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Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment!

Mary's presentation is built upon the inspiration that the world renown flash online movie - the Who I Am Makes A Difference Story (viewed 3 million times within its first 3 months) generates to make a positive, self-sustaining difference.

The Story: A teacher in New York acknowledged and honored every one of her high school students. Then she invited her students to honor people making a difference in their community. One of these acknowledgments dramatically altered the life of a business man and his 14 year-old son.

It is a reminder to us all to speak those compliments and acknowledgments out loud as we are thinking them, and not hold back because we just never know when ... Our Presence May Be The Very Present Someone Needs.

Mary engages the audience with how just ONE person has the power to make a difference with a simple act of acknowledgment toward any challenging person or situation in 30 seconds or less! This presentation is comprised of exactly "how" acknowledgment helps to transform our mass consciousness to one of caring civility. To know the Power of One is to know that you have within you all that you need to instantly influence what is happening through the synergy generated from compassion.

Business Owners, Leaders, Executive and Administrative Professionals, Professional Development Trainers, Entrepreneurs, School Administrators, Educators, Professional Health Care Providers, Community Service Organizations wanting to Make A Difference in the lives of every single individual within your circle of influence: in your place of work, home and community.

This presentation is inspired by Helice Bridge's Acknowledgment Ceremony along with the true story that came out of her quest to see to it that millions of people are formally acknowledged in her life time - an Acknowledgment Ceremony - that she created over 35 years ago. This subsequent true story that came out of this ceremony has created a durable story told from endless numbers of podiums.

The instant success of this beloved story as a flash movie led Mary to create its companion Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment UTrain Program to sustain the huge - Make A Difference - momentum this story generates. It takes us all back to "core values" which brings acknowledgment to the workplace, home and community as one of the primary fundamentals to Building a Greater Humanity.

The audience will discover how the Power of Acknowledgment impacts lives in 4 specific ways:

1- Promote the importance of making time to connect with all people.

2 - Generate instantaneous acknowledgment and understanding.

3 - Create a catalyst for change.

4 - Cut across all demographic and cultural barriers.

Making a Difference is all about realizing that One person's act of Acknowledgment can make a huge difference.

So as you bring Mary's Keynote or training program into your organization, you are going to see how this one story alone can build a strong foundation that resonates with people very powerfully.

Currently, we have problematic areas within our homes, communities and places of work which are steeped in tradition and old graphic

It's time for new tradition.

It's time to re-write the script and play it forward, again and again.

It's time to learn how each individual learns, so we can Make A Positive Difference.

Bring your biggest problematic situations to this presentation
and learn exactly how to Turn them Around!

Alternate Titles

  • The Power of Acknowledgment: 7 Ways You Can Make A Difference - KEYNOTE
  • The Secret of Acknowledgment to Make A Difference
    Have You Acknowledged Anyone Lately?

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