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The Power of ONE: 7 Ways You Can Make A World of Difference!

Mary's presentation is built upon the inspiration that the world renown flash online movie - the Teddy Stallard Story (viewed 6 million times within its first 6 months) generates to make a positive, self-sustaining difference.

The impact of what Teddy says to Miss Thompson instantly connects us to what really matters in any given situation. He is the anchor that provides a visceral reminder any one can instantly access compassion in emotionally charged situations.

The essence of this story is about Compassion and how it does the work for you! It is the healing balm that builds the foundation for Team Synergy. The presentation is rooted in science, presented from a light, spiritual perspective. Mary details the immediate life improvements that can stem from the practice of compassion. A message of strength for business and every day life.

Mary engages the audience with an "energy illustration" that shows how ONE person has the power to make a difference with a simple act of compassion toward any challenging person or situation in 30 seconds or less!. This presentation is comprised of exactly "how" compassion helps to transform our mass consciousness to one of peace and harmony. To know the Power of One is to know that you have within you all that you need to instantly influence what is happening through the synergy generated from compassion.

Business Owners, Leaders, Executive and Administrative Professionals, Professional Development Trainers, Entrepreneurs, School Administrators, Educators, Professional Health Care Providers, Community Service Organizations wanting to Make A Difference in the lives of every single individual within your circle of influence: in your place of work, home and community.

Mary shows the audience exactly how ANYone CAN Make A Difference in 30 seconds or less.

Compassion is an old idea made new, because science has caught up to ancient literature and philosophy to prove that "the only way out" of resentment, anger, harmful or unskilled behavior is through compassion. It makes you protective rather than controlling and when this occurs, you simply stop using fear and shame to modify unskillful behaviors, which dramatically advances focus and productivity. Compassion gets it done!

For every 2 percent increase in the "service climate" - that is, the general cheerfulness and helpfulness of the staff - you get a 1 percent increase in revenue. Do the math to determine how much of an increase in "service climate" it will take to increase your revenue as much as you may need right now.

There is a current Top 10 List of Businesses that are Growing and Hiring in the midst of the economy shift, one of which is Dreyer's, a $2 billion company with more than 6,000 employees. It just keeps on growing with their "I Can Make A Difference" work environment.

New research also shows how negativity in the workplace can significantly hamper employee productivity. "Change" is cited as a major cause of organizational negativity. Employees react to change with negativity, and often the work environment amplifies such negativity and transmits it to others. Any changes recently in your company? In your market?

What can you do to reverse negativity and improve "service climate” when "difficult people" are often acting like children in adult bodies? Put Compassion FIRST!

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong.
Because someday in life you will have been all of these.
- George Washington Carver

Compassion is the radicalism of our time.
-the Dalai Lama

What does Compassion have to do with a Make A Difference work environment?

Many think that being compassionate is about placating rather than addressing directly unproductive and unskillful behaviors. What you will experience in this training is just how palpable and powerful Compassion actually is in transforming every kind of challenging situation the human experience offers.

And what does a teacher embracing a lost little boy have to do with business?

What does connecting with compassion have to do with team synergy?

Absolutely everything!

ALL business is generated and sustained by how we treat our customers. How we treat each other within the internal framework of an organization, does in fact, make its way out to the customer energetically.

This presentation is inspired by Elizabeth Silance Ballard's "Three Letters From Teddy," a short story first published in 1974. It is a durable classic told from endless numbers of podiums. The instant success of this beloved story as a flash movie led me to create its companion book to sustain the huge - Make A Difference - momentum this story generates. It takes us all back to "core values" which brings compassion to the workplace as one of the primary fundamentals to Building Team Synergy.

Increasing Emotional Energy in Your Work Environment, Home & Community
This 2-Day Boot Camp is Potent, Concise and will Get You New Results Immediately

point 4 Personality and Learning Styles as they relate to neurological pathways.
point 3 Principles
you can use to change - once and for all - unproductive behaviors.
point How to mentally create an Attitude Free Zone & why it's imperative that you do!
point How to Break the Cycles of Failure and the 5 Core Beliefs involved.
point 3 Specific Strategies that transform Core Beliefs and Emotional Triggers.
point 3-Step approach that will instantly impact even the most belligerent individual!
point Profound Life Altering Success Stories that will shift your perception.
point User Friendly Quantum Physics that illustrates exactly what's going on.
point How to take ANY problem and turn it completely around.
point Develop and trust their intuition and reasoning abilities.
point Transcend other people's limiting beliefs and opinions about what's possible.
point The #1 Mega Magical Exercise you can take all children through to TRANSFORM your entire classroom and/or faculty.

Currently, we have problematic areas within our homes, communities and places of work which are steeped in tradition and old ideas. movie graphic

It's time for new tradition.

It's time to re-write the script and play it forward, again and again.

It's time to learn how each individual learns, so we can Make A Positive Difference.

Bring your biggest problematic situations to this presentation
and learn exactly how to Turn them Around!

Alternate Titles

  • Team Synergism 101 - KEYNOTE &/or Half or Full Day Training
  • Making A Difference with the Power of Compassion - KEYNOTE
  • Making A Difference with the Power of Connection - KEYNOTE
  • CONNECTION: Your Puzzle Pieces - KEYNOTE &/or Half or Full Day Training

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