,
  • feeling the power of a decision, backed by desire,
  • understanding the physics of desire as it relates to energy in motion,
  • developing unusual clarity and interpreting intuition,
  • knowing how to set energy in motion and get results quickly and easily,
  • disrupting your habits, to determine a different and intentionally better future,
  • and using a "no exceptions policy" approach to focus on what you want.

What you will receive from this course, is endless...

You will discover how to defuse any failure mechanism and
fuel personal achievement faster than ever before.
Mary's 10 Sessions incorporates the most recent breakthroughs in
user friendly Quantum science, psychology, technology, physiology of the mind
through language, stories and examples.

So the question now is, "What is it you really want?"

Have business come to you? Have business associates who do the same? Have competent, prosperous minded people call you "who want what you have to offer" in products, services and/ or in becoming business builders themselves?

Would it be spending more time with your family? Being able to work from your home? Becoming a CEO of a large company? Living in the country among glorious scenery and wildlife? Traveling around the world?

Would you enjoy more time to go golfing? Swimming? Sailing? Or another leisure activity you enjoy doing?

One of the things Mary's Coaching will help you - and your group of business builders - do is define exactly what success is for you. Not what your culture, spouse, children, the demands of your day, and other things define. You will begin to understand the mindset you've been subscribing to and you will, with the energy of your MasterMind partners, set new attractor energy patterns - AEP's - in motion from which to attract exactly what you prefer to have has your experience in any and all areas of your life that you choose!

It's important that you learn, from the rigorous workout of the MasterMinding Coaching in combination with MasterMinding 101® course work, how exactly to define, and decide for the riches you seek. Why?

Just as a Magnet Draws Steel, You'll be a Setting Energy in Motion to Deliberately and Intentionally Attract People, Opportunities, and Ideas for your Financial Success!


Mary's coaching will assist you "quantum-fiably" in learning how to create a MasterMind group that will be able to have weekly quantum leaps in isolating and removing all energy-wasting distractions, while becoming the creator of an environment designed to let your natural entrepreneurialism, charm, talent and personality flourish.

Here are just a few more of the hundreds of
testimonials we've received:


A 2.7 Million$ MasterMinding Success Story

Mary, I am a sixty-one year-old Land Development Specialist. I bought one of your Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Courses for myself and one for my closest colleague, and in agreement together we set an intention for him to bring in a designated amount of new business.

We committed to meeting weekly, and we rigorously set intentions and made specific requests and goals that his job be saved at a time when our company felt they needed to cut back - namely him. Within six months, he was closing more than enough properties to keep the company solvent.

In the midst of the economic decline, utilizing MasterMinding on a regular basis, I have literally turned around more than ten impossible people and land purchase situations. I am presently working the biggest land developer in the country who is financially committed to a very large project, and he is totally intrigued by how I am making things happen where there "appeared" to be no hope!

In just under a year of working with you as our Coach my MasterMind partner and I have brought in 2.7 Million in revenue for our company, and we have enough properties in the works to double if not triple this year!

I also wanted to write to you about how I've used MasterMinding in relationship to my challenges with my partner of 30 years...

I have had such a huge fear of her anger that she unleashes on me when she thinks I'm getting screwed at work because she believes I never stand up for myself.

After all of these years, I have quickly learned through using the MasterMind principle in combination with the energy transfer strategy for a healing, soothing balm of love and joy to come over my partner so that she can level out and remain in her most adult self.

Through setting this new intention in motion, my partner has miraculously come up over her spit-fire anger and zero-to-ninety explosions and is now able to sit down and take a hold of herself and use the tools that work for her to get back in her power.

I'd also like to add that I also reduced my weight so far by fourteen pounds, without depravation or dieting!

Judith F.

Audio of the interview Judith & Al

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