GO FOR IT! with Deliberateness, Intention, and Action

It's Summer Already ...
What 'did' you ~Deliberately~ Plan for this Year?

Many of us have been conditioned to abdicate responsibility for Success to some entity, to a company, to the "appearance" of impossible people and/or situations....

We have been taught a form of compliance that says we have little or no control over our ability to Make Things Happen! Why this happens, how this has happened... is a direct result of what we've been taught about the "rules." We've been taught to believe that what other people say has to be so... we have been taught to NOT listen to that internal part of ourselves that says... GO FOR IT!

Keep your head and your heart going in the right direction and you'll never have to worry about your feet.

There is a simple kind of magic in these three little words... GO FOR IT!

The only thing holding any of us back at this point from the goals and resolutions we made at the beginning of 2002 is simply the Deliberateness of our Intention, followed by whatever Actions are then required. What was it that you determined that you wanted for 2002.... and how much have you put in place in the past 6 months.... are you on track?
Or... are you still hedging your bets? And what are the bets? That you can't have what you want, of course.... isn't that what we've all been told along the way?

OK, so it's time to re-energize and kick things up into high gear... we are a little more than half way to the end of this year.... so, what do you say...

Let's get this show on the road! Remember back.... oh, about 20 years ago... when everything was GO FOR IT!

Get Disciplined in Your Thinking

Who Wants To Work?!
Is the Summer Sun calling your name... wanting you to come out and play! Of course you want to be outside. What I'm proposing here is to use your MindPower to reorganize yourself to a higher, more efficient means of conducting your activities AND your affairs... so you have plenty of time left to enjoy the sun.

The mind is a creative mechanism and it's only desire is to create! Research indicates that we really only utilize a very small percentage of the mind's capabilities.

MindPower is the deliberate decision to think where you've never thought before... You see, you don't know what you don't know! A very profound statement, I know! The point is this... instead of keeping yourself tied up with all the reasons why you believe you can't have what you want... how about disciplining yourself to choose to think differently! But before I get into exactly how to do that, we need to talk about Disciplining Your Mind.

A Disciplined Mind is a Powerful Mind
You see, we spend a lot of our mind energy thinking and visualizing "worst case scenarios"... we are compliant to what other people have said is possible and impossible... WHAT ARE WE THINKING?

WHY ARE WE NOT DISCERNING? I am often reminded of Christopher Reeves... and just how impossible his situation "appears". And there is probably a vast audience that believes his quest to walk is impossible. Has that stopped him? Absolutely not... he has set his intention, he is deliberate about what he wants and he is literally gathering and accepting into his life and his circumstances only those people who are 100% geared mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually... to create for him a way to walk and breath on his own again. And this, in my opinion, is how Mountains Get Moved!

What is the Mountain in your life today?
What is it, exactly, that you are allowing to distract you from what you said you wanted, 6 months ago?

You see, the only thing in your way is the conditioned state of powerlessness, that I've talked about in my newsletters before... but it must be addressed, over and over and over again... for it is deeply rooted in our conditioning. IF, we are ever to experience the kind of lives we want at work, at home, during rest and play.... we absolutely must get disciplined about dealing with the belief that we really don't have any power, that we live in a random Universe, and that we have no say whatever in anything of importance to us! Failure isn't failure... until you call it so! It's your call... how do you want to call it?

If you don't like what you are getting in life, Get Disciplined.... and here's literally all that you need to do...
The next time you find yourself obsessing about a situation or someone.... STOP and ask yourself, "How would I really like it to be?" Now, this ought to keep you busy for the next couple of hours... however, I already know what you are thinking....

"This person will never do what I want..."
"It's the Government's fault, and I have no say, no power..."
"It's my boss, and I'll never get her to do what I want..."
"There's not enough money, time, power, influence..."
"I don't have the education; I'm too young; I'm too old, too fat, tall, skinny, sexy, round, pear shaped; my nose is too big, too small, and I have freckles!!!..."

"Mary, you just don't realize that my situation is different and more impossible than most impossible situations you've EVER dealt with. How can thinking about how I want it to be change anything... my situation is just IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!"

Now, where are you? In a state of powerlessness ...or POWER?

Exactly my point! Now, gently bring yourself back to "How you want it to be." And see just how long you can ponder this and not try to figure out the HOW!

And you are right... you can't change other people and "organizations" of people, authority, status, hierarchy... however...
You do have the Power to Influence at any level you want to take it... This is the GO FOR IT MENTALITY that needs to be REINSTALLED!
"GO FOR IT" Power comes from your Intent,
from your Heart,
from your Passion to have it be better!

We have been taught to talk and visualize in terms of what we don't want... what we don't like... our "language" and our self-talk is basically negative and contaminated with our belief in lack and powerlessness.

Relax into the thinking about how you'd like it to be.
The creative mechanism of your mind will bring you the HOW... in this first step we are not aiming for the "how" yet..... this first step is about DISCIPLINED THINKING...
You can accomplish an extraordinary amount of work with it.

You can begin to communicate to difficult people/situations with new words, new language, new intent, new heart..... what will change in you will be lifting, freeing... powerful.

The discipline is simple.... the difficulty comes only in being disciplined about utilizing your MindPower IN THE FACE of your most impossible situation.

Here is a daily exercise for you to try for the next 90 days...

Every morning before you begin your work... write ONLY IN TERMS of HOW YOU WANT IT TO BE.


NO NEGATIVES ALLOWED, ie: "I don't want him to be a JERK any more "I want her to not be so incompetent and disorganized." "I don't want her to be competitive and so high on herself..... or be a B----aracuda!"

INSTEAD, WRITE HOW YOU WANT IT TO BE (Yes, I know I'm being redundant... and believe me, it's intentional) ie:
"I desire to experience him as accommodating, generous, good natured, competent, capable, conscientious, helpful, supportive, on-task..."
"I desire work to be relaxed and peacefully productive."
"I desire this project to come together masterfully, efficiently, with all details quickly lining themselves up and everything being easy and fun!"
"I am a valuable contribution to this company."
"I thrill at the competent, productive people that walk into my world."

Just do this.... until my next newsletter... it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE and it will KICK YOUR GOALS/RESOLUTIONS BACK INTO HIGH GEAR.... and possibly even FINE TUNE and REORGANIZE them to a higher level...

So... remember what you wanted, have a Deliberate Intention and GO FOR IT!!!!! because,


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