We do not conquer mountains, nor tame elements. The true conquest lies in penetrating the mental barriers; those self-imposed limitations that we carry in our minds.
--Sharon Wood
First North American woman to the summit of Mt. Everest

We all have perceptions of our limitations, and what I've found over the years through the study of Quantum Physics is this: We can not move beyond our limits until we have adequately and positively fulfilled the potential within the limit. When we have done this, the limit will expand. That's called a Quantum Leap.

As we move into the last stretch of the year, it's time to check in on your goals. The fall is really the most pivotal time in determining if we are coming up short on what we said we were going to do, and make some significant BREAKTHROUGHS in those areas.

In any area of our life where there is a limit, there will be a pull deep inside us that won't leave us alone. It is that pull that we can try to ignore, or we can answer. In answering it, we are preparing to make a quantum leap. That leap only comes when we have packed the limit full of our intentions, our actions, our work, and committed ourselves to consistent forward motion.

Are you ready for some football!?

We love football in our home; I'm from Nebraska after all! My son BJ is now participating in high school freshman FB, and his greatest desire is to be an outstanding running back and linebacker for his team. On the third play of the very first game he went down with a knee injury. His father, who is the varsity FB head coach, went over while BJ was being checked out by the team trainer. His first words to me were that BJ was not only out for the season, he was out for the year. I looked into my son's eyes, and I saw the tears in his eyes and the devastation of the news. My heart sank, and I quickly pushed back my own tears so I could have a laser focus on possibly affecting a different outcome than the prognosis that had just been delivered. I knew all too much about the devastation of knee injuries, because a week after my marriage to his father, he injured the same part of his knee that BJ had. He was in and out of surgery the entire first year of our marriage, with one complication after another.

How I approached my son on this emotionally and energetically was, and always is, pivotal to the outcome, because whatever I do will directly affect him. As soon as they had disappeared into the locker room, I called my MasterMind partner, Judy, and I said, "We need to MasterMind right now." (For a review and directions on how to MasterMind, go to my website at: then to SuccessBytes Archives for the Winter 2000 Issue. In MasterMinding, you state your intention, your deepest desired goal, with as much conviction as you can muster, to your MasterMind partner.) My deepest heartfelt desire for BJ was that this injury would be healed in record time, and BJ would be back on the football field before the season was over. That seemed like a pretty tall order with the reality of what the "authorities" had surmised so far.

I had a lot of fear fighting to do within myself over the next two days. We could not get BJ in to the knee specialist until the following Monday. Each time my fear thoughts got the best of me, I would talk to my present husband Craig, to help me get back to thinking about my desired results. I also called Judy a few more times. When you are desiring a breakthrough, you need to talk to the supportive people you have surrounded yourself with and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that you are headed for a breakthrough, and that you need them to help you, and believe for you, when your believing is getting a big dose of fear, fear, and more fear.

Back to the ballgame. BJ changed his clothes and was hobbling around on the sidelines. He received tremendous support from his team and from the varsity players. Again, I fight back my tears. I watch him, as he now focuses in on the game. I knew focusing on the game would be the best thing for him, because it did exactly what I thought it would do. It increased his desire to play. With every touchdown his team made, his desire increased.

After the game, he came over to the stands and told me he wanted to stay to watch the varsity game, and he looked me straight in the eye and said "Mom, can we do that MasterMinding thing?" I said, "Yes, what is it you desire? " He said, "I want a miraculous healing." I said, "OK, I agree with you that your healing has already begun and it will be miraculous." And with that, five hyper girls came over to cheer him up and escort him off to the bleachers to sit together. And in that moment, I knew all would be well.

BJ, like you and I, has set accelerated goals for 2000, only his are in academics, football, basketball and track (and having a girl friend) because these are things he wants.

My point in telling you this story is three-fold.

First, it doesn't matter what age you are, goal setting and goal getting require a quantum leap each and every time. I use this most recent development in my son's life because it is such a powerful illustration of what each of us face when we get deliberate and definitive about what we desire and what we want to make happen in our world. Things can be moving along beautifully, and then obstacles, adversity and challenges come up to confuse us and confine us within our present limitation.

