Teaming in the Zone for Extraordinary Results

"There are precious few Einstein's among us. Most brilliance arises from ordinary people working together in extraordinary ways."
--Roger von Oech

Communication is critical to the success of any organization or company, now more than ever.

Teams with synergism are able to create the momentum necessary to keep everyone involved and moving forward during troubled times. If the way your team is communicating is not currently and consistently creating synergism, then it is clearly a "knowledge base" issue. We can not continue to try harder at what is not working, expecting outdated models to suddenly work. It is through learning effective techniques for bringing things "out into the open" that your team will have optimum health.

Many of us come from backgrounds where the predominant way of dealing with difficulties has been: "Don't talk about it, and maybe it will go away!" Well, it's imperative that we break through the avoidance and barriers of silence. You open the doors of communication with your team by learning how to really hear what needs to be said. What you’re listening for is innovating problem solving ideas and language.

The challenge? Become a team of internal entrepreneurs. The only way through these troubling economic times is to be deliberate, intentional and determined about creating a team with vision. Do the work to open up communication, and your team will be functioning in the Zone consistently, and for a long time to come. Teams that are reorganized frequently have all the more reason to build these foundational pieces to be carried forward as groundwork for each new team experience.

The best way to generate an entrepreneurial mentality within your team is to decide differently about the opportunity being presented for your company: to organize at a higher level. This is your team's opening to be more creative. Your team has the capacity to eliminate any and all fragmentation with higher levels of team alignment through 1) efficiency and trust, 2) owning personal power without being "over" powering, and 3) to truly be able to work with synergism.

How does a team organize itself at higher more efficient levels, when it's got a bunch of "wild geese" refusing to fly in formation?

It does this with frank discussions about everything from company finances to messages of appreciation.  We far, far, far underestimate each other's ability to deal powerfully and creatively in troubled times - and by this one misconception alone, we diminish the true capacity of our team to create new, innovative solutions to replace old, worn out conditions and situations.

How do you get your team to function in the Zone consistently, despite the current "realities"? Invest in the obvious. Ultimately, companies which treat their employees with respect and show concern for their personal and professional well-being are most likely to emerge from a downturn with their morale intact.

During these most dramatic times it's even more important to focus on relationship-building, education and creative thinking, which motivates more than ever the capacity to try out new skills that could remedy problems. Learning resources provide more than new skills, they inspire a renewed sense of purpose. To employees, training symbolizes your investment in them. To the company, training is an investment in its most valuable asset: human capital.

"Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn."
--Benjamin Franklin

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Subj: Re: Tele-Conference Board Retreat

Just wanted to thank you again for the great Tele-Conference on the Saturday Board Retreat, 8/10. After lunch we got down to business and came up with three things to work on. Our training session on 9/28 will have a new twist to it, with an actual open house showing the Chapters how to do it in real time instead of just hearing a presentation.

Throughout the evening, we had a great time while playing a game and using our personality colors. Everyone was still talking the next morning about the great workshop we had. You have given us a renewed energy, and I plan on motivating this Board with the continuation of that energy.

We all appreciated your workshop and look forward to using our new knowledge with the personality colors, so our team can work better than ever.

Thank you for your time.
Ann Sigler
Parents Without Partners
Zone G President

Subj: Re: Free Introductory Teleconference Seminar
I want to let you know that your presentation via teleconference was more than I had expected. Rare are the times when people "give away" time where the product is of such great quality!

Your introductory email promised a free hour of education covering Defusing Conflict and Disarming Confrontation, and you certainly delivered. The hour flew by and we really could have continued for another hour. Actually being able to put most of the information you presented to use during the conference made an impact on retention.

Further, by using actual problems and situations from our own lives, the information became user friendly. For our group, validating "you're right", and pausing has proved to be a most useful tool, both here at work and in our private lives. As you remember, one of the conference members had a private issue. She has successfully used the information from the conference to improve her communications.

Thanks for giving us such useful tools. Success in all you do. TH

Subj: Re: Getting Your Wild Ducks to Fly in Formation
Date: 11/7/01 7:15:05 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: bmb@xxxxxxxx
To: Mary(at)


It was really nice to speak with you the other day and to participate in one of your free teleseminars.

I am very interested in doing more with you and believe in the concept of turning things around to be more successful.

Your titles are catchy and make me want to participate. I will be contacting you to see if we can set up something specific for our Team leaders.

Thank you, BMB

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