A group of network marketers gather for coffee after the meeting. They have come together for connection, and hope. Whether or not they realize it, they are longing for spiritual assistance and the answers to radical new desires: Work less, make more money. Replace massive action with massive attraction. Have people calling you asking to enroll them in your business! Attract competent, prosperous minded people, who want exactly what you have to offer in your business, and who have massive centers of influence! Have 3 – 4 – 5 downline legs that just take off on their own, while you play at your business in vacation mode.

There is a spiritual solution to every problem, and the good news is that you don't have to figure it all out by yourself. Certainly you have the power to be, do and have all that your heart desires. But have you noticed how difficult it is to keep yourself focused, motivated and committed toward those long term goals that you say you want – given the methodology, training and advice you are currently subscribing to and receiving from your peers?

Six months ago, John, a 50-something Diamond in Oasis, called Mary to "tell her about" his business. To his surprise, the tables were quickly turned, and he ended up learning about her system of MasterMinding. With one swift breath, she moved him into a MasterMinding state-of-mind and extracted what his most problematic business issues were that had been impeding "exponential" growth in his downline. One request that she showed him how to formulate "just for the fun of it" was attracting people to call him for business.  What a new concept!

The results of that very simple MasterMind request have been remarkable! In just two weeks time, John had three individuals call him out of the blue.  Two of them were individuals that he had previously contacted several months prior to tell them about his network marketing business but had not gotten back to! The third was a woman that he had met two years ago. All three called him and wanted current information about enrolling themselves. They wanted to do the business with him! As a result, two joined his business immediately and the third enrolled shortly thereafter.

Regardless of the economy, time restraints, massive action, follow up or follow through, John has very simply adjusted his "criteria" and has easily attracted people calling him through the power of the MasterMind request.

John writes, "Thank you Mary for vastly expanding my mental horizons and giving me new dimensions in business strategies.  Using your MasterMinding method is truly going to make building my business to the next level of $50,000 a month so much fun, not to mention rewarding, as I get every one of my associates working your MasterMinding program.

"Your method is so far advanced from the early model of MasterMinding which basically teaches: only work with already positive and highly successful people, run from negative people, use it for exhaustive brainstorming, endless advice giving about how to work harder at methods that don’t work for you, and last but not least, use MasterMinding to try to control and hold people accountable.

"I can't even begin to tell you how healing what you have to offer in your MasterMinding 101™ Online Course has been to my psyche and how I am now focused on being the attractor ― not the chaser.  How awesome!  What a phenomenal mind shift and how profound that I can set goals and make requests for things I have never before even considered ― like people calling me!  And then when you nailed me on my ‘Criteria’... oh man, you know what you are doing, lady.  Thanks again for coaching me and writing your powerful online course."

In only a few weeks after diving into MasterMinding 101™ Online Course, Kimber, an Isagenix Executive quickly embraces Mary’s system and writes to report her amazing experiences with people calling her.

She writes, "I am overwhelmed (in a great way) with new business and team members coming back reignited to do the business, etc. I have five new people on the cleanse this week, and I am their support, so I have been on the phone with them and all kinds of new orders from out of the blue for lack of a better term.

"I just wanted to share with you my request in our MasterMind group last week: ‘I request and expect balance and harmony in my home, family and business this week, and that I might be patient, loving and fun with my kids. I request and expect my phone to continue to ring off the hook with new orders/members of competent-minded people who want exactly what I have to offer and will have incredible life-changing product experiences and want to share this gift with others.’

"The results are that I now have many new auto-ships. I had someone in another city just go to my website and order directly from it. I had an inquiry from Ohio this morning -which I am not sure how they were led to me? And, three people personally enrolled themselves in my business in the last week and a half!

"When I got home today from picking up my boys from school, I had two more leads from Stephen, so a brand new avenue has opened up for me! I have shared your website and online course with many this week, because I am too excited about the direction this is going to keep it to myself.

"Two days ago, I was relaxing in the bath, when a new ‘thought’ came to me that I needed to be more accommodating with telemarketers and door-to-door sales people. That afternoon my door bell rang and it was a saleswoman trying to sell her product. I did something entirely different from what I would have done in the past: I welcomed her into my home! One thing led to another and she is bringing her husband over tonight to enroll themselves in my business. My network marketing MasterMind group has had some amazing things happen as well. Thank you!"

John and Kimber are "MasterMinders," someone who joins with another in agreement to achieve goals that previously have seemed unobtainable. Setting goals and inviting your inner spirit into your weekly meetings in order to achieve new outcomes to old redundant problems are what give life rich meaning. When you make time for a weekly spiritual goal achieving sessions, you begin to be true to yourself and begin to journey down the road less traveled called, "Less Effort, More Results!"

In my online course, "MasterMinding 101™ – A Spiritual Goal Achieving System" I emphasize that the reason why so many people are not achieving their financial, personal or health and weight goals, is not because they aren't trying hard enough or aren't disciplined enough. The reality is that we are trying to do too much by ourselves, void of the supernatural support that could be available to us through the energy and agreement of MasterMind partner(s).

MasterMinding is a spiritual - not religious - endeavor, as it definitely involves the recognition of a power greater than ourselves, the third invisible mind –Infinite Intelligence. Thousands of people have demonstrated dramatic, positive changes in their lives, and have experienced happy, successful living as a result of these principles being put into practice.

When I look at the dreams that have come true for me, I'm amazed at how many of them have occurred since a critical moment in 1989. You see, that's when I read Napoleon Hill's book, "Think & Grow Rich" and discovered the amazing power of the MasterMind Principle. This is a most powerful spiritual vehicle that we can utilize to create positive personal change in every area of life. 

In Napoleon Hill's, "Think & Grow Rich," he tells us how he learned about MasterMinding from Andrew Carnegie, the richest self-made man on earth in his time. Carnegie told Hill that his wealth and success was due entirely to the MasterMind process. He explains that no individual may have great power without availing himself of the "Master Mind."

MasterMinding is based on the ancient premise that the combined energies of two or more like-minded persons is many, many times greater than the sum of the individual energies involved. The MasterMind Principle states:

"When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in position, through that alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence coming through the creative mechanism of each contributing mind."

There was a study conducted in which they measured how much weight two oxen could pull. They put the yoke on the first ox and measured the amount of weight he could pull, and then they did the same with the second ox. Finally they yoked the two oxen together, and they found that together, they could pull much more than the sum of what each could pull alone.

The key to MasterMinding is getting in touch with what you really desire, making a decision about it, and then seeking the agreement of your partner(s) in "seeing" or visualizing it, and requesting spiritual assistance in bringing it about.

Many people have come to know and use the MasterMind Principle for goal setting, accountability, and for getting ideas and advice from selected partners. But most are totally missing out on what MasterMinding can really do to bring them a rich and rewarding spiritually oriented life. In this advanced new look at what MasterMinding can do to change your life, you need to learn not only how to do an inner search for the happiness you seek, but also how to bring your greatest goals into reality through applying the power of the MasterMind Principle in its highest form.

In our society, we are not taught to listen to our inner spirit, via our intuition. In fact, we are taught to ignore the urgings of our most heartfelt desires, believing we can't have what we want anyway. We have been judged, shamed and ostracized for many of our preferences. The result of this is that we have become either too constricted or too loose with money, time, responsibilities, commitments and love. 

©2004 Mary Robinson Reynolds, Heart Productions & Publishing

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