Second, when a person sets goals that require going where they haven't gone before, then there ultimately will be a point of no return. There must be a point of breakthrough when you sit on yourself and make yourself move through every obstacle that rears it's ugly head at you by stating an intention so big, so bold that it would seem like a miracle. This is your quantum leap. It takes faith, it takes support and it takes saying NO to anything unlike what you said you really, deep down in your heart, desire.

Third, you can make up your mind about what you deeply desire in any situation where a limit appears. And you can quickly use MasterMinding with a caring partner, to have it turn out better than it is presently looking right now!

As I've assessed my goals recently, I realized I was close, but no cigar, in two areas. So here are the 5 SuccessBytes I've taken directly from my newly produced MasterMind Study Guide & Audio Package, to break through the barriers of my mind and kick things into high gear so that EVERY single one of my goals will be met by December 31, 2000. How about joining me in working these 5 SuccessBytes?

5 SuccessBytes to Making Your BreakThrough

SuccessByte #1: Buck up to fear.

Talk the fear down. When we were sitting in the doctors office for BJ's previous injury (ankle) the doctor took one look at it and said, "It could be sprained but it's probably broken and regardless of which one it is, this will mean that you will never again have the same range of motion and you will always (always!) be bothered by it." With that PROGNOSIS she was out the door, and we were on our way to X-ray.

While we were waiting, I looked at BJ and I said to him, "Don't you dare let that thought take root in your thinking, we don't know yet, and it could be a something, simple and you'll be good to go before you know it." I gave him my little purse-size notebook, and directed him to spend a few minutes writing how he'd like it to be. Then we MasterMinded on that, instead of fretting. When the doctor came in, it was like "she" had done a 180 degree turnaround. She was very upbeat and told him if he did three simple exercises for his sprain, that he would be as good as new! BJ was on the basketball court in under 2 weeks.

THERE IS NOTHING MORE POWERFUL THAN THE POWER OF AN EXPECTATION. In a recent experiment, psychologist Shlomo Breznitz at Hebrew University in Jerusalem had several groups of Israeli soldiers march forty kilometers (about twenty-five miles), but gave each group different information. He had some groups march thirty kilometers, and then told them they had another ten to go. He told others they were going to march sixty kilometers, but in reality only marched them forty. He allowed some to see distance markers, and provided no clues to others as to how far they had walked. At the end of the study Breznitz found that the stress hormone levels in the soldiers' blood always reflected their expectations and not the actual distance they had marched. In other words, their bodies responded not to reality, but to what they were imaging as reality.

Where in your world are you listening to and accepting worst case prognoses?  What is your expectation?

SuccessByte #2: Increase your desire.

Back to football. The MRI revealed that BJ had a partially torn MCL and no surgery would be required. BJ eagerly began physical therapy immediately, and in only four weeks he was back playing FB.

Did desire, backed with intention, have anything to do with this? You bet it did. There is nothing greater than desire for healing anything. I did extensive studies with Dr. E. Page Bailey and participated twice in his 12-session class on Accelerated Healing from Chronic Pain. He is a master teacher, and through the use of quantum physics he builds a knowledge base for the participant from which the body can heal itself. To modestly summarize his educotherapy class into one powerful and profound directive: To heal any loss, any wound or condition in your life you must rigorously put your focus on the future you want to create.

Every particle, neuron, photon, electron in our world is sensitive to intention. Intention is what makes it possible for the firing of the neuron, which is thought. To intentionally and deliberately put your focus on the future demands that we increase desire, without the desire nothing can change, there can be no quantum leap. It has been a quantum leap for me each time my son has gotten hurt physically (as well as emotionally from peers and girlfriend experiences) to rise above the prognosis and put our minds, our intentions, together about a desired outcome. This is very powerful "take charge of your life" kind of stuff, wouldn't you say?!

Wherever your focus of attention, therein lies your intention. –Gary Zukav


SuccessByte #3: Work your stuff!

BJ was not fearful about getting hurt, his focus and attention was on regaining his running back and linebacker positions! Once again, we must begin working our stuff. I directed him to mentally DELETE the while I've been gone, Ty and Oscar have passed me by fear and move back into his power and have confidence in his intelligence and his athleticism. He said that the running back, Ty, had been given "player of the game" award for the last game and he didn't think the coach would see him as starting running back any more. Well, that almost hooked my fear! But this is exactly the kind of stuff that you and I must work on.

