Business VS Chasing After It!

by Mary Robinson Reynolds, B.A., M.S.

Quantum Mechanics: The Dreams Stuff is Made Of

The vibratory power of words, what you voice, what you think has everything to do with how you participate - powerfully or not - with life.

We should have signs up on every street corner, every freeway and at every place where signs are and have them all say:


Science shows "Quantum-fiably" that all mental states are accompanied by vibration. You combine with what you vibrate to, so let us all now vibrate to success, happiness and abundance through the transformative power of love, peace, joy and appreciation.


Setting Energy in Motion

Quantum field theory has found a connection between the power of thought, desire and what we have the capacity to deliberately design for our lives. The process of deliberately deciding what we want in our lives energetically interacts with a field of infinite probabilities.

Laser focused energy is about "makin' stuff happen" — the process of bringing ideas and desires into physical form through the process of thought and the energy it produces.

In makin' stuff happen, the desire always comes in as a thought form first. A thought always precedes emotion and therefore manifestation. "I think I'll become an architect." "I think I want to have a baby." "I think I'll build a bridge."

The idea is like a blueprint; it creates an image of the form, which then through desire energizes the physical energy to flow into that form and eventually manifests it on the physical plane.

The same principle holds true even if we do not take direct physical action. Simply having an idea or thought, holding it in your mind, is an energy which will tend to attract and create that form on the material plane.

An example of this would be if I were to ask you to visualize yourself getting sick each morning for thirty minutes, and doing this consistently for thirty days. You wouldn't want to do this because you know that there is truly something to this. You know, somewhere inside yourself, that if you constantly think of illness, you eventually become ill. By the same token, if you believe yourself to be healthy, radiant and beautiful, you become so.

Now more than at any other time in history, due to the distribution of information through mass media and the internet, individuals are realizing their own innate power to bring their dreams into reality.

Visualization and affirmation are now accepted techniques used by athletes to focus their energy and improve their performance. The success of imagery and prescribed meaning in healing people absolutely proves the power of the mind as an energetic healing agent now understood to be the mind-body-spirit connection.

In MasterMinding we are working weekly - consistently - to harness our inner power as it translates itself through our desires. We want to focus our attention, to be deliberate about the thoughts that reach out into our worlds regarding desirable relationships, joyful work, money or other material objects as our experiences. This inherent ability to energetically make stuff happen is not limited to mystics or saints; everyone possesses this ability.

The word is getting out that we each have incredible innate capabilities to have the lives we dream of. And yet, this has become a double-edged sword. We struggle and resist the information, even though we know we could be utilizing it to heal ourselves and our world.

Currently there also appears to be increasing attention being given to statistics indicating more debt, more fat and more debilitating health issues than ever before. So just know this, that for every statistic being taunted by the media, there is another statistic saying the exact opposite. Polarity is necessary in a world of choice.

As we begin to understand our personal role in settling for the life we presently live, the contrast between our experiences today and the way we would have it be becomes an internal conflict that many would rather ignore than address.

The point here is, it doesn't matter what you've heard. What matters is what you do with what you've heard or have come to believe is "realistic." What you have decided directly affects your energy.

You may fear that in visioning a desired future that you are not being realistic, but I'm here to tell you that the only reality that is relevant is what you decide upon.

For every evidence of lack, there is also evidence some where in the world of abundance. You must look further than you have looked up to this point. Your reality is only current with how willing you are to press on and look for evidence that supports what you want.

To change or heal anything in your life that is currently not as you would prefer that it be: loss of any kind, you must rigorously focus on the future you want to create.

The Power of Intention

Intention is a powerful, manifesting force, when it is attended to and carried forward with consistent desire. I have traveled to the San Francisco bay area extensively for work. I know how to get from the airport to the car rental quickly and easily. One day as I was heading out to get on the bus to take me to the car rental facility, I found myself down on the bottom landing walking to baggage claim.

It had been ages since I had checked my luggage in at the counter for this trip into San Francisco. I had figured out that it was much faster for me to bring it on the plane with me, then I didn't have to wait at baggage claim for it to arrive.

I was "woke up" to the fact that I had my luggage in my hand and proceeded immediately back up the escalator to the first floor to catch my bus to get my car. I sat down on the bus, pondering what had just happened when I noticed a man looking at me. I did a double take and then turned the other way. As I did so, my mind's computer system was doing a search on where I knew that face from. Churning, churning and then, oh, it was Vincent! I had two dates with Vincent before I started seeing Craig. I looked back, and said, "Vincent?" He said, "Mary! I've been trying to find you since you moved from Portland. Nobody knew where you had moved to. I'm stunned that I'm sitting right across from you here. But I've been wanting to talk to you about a network marketing company I got involved in that I think you would want to know about."

The timing, the synchronicity, of it all was really Quantumfiable! But that's exactly what happens when you MasterMind specifically. The power of your intention, carries energy forward. Things unseen are orchestrated energetically, and perfectly!

While I was not interested in doing network marketing any more, I thanked him for thinking of me.

