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Need a Breakthrough?


As an author, professional speaker and businesswoman, I can tell you that twenty years ago when I first realized I had something offer that would take me out of the traditional job world, I was a single mother with no business plan, money or time for the dream that was pulling at me. In my search for a power greater than myself to help me accomplish the dream that was bigger than me is when I learned about Group Intention and Goal Achieving through MasterMinding.

We do not conquer mountains, nor tame elements.
The true conquest lies in penetrating the mental barriers;
those self-imposed limitations that we carry in our minds.

--Sharon Wood, First North American woman to the summit of Mt. Everest

We all have perceptions of our limitations, and what I've found over the years through the study of Quantum Physics is this:

We cannot move beyond our limits until we have adequately and positively
fulfilled the potential within the limit.
When we have done this, the limit will expand.
That's called a Quantum Leap.

As we move into the second quarter of the year, it's time to check in on your goals. Springtime is really the most pivotal time in determining if we are coming up short on what we said we were going to do, and make some significant BREAKTHROUGHS in those areas.

In any area of our life where there is a limit, there will be a pull deep inside us that won't leave us alone. It is that pull that we can try to ignore, or we can answer. In answering it, we are preparing to make a quantum leap. That leap only comes when we have packed the present limit full of our intentions, our actions, our work, and committed ourselves to consistent forward motion.

My point in telling you this today is three-fold:

First, it doesn't matter what age you are; goal setting and goal getting require a quantum leap each and every time. Things can be moving along beautifully, and then obstacles, adversity and challenges come up to confuse us and confine us within our present limitation.

Second, you can make up your mind about what you deeply desire in any situation where a limit appears. And you can quickly use MasterMinding with a caring partner, to have it turn out better than it is presently looking right now!

Third, when a person sets goals that require going where they haven't gone before, then there ultimately will be a point of no return. There must be a point of breakthrough when you sit on yourself and make yourself move through every obstacle that rears it's ugly head at you by stating an intention so big, so bold that it would seem like a miracle. This is your quantum leap. It takes faith, it takes support and it takes saying NO to anything unlike what you said you really desire, deep down in your heart.

Here are 3 Steps to Making Your Breakthrough that I've taken directly from my MasterMinding 101 Online Course Study Guide & Audio Package, to break through the barriers of my mind and kick things into high gear so that EVERY single one of your goals.

3 Steps to Making Your BreakThrough

MasterMinding sessions were, and still are, a source of great energy and weekly vibrational upliftment. Together, my MasterMind partners and I experienced first hand, the vibratory power of our thoughts, words and intentions and when we combined that with formulating specific and deliberate MasterMinding requests... Well, stuff starts to happen in our lives in amazing, miraculous ways. Every day life becomes serendipitous!

#1: Practice Fearlessness

Talk the fear down. F.E.A.R – False Evidence Appearing Real.  There is nothing more powerful than the power of an expectation. In a recent experiment, psychologist Shlomo Breznitz at Hebrew University in Jerusalem had several groups of Israeli soldiers march forty kilometers (about twenty-five miles), but gave each group different information. He had some groups march thirty kilometers, and then told them they had another ten to go. He told others they were going to march sixty kilometers, but in reality only marched them forty. He allowed some to see distance markers, and provided no clues to others as to how far they had walked. At the end of the study Breznitz found that the stress hormone levels in the soldiers' blood always reflected their expectations and not the actual distance they had marched. In other words, their bodies responded not to reality, but to what they were imaging as reality.

Where in your world are you listening to and accepting worst case diagnoses as the only prognoses?  What is your expectation?

#2: Increase your desire.

There is nothing greater than desire for a Quantum Leap to your Breakthrough. I did extensive studies with Dr. E. Page Bailey and participated in his 12-session class on Accelerated Healing from Chronic Pain. He is a master teacher, and through the use of quantum physics he builds a knowledge base for the participant from which the body can heal itself. To modestly summarize his educotherapy class into one powerful and profound directive:

To heal any loss, any wound or condition in your life you must rigorously put your focus on the future you want to create.

Every particle, neuron, photon, electron in our world is sensitive to intention. Intention is what makes it possible for the firing of the neuron, which is thought. To intentionally and deliberately put your focus on the future demands that we increase desire, without the desire nothing can change, there can be no quantum leap. It has been a quantum leap for me each time my son has gotten hurt physically (as well as emotionally from peers and girlfriend experiences) to rise above the prognosis and put our minds, our intentions, together about a desired outcome. This is very powerful "take charge of your life" kind of stuff, wouldn't you say?!

Wherever your focus of attention, therein lies your intention. –Gary Zukav

#3: What are you waiting for?

MasterMinding is basically 2 people joining their minds, and as they agree on a desired outcome they form a great "bank" of energy with a third, invisible mind. The result? The mountain WILL either move or crumble. Many people have been taught to cut back our desires with our fear thoughts. Fear thoughts take root in our psyches and whatever we've allowed in remains in until we challenge it by saying NO to it.

Self-confidence, self-esteem, leading and dealing with difficult people and situations are all about saying NO to the appearances of lack, loss and a belief in powerlessness. Taking control of your life all comes through your refusal to accept negative appearances. If you accept a negative then you cannot, will not, experience the greater.

What are the negative and/or demoralizing "appearances" in your life are you waiting to change on their own?

It's time for your BREAKTHROUGH!

Reaching out ...
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