Decide Something Different in 2005

Let's approach this year differently, what do you say?
      How many times are you going to start a new diet and exercise program, only to not be able to maintain the "willpower" to keep going beyond a month, if that?  How many times are you going to say you are unhappy in your work, or that you never have enough time, money or love?  How many times are you going to complain that your spouse is still not giving you what you want, or that your children are still not doing as they are told?  How many times are you going to use goal setting as a way to force yourself to do the thing you hate, which you believe is necessary to get what you want?  How many times are you going to pump yourself up to try harder at something that hasn't worked for you yet?
      It's called a clue.
      We are basically taught that the only problem with us is that we aren't trying hard enough, or else things would already be as we said we wanted them.
      What if it wasn't about trying harder?
      What if it was about putting love first?  Because love is a driving, healing force, when you put love first, before anything and everything you fear, fear is dissolved, and it is then and only then that you can function at your very best in any endeavor your inner self is continuously pulling at you to have.

In his book, A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World, John Randolph Price says, "If only we would love more, all of life's difficulties would dissolve."
      If only we would love more.  Now that's a very rich concept to get our minds around.  We think that achieving our dreams is about the economy, competition, the agony of defeat before one can be successful.  We put our faith in a lot of things that have nothing to do with our love for the dreams we are pursuing.  Whether it be a leaner, healthier body, happy and harmonious love relationships, happy, functional children, or highly lucrative professional success: are we putting love first?  Are we deciding from a state of mind based on love, or from scarcity, fear and lack?
      What I have found to be true about most people is that they can achieve extraordinary feats in the name of love.  Love not only brings up that which needs to be healed, it is the healing force which dissolves anything unlike itself. When we can love ourselves, our bodies, our minds and the talents that we were born with, we can achieve extraordinary results.  That is, when we put our focus on love.
      When we put our focus on the economy, jealousy, competition, and scarcity, which are all fear-based, we will not experience the instant transformative power of love.
      Here is the key question for you to start with: What is it that you love?
      Make a list of every thing and everybody you love.  Then make a list of every condition, person or situation in your life that you have decided causes you great distress.  Now, your work for 2003 is to decide differently!  How about that?  It's really that simple and entirely contrary to anything you've probably ever done.  For this is not what we've been taught.  We've been taught to remain guarded and cautious: basically remain in fear.  To have the things you really want, you must decide for the love of it.

Putting Love First in all of your Goals in 2005

Step1: Love yourself.  Take every negative, hurtful, damaging label that has ever been put on you, or that you've been told was the truth about you, and just love yourself.  Re-label yourself; decided differently.  You are an adult now, you can decide differently about what you've been told.  If there is a seed of truth in the label, you can accept it as being absolutely true about you and loving that this is who you are.  You also have the option of deciding differently about what you've been told.  You get to decide.  But whatever you decide, you must be your own advocate.  Love all of yourself, and that is what will emanate from you out into your world.
      Do you want to attain a lean and healthy, vibrant body in which you are pleasurably comfortable?  Then love yourself right here, right now.  Love the feel of your body as it moves and functions for you.  Your need to overeat will begin to decrease.  The more you just love yourself and love every bite of food you choose to eat, the more you will feel the satisfaction that love brings.  Anything unlike this will dissolve and fall away, because that's what love does: dissolves anything unlike it.
      You will become more conscious and mindful as you put your focus on love.  Ask yourself: has it worked forcing myself to diet and exercise?  Then ask yourself, "What do I really love doing?" And your inner guidance will take it from there.  When you love yourself, you will be propelled to do the things you love, whether it be your food selections or some form of physical activity.  Love will find a way, through your consciousness, for you to begin to achieve extraordinary results by doing ordinary things.

Step 2: Practice deciding differently about the people who you have the most conflict with.  Practice just loving them, by understanding them first.  To do this means you must dismiss all sense of injury.  It means you must refuse to allow yourself any toxic victim mentality - which is to allow them to pitch a tent in your mind and not pay rent!  Make yourself stop judging, and just spend a few moments, every time they come into your consciousness, to just send them unconditional love vibes, with no agenda.
      When you see that "difficult" child screaming at the mall, send them and their parents great, unconditional love.  When you are dealing with that crotchety, negative family member or co-worker, send them great, unconditional love.  When you are feeling left out of the mix, excluded, unwanted, uncared for, send all those involved great, unconditional love.  When you are feeling unloved and unlovable, crotchety, and negative yourself, love yourself like you would any innocent child in need of great, unconditional love.
      If you send out the 'love vibes,' I guarantee that what you can truly do for humanity is greater than anything you can possibly imagine.  You will see results, instantly.

