Success - It's An Inside Job!                 

Success is the music you bring into your daily life and affairs. Success is the joy you allow yourself to experience, no matter how challenging or unpleasant a given moment.

Success is looking outside the window and really, REALLY seeing the sun, or the stars, rain, snow, wind; the flowers, blades of grass or pebbles of sand. Success is really being here now.

Success is knowing down to your toes that you have within you the creative capability to change whatever results you are getting to the results you prefer . . . .
Success is whatever you want it to be.
Success, therefore, is an INSIDE JOB!

We spend much too much of our lives do-do-doing without pre-paving our way to success. There are a lot of theories about success -many of which would paralyze most people before they ever got started on the route to their hearts' desires. In fact, as you approach people with your business opportunity, I'll bet you are finding that there are people with beliefs about success, financial freedom, time with their families, and radiant health which are all dependent on a definition of success that requires super-human feats and greatness to actualize; and therefore, they resist and decline your business opportunity in network marketing. In fact, many turn you down cold, and you find you are not "getting" people for your business. Maybe, your prospect's paralysis is but a reflection of what you believe has to be so?

As women we know how to "do-do-do-it-all," so much so that we tend to plow over people on our way to the getting there. This really doesn't leave much room on the highway of life for other leaders to emerge in our business. The greatest challenge for women in network marketing is that we have deeply engrained in our psyche that it's going to take super human feats to get "there". THAT WE MUST DO IT ALL! We must coach, cheerlead, encourage, nurse people along to keep them producing, prospecting and enrolling, wait, be patient, coach, cheerlead, hand hold!

Does this sound familiar? It's the nurturer in all of us. We deeply believe that the people in our organizations simply cannot make it without us behaving as if our only job was to be the Energizer Bunny banging our drums keeping everybody on task. NO, NO, NO - stop, please stop and give it a rest for just a moment.

The "there", that you are looking to achieve, is right here and right now. Success comes from your ability to visualize the life you want -and hold rigorously to that vision. Don't "do" anything just yet. Let's just do the "inside work" to the success you want first, and then the physical manifestation is on it's way.

That's right. Everything you could ever need or want is already inside of you, some of which you've already actualized, some of which you have coming forth, and some of which is just YOU where you stand right now. Accepting success is as simple as a choice. A choice to act, a choice for courage, a choice for grace. It's really all up to you as to whether or not you'll let yourself have it right now.

There are two steps today's woman must utilize with great discipline and consistency before "do-ing" anything. Don't do anything until you have taken the time to do these two steps. As women seeking the highest levels of financial and personal success through network marketing, we must get our minds around working smarter, not harder -that is, if we really are going to have it all.

Step 1: Decide what you want.

Now this may sound simple enough, but is it?
There is nothing like the power of the made up mind. And there's nothing like the power of a WOMAN'S MADE UP MIND, and you all know what I mean. Your families know what I mean. Your pets know what I mean, and so do your neighbors across the street. Because once you DECIDE - watch out! Things start happening in a big, efficient and effective way.

So why don't we live our lives this way efficiently and effectively everyday? Historically in this society, women have been taught to wait. Wait on someone else (usually resembling a man) to decide! You know it's true. This has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or bad and certainly nothing against men. It's just been a part of our conditioning; that's all. There's never been a time like this before, where women are stepping into their greatness and their power, where women are wanting to take full responsiblity for their lives and with this, will come greatness to all: men, women and children. We are living in extraordinary times. It's as if we are all being asked to be what we came here to be and not succumb to mediocrity.

To do this means we must do things differently than we've ever done them before. Because the "do-do-doing" of our conditioning will overwhelm us and paralyze us until we can do nothing at all.

A woman's best friend is her heart. In deciding what you really want, you must trust your heart. The pull inside of you that feels good, right, and for the good of the whole.

Our conditioning, with both men and women, has been not to know what we know, feel what we feel or want what we want. The ONLY way to the levels of success that you seek is to be courageous enough to KNOW what you want. To decide, and decide, and decide, again, and again, and again UNTIL you have it EXACTLY the way you want it.

We have to give up waiting for someone else to decide; for someone else to take the risks; for someone else to make things happen or to run our lives for us. WE must decide for ourselves precisely what we want. WE MUST TRUST OURSELVES TO KNOW THAT WHAT WE WANT IS RIGHT.

