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Believing in People Who are Unbelievable!


Recently I've been dealing with a challenging business agreement that by all appearances seems to be imPossible. It could be that this situation is trying to reorganize itself to a higher level which is always a guaranteed good outcome. Advice given to me by well meaning associates is that I should give up trying to reason with these people and let it go! The Kenny Roger's song plays in my head "Know when to hold'em, Know when to fold'em" and over this past month I have often wondered which it will end up being.

Each morning, I ask my IG - Inner Guidance - to know what is mine to know and do, and then I am given specific directions and information about what is going on and what I can and can't do about it. Most importantly, the message has been to BELIEVE in the very people who are trying to do the unbelievable!

I happen to think too many people give up entirely too early ... stopping 5 seconds before the miracle. And that's why I wrote my MasterMinding 101 Online Course! Not just for others but because it is exactly what I refer back to as often as I need it myself! Here's an excerpt for you from Session 9 that I have been putting in to practice daily:

Believing in People Who are Unbelievable!

It doesn't matter whether you understand the effect you have on your world or not. What counts is that you are constantly having an effect on your world and the people in it, whether you mean to be or not.

As you discovered from the muscle-testing and sugar experiment, unconditional love energy transforms, in an instant from my Energy Illustration Video Training.

Unfortunately, when we are upset about what someone appears to have done to us, "loving them" is usually the last thing we want to think about, let alone intentionally do.

When we are worried about those who are behaving unskillfully, ruining their lives in some way, or those who are too ill to heal themselves, we are more focused on our worry and our beliefs about them than on concern for their well-being.

Our belief may be that these individuals are incompetent, that they are incapable of functioning successfully in the world without us nagging or trying to control and enforce their life for them. If so, we are acting as though we are overtly responsible for the entire planet, and this is ignorance and arrogance in its highest, most debilitating form.

Feeling Defenseless? Try Inner Action

When you feel defenseless, don't rush about trying to meet the situation head on with some outer action. Become quiet and work inwardly to attain an uplifted state of mind by. It's important to take time to:

  • decide to connect to that which breathes you
  • begin formulating a specific vision of how you'd prefer that it be, and
  • begin formulating a MasterMind request to call in to your MasterMind partner.

As you choose to become more and more quick, mindful and deliberate about an outcome you'd prefer, turn it into a request. You will begin to feel the connection immediately, and you will no longer feel fearful. It is at this exact moment you are well on your way to achieving Quantum-sized results in what you had thought was an impossible situation.

Let Others Tune in to Your Intention

When you think it through instead of trying to force it through, other people seem to tune in on your intention energetically. Not only does energy transform, it allows others to begin to function from a state of wholeness.

As you begin to experience the transformative power of MasterMinding on a weekly basis, you stop fighting your problems. You stop trying to force your good. You know that the only place you ever have to work out anything is on the inner plan of your own thoughts and feelings. When you have worked it out there, it is done. You can then leave it alone and watch it come about in an outer way.

Excerpt from MasterMinding 101 Online Course

Reaching out to make a difference ...
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PS ... And while you are SEEing Divine Alignment ... let's all join together to SEE an absolutely MIRACULOUS outcome to what's happening with the oil spill in the gulf. Back in 2005, while watching the news and seeing Hurricane Rita move in after the devastation in New Orleans, I quickly jumped on my Blog and invited everyone to SEE along with me, that this storm move out to sea and simply expand until it dissolved itself. In every situation we are faced with the opportunity to join the negative pendants, fuss, argue, fight, say hurtful, hateful things ...or we can get quiet and say a prayer for the greater good to come out of this. SEE it Believe it and JOIN with others to do the same. I BELIEVE this situation MUST and WILL be remedied miraculously, that all people directly involved receive Divine Provision to all the people whose livelihoods are affected and all of the inhabitants of the sea, SEE that and new regulations be put into place immediately ...and this, folks, IS reorganizing at a higher level. Make it a great week by what you choose to SEE ... make a difference in someone's life today!

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