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New Year's Goals

There is no failure, only results!
-Pat Riley

If you don't like the results you are getting change what you are doing! I recently received a phone call from a client distraught with what she referred to as her "failures of 2004." She began the conversation by saying, "I hate my body, I'm exhausted and I haven't accomplished one thing I set out to do in 2004 and here it is, 2005!" My response was quick. I said, "Stop beating yourself up and get a plan! Call 2004 a Success, and you will begin pre-paving 2005 for Victory."

As I visit with people all over the United States, I find that the majority feel the rules to setting goals are set in stone. You either accomplish everything, or your have in some mysterious way totally failed. So, let's get something straight:

your goals are your gyroscope -that's all. 

In every creative endeavor, the end result you are seeking takes on a life of it's own. Your job is to pay attention to the evolvement and not make anything right or wrong, good or bad along the way.

Think back to the professional endeavor (or personal relationship) you got involved in about halfway in, did you hear yourself saying, "If I would have known it was going to take all of this, I would have never started it in the first place!" So, now wouldn't you say it was a good thing you didn't know exactly what was going to be required of you to complete it or make it work!

Whenever NASA sends a space shuttle out on a mission, the shuttle has a calculated target and destination. Once the shuttle leaves the earth's atmosphere, its actual course fluctuates considerably. It could spin out of control if it weren't for the gyroscope, which keeps it in its original plane of rotation. Goal setting is about keeping you from spinning out of control. It creates within you a gyroscope so that no matter the adversity, you will keep going in the "direction" you intend to go, toward the results you want as your experience.

For every action there is an equal and opposing reaction
and the greater the desire, the greater will be the adversity
that will try to keep you from achieving your desires...

As you look back over 2004, the idea is not to beat yourself up for what you "think" you didn't get accomplished but to take stock in what you have accomplished. Many a success has been built upon what appeared to be "missing the mark" or failure. You've beaten yourself up, made yourself wrong for the very goals you set, that simply have a different timeline than what you originally thought that's all.

As you define your goals for 2005, understand
that nothing is anything until you "call" it.

If you call your attempts in 2004 a failure, then your experience, psychologically and physiologically will be that of defeat. If you call it a success, then you are definitively and deliberately charting a new course that will ultimately yield huge successful results.

It's all in what you decide to call it. So go ahead, rename whatever you did or didn't make happen in 2004 a Success by saying: "Here is an experience that I have not understood, so I have labeled this experience incorrectly. I have falsely interpreted it by labeling it a 'failure,' but there is no failure, only results and since I don't like the results I'm getting, I will take stock in my accomplishments thus far, and chart a new course to what I have chosen!"

And remember this, you have within you everything you need...


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