Step 3: Use love as your elbow grease when thinking about your long-term dreams, desires and goals.  Whether it be for a loving, committed, harmonious life-partner to come into your life, having optimal health and comfortable, fun body weight, having kids that are emotionally and psychologically powerful in their world, or building a financially lucrative, self-sustaining business: put love first.  If you don't love what you are about to do, then stop!  Do not proceed without the passion of your purpose. Your intention that life be easy and fun is paramount to any goal you set for 2003.
      Doing it all the hard way has not worked yet, so it most likely won’t ever work!

Step 4: Form a group of like-minded individuals who want to join minds in creating new, innovative solutions to old, redundant conditions and problems. Walt Disney once said, "You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world...  but it requires people to make the dream a reality." Form a MasterMind group immediately.  There's another reason why people have a tough time achieving their goals, and that reason is that they are trying to do it all alone.
      I think you would agree with me that we all have the power to be, do and have all that our hearts desire.  And while this is true, we seem to be hell-bent that we have to do it all alone! How crazy has that belief been?  Has doing it all alone worked?  Do you feel tired and lonely in your work, your process of becoming?
      Trust me, it is so profoundly powerful and energizing when joining with others who want what you want: A life!

MasterMinding is joining with other like-minded individuals, on a regular basis, who have a desire to have their life become rich in time, love and money.  When several people focus on your goals, your challenges and your opportunities, it's like putting lightning in a bottle . . . it's powerful!
      Imagine for a moment, meeting with other committed, like-minded, intelligent, ambitious individuals who take a personal interest in you and who have the goal of helping you achieve even your most lofty dreams.  Now imagine playing a key role in supporting others in the same way.  The cross-fertilization of ideas, experiences and know-how in such a group is the single most powerful process ever devised in the history of human achievement.
      This is where your dreams, your desires, begin to take form with more ease than you've ever known possible.  When you join with other like-minded people who want life to be grand, and when you intentionally set goals and requests, then the power, energy and ease comes through you to accomplish everything you desire with more ease, more grace, and more energy than you've ever known or experienced before.  Your toughest most problematic challenges begin to dissolve as you formulate new, innovative requests and goals.  The energy of what happens in a MasterMind session stays with your throughout the week, moving through you to accomplish amazing feats, unlike anything you've ever been able to do, alone, before!
      Napoleon Hill, who wrote Think and Grow Rich, said that MasterMinding is instantly in play whenever two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose.  They place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.
      So, here’s the plan.  Form a group of two to six like-minded people and commit to three months of weekly meetings.  Stay the course with putting love first in every goal and request you decide for in your weekly sessions, and you will begin to understand fully just how powerful you are.
      What you will find as you enter into weekly MasterMind meetings is that old ideas about what is possible and what isn't will be transformed as a result of two or more minds coming together.  Inner intuition comes through you now, because you joined in agreement that life be easier and work more enjoyable, and in that you will find that new ideas come in that will totally contradict conventional personal development wisdom.
      Collectively, there is such power present in the sessions that you will begin to hear your inner voice begin to tell you to stop trying so hard! Having a life, a successful fulfilling life, is not about exhausting yourself by working harder than anyone else, giving yourself constant pep talks, or spending all of your time charting your progress and evaluating your growth.
      By learning to join with other like-minding people and putting your focus on what you truly love, things will start happening for each person involved.  You will all learn how to come up with deliberate, intentional goals and requests for a life that is going to make you as happy and fulfilled as you can possibly imagine, and then allow the conditions that will bring that life to you.
      Opportunities will present themselves to you.  Things that hadn't come to you before will suddenly show up.  You'll be in the 'flow' of life, that magical, miraculous place where everything seems to work in your favor without any effort on your part.
      You will experience the "battery principle" - the more minds you have linked together, the greater the power you can harness and the more resistance you can overcome.

Make 2005 a year of deciding differently by putting love first.  In doing this, you truly will be a wonderful living example of what humanity can be.

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