Think back to when you were 15. Most of us reading this didn't have parents or teachers who helped us focus on our desires, other than the basics: "get good grades, behave and stayhave." Our deepest heartfelt desires pressed upon our parents worst fears. We would be hurt or disappointed, so they believed that the safest thing was to minimize our desires, often by shaming and ridiculing us into feeling it was crazy or ridiculous in the first place. They tried to get us to settle and accept limitation. They called it: Being Realistic! That's just they way it was. Well you can be realistic or you can be an ordinary person leading an extraordinary life. It's all dependent on what you allow yourself, and others in your world, to DESIRE. So when I say work it, I REALLY mean work it baby, work it!

Work your stuff by only speaking in terms of how you'd like it to be over and over and over, and you will literally start breaking through the old limited experience into new and thrilling experiences.

SuccessByte #4: What are you waiting for?

So, we had a MasterMind session, and I asked BJ how soon he wanted to be starting at linebacker and running back. He said, "in two days!"

Now, here's the tough part. As a parent, I want my kid to slow down and wait, wait, wait. I'm not even sure I want him out there. I'm not even sure he should ever play again. All of my fears are once again running amuck. And he states to me clearly and definitively: I want to reestablish my starting position in two days! So with every ounce of mental courage and fortitude of thought I have, I am following through mentally on my son's desire and request. My job is to stay out of fear, because I know that fear is the equivalent of an intention that will transfer directly to my son energetically and emotionally.

The MasterMinding Session.

MasterMinding is basically 2 people joining their minds, and as they agree on a desired outcome they form a great "bank" of energy with a third, invisible mind. The result? The mountain WILL either move or crumble. I was in agreement with BJ that this injury was an opportunity to become stronger, faster and more solid in his confidence and resolve. That he was to apply the less effort more results rule to winning back his two starting positions within two days, by having fun and by simply doing what was asked of him or what was in front of him to do (like run for a touchdown). I agreed that this was not an issue of over-efforting, but instead it was an issue of increasing his internal fortitude, courage and resolve not to be affected by fear of other players taking his position. In doing so, we claimed for him a starting position of running back and linebacker and we ended the MasterMind with the statement; this or something better.

So, what do you want and when do you want it?

SuccessByte #5: To show true power you need to exercise greatness.

So, while BJ was sidelined, the team had not won another game. After last week's loss, I talked with BJ about what he thought was going on. He said, "Defensively, they are not saying NO. The team doesn't have NO in them. They are all acting like followers and nobody is leading with NO, and then that spills over onto the Offense." Well, I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty astute! From a spectator position (and I used to coach volleyball and basketball) that's exactly what appears to be happening. He also said that when the other team stepped onto the field that our boys took one look at how BIG they appeared to be and folded. How many times have you and I done that? And even though the game of football is quite physical, once again we see that 80% of the game is mental and was won and lost before the flip of the coin.

You and I have been taught to cut back our desires with our fear thoughts. Fear thoughts take root in our psyches and whatever we've allowed in remains in until we challenge it by saying NO to it.

Self-confidence, self-esteem, leading and dealing with difficult people and situations are all about saying NO to the appearances of lack, loss and a belief in powerlessness. Taking control of your life all comes through your refusal to accept negative appearances. If you accept a negative then you can not, will not, experience the greater.

What are the negative and/or demoralizing "appearances" in your life that you are not saying NO to?

Unless someone truly has the power to say no,
they never truly have the power to say yes.
-Dan Millman


The rest of the story hasn't all been written yet in football history. You'll have to stay tuned through my website for the conclusion of BJ's football season in November. But, I will report that on the second day back, BJ ran the football for a 40 yard gain against the JV team! There you go. If a 15 year old kid can have a breakthrough, you and I have no more excuses to not step fully into our greatness.

It's time for your BREAKTHROUGH! --and I want to help you get one. So if you're serious about taking a quantum leap, go to my website and click on Seminars & Trainings and then click on MasterMinding for Success. I suggest you listen to my 24 minute audio clip of my live performance on MasterMinding while you scroll down to the box at the bottom where you can write your breakthrough goals. It's a small box, but you can write as much as you need. Hit submit and I will respond as your MasterMind partner.

And remember this... YOU ARE A SUCCESS!


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