THERE IS NO FAILURE, ONLY RESULTS. If you don't like the results you are getting; change them! Decide how you want your business to be. Decide how you would like it to grow. Decide how big, how massive you want it. Decide how much time you want to give it. Decide how you want to treat people. Decide how much you want people to do on their own, with or without your influence, energy or time.

When you make a decision of how you want it to be in every miniscule aspect of your life, you will find yourself communicating those desires clearly, and people will now hear you in a new way.

Indecision is a decision not to decide. Your indecision comes through equally loud and clear. And the results of your indecision will keep you from the success you seek. So go ahead and just DECIDE how you want it to be. Don't worry about how, just decide and stand firmly in your mind upon that decision, and success will be yours.

Step 2: Imagine If You Will.

Image is the basis for the word imagine. Everything you have experienced in your life has been based on your perception of reality and how you've imagined it all to be. We've believed most of what we've been told, from childhood forward; accepted all information as true! NOW is the time for you to discern for yourself if what you've believed up to this point has to be so. When we entered the industry of network marketing, we were given massive amounts of information on how it is, what to do and how to keep it duplicatable! We've been given statistics on selling so we can know WHAT TO EXPECT! And then we expect it, and it is so.

Are you beginning to see something wrong with this picture? Are you beginning to see the duplication value of all of this?

Don't accept the law of averages as the only way your business can grow. YOU ARE NEVER WITHOUT POWER as long as you can visualize the results you want. It's not magical. It's a concrete fact, and here's why you always get what you visualize.

The mind is a creative mechanism, and it's desire is to create. Each and every one of us has what is known as a Riticular Activating System -RAS. The world is filled with massive amounts of stimuli. We need the RAS because it filters out anything unlike what we are placing our attention on. It even helps us ignor the kids screaming in the back seat of the car while we are driving so that we can pay attention to the road!

WHATEVER we are putting our attention on, the RAS will help us filter out anything that is unlike that. Have you ever wanted to get pregnant and start a family? What did you begin to see at the malls and grocery stores? Pregnant women, screaming babies and anything like what you expected parenthood to be. You might have even seen some of your worst fears manifesting into nightmares before your very eyes. In fact, you may still not have children because of whatever decision you made on that given day. Your mind will help you see only what you are holding firmly in your beliefs. It will be your experience, and you will always get to be right about anything that you adamently believe has to be true.

In prospecting, what are you visualizing? Are you visualizing people being in resistance and running away from you as fast as they can. Are you visualizing losing friends because you are offering them a vehicle to financial freedom that will build them a wall of security around their families to last a lifetime? Are you visualizing people who are just too busy to get involved (as if doing what they are doing is going to change how busy they are). Are you visualizing it being extremely difficult, with people getting irate, accusing you of trying to involve them in a pyramid scam? OR are you visualizing it being easy? Oh, now there's a concept! E-A-S-Y. But we were told that it was going to be hard. That there was going to be lots and lots and lots of rejection. So when we approach someone with information about our particular business opportunity - are we visualizing what we want or what we believe has to be so?

We spend more time visualizing what we don't want than what we do. Why? Because we've been told that we can't have what we want in life. That we should just settle for less than what we want and be darn happy that we have anything at all. This is true for everyone, not just women.

If visualizing what you don't want, out of fear, has gotten you exactly what you didn't want, then think what visualizing what you do want could open the doors to! You see, there are plenty of people out there, just like you, who want the success that network marketing brings in terms of financial security and freedom. All you need to do is turn the focus of your attention in the direction you desire to go and keep it held firmly and rigorously there. Your RAS will assure that you'll start seeing the people who are ready and wanting what you have to offer.

As long as you believe, think, and visualize that this business has to be difficult, it will be. Your Riticular Activating System will help you keep it that way. Pre-pave your prospecting each day, visualizing how you want it to be. Spend 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night visualizing leaders and builders who quickly and easily come into your business. If you get a result that is different than how you'd like it to be, don't waste your time obsessing about it. Grab yourself by the lapels and make yourself look in a new direction -how do you want it to be? Remember, it's simply an issue of range of vision: yours! There ARE people out there who want what you've got. Fine tune your vision. This is working smarter, not harder! You'll know what action to take and what words to use because you've played it out in your mind many, many times. The right information will flow from you beautifully.

Success IS inherent within you. Discipline yourself to fine tune the results that you've been getting into the results your heart desires by 1) deciding what you want and 2) visualizing the results you seek. Therein lies true success. When you follow your heart, success on all levels simply MUST be yours.

©2001 Mary Robinson Reynolds, Heart Productions & Publishing

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