Now, if he is but one example of how a person can utilized the power of their intention to build a highly lucrative and financially freeing network marketing business in this way, only adding to it, that you instead intend to attract prosperous, competent minded people who "want" what you have to offer. Your intention will yield you Quantumfiable results!

Another similar story:

My brother in law was experiencing back pain, and I wanted to buy him a Nikken magnetic back apparatus to wear, for Christmas.

It was early December when I had intended to do this. I was traveling again, and had just arrived to catch my last flight home. I walked into the waiting area and I saw a lady with a Nikken seat and back pad sticking up from her seat, and I sat down right next to her and asked her if she sold Nikken magnetic products. She said that she did and I asked her if she wanted to take my order!

She shared with me that she set monthly financial goals for her business, and with my order [I ended up buying magnets for everyone in the family] she felt certain, she was going to make it and more!

Imagine how many orders she could be taking, if she established specific goals and requests around what she was intending!

This is exactly how I've built my business. My intention is to be the attractor, not the chaser. All of my business comes in through attraction. I never chase after people. It simply is not how I ever wanted, or preferred that it be. You get to design this!

Intentions, simply must be fine tuned to increase the level of your attraction. If you don't like the results you are getting, then change your mind about what is possible by understanding how energy works. Change your requests to match exactly how you want things. As you will see, your resulting experience is never absent your thought or your intention.


Utilizing this one, potent and powerful energy illustration, you will see what I have done with literally thousands of people during live performances to drive home - in real terms - that what we think literally and instantaneously affects our world.

We either attract or repel the possibility of incoming business!

After you have read this entire section about the energy illustration, get a blind fold and perform the Muscle Testing exercise, exactly as I have described, with your partners, taking turns with whatever substances you want to put in the ziplock bags. Just make sure that one of the baggies has sugar in it so you can all see the instant transformation of what we have been told is a negative substance.

What you will experience from this Muscle Testing exercise, is the feeling of the energy coming into your body as a result of thinking certain thoughts and how you feel the energy in your arm as either strong or limp.

You will now have concrete information that you've only thought you were kidding yourself about before. Most people have felt the effects of negative and positive energy. But, because it is invisible to the eye, we can talk ourselves out of knowing what we know, feeling what we feel.

You simply can not have an attitude and keep it a secret!

And if someone has an attitude about you, well, then you've known it all along. What this will substantiate, is that you really are not crazy! It's true, it's happening and you do not have to be taking it on. But that requires you sending back different vibes than what you probably have been.

Vibes of resistance, anger, avoidance, fear, less than, better than, arrogance and attitude back at you Jerk - are only vibes that will get you more of what you've been getting with these people! You must change the vibe to change the experience. Don't expect them to do it or to "get this" ... you can step up and be the adult i.e., the living example of what humanity can be!

Know this: your thoughts, attitudes, judgments, etc. have an immediate, and scientifically provable, affect on your world in an instant.


The Body Electric and Magnetic
Discover Magazine featured an article which included a series of brightly colored electronic photographs showing the illuminated flow of electrical activity throughout the entire system of nerves and blood vessels in the human body.

Think about it: if the heart stops, modern medical practice is to apply an electric jolt to get it started again. The brain uses electricity to issue its commands from neuron to neuron. When these signals reach a muscle, they set up a wave of electricity throughout the muscle. Each cell of the body has a positive and negative charge, so there is constant polarity. Each cell has a magnetic component. Which means the body is not only electric, it's magnetic. In essence, we are moving electromagnetic fields of living energy.

The human mind and body creates a magnetic field, a measurable field arising from electric charges in motion. Every cell in the body has it's own intelligence. It knows exactly what to do in any given situation or environment. There is even evidence that, at the sub-atomic level, each quantum particle/wave has an "intelligence" of its own! At the organic level of our bodies, embryonic cells "know" how to grow into higher forms of complex and distinctive systems. Each of these systems is responsive, in varying ways, to the electromagnetic energy generator of our minds.

Because the body is electrical, and each cell in the body has a positive and negative charge, we are magnetically charged in accordance with what our thoughts vibrate and transmit.

Being electromagnetic sets up certain conditions for how we relate, respond and receive experiences in our physical world. And as we've come to understand from quantum field theory, this means that whatever we send out comes back again, showing that we get to be right about whatever we are holding in mind for as long as we choose to be right about it!

Thoughts magnetize an energy field around us. As an illustration, if you put metal filings on a piece of paper and put a magnet underneath it, the filings will form a pattern in accordance to the magnet. The filings have no will of their own. And so it is with the substance of our lives. Electrons conform to the consciousness of the experimenter. Matter must obey consciousness, it always has, it is right now, and it always will.

So there are three things we can infer from what we know about electromagnetic energy of the body, coupled with the implications of scientific experimentation in the field of quantum physics;

1) electrons are constantly reading their environment

2) thoughts are constantly directing electrons

3) thoughts magnetize an energy field around us.

An analogy that illustrates this best is to imagine that the energy flow from you is like a signal or wave-length being transmitted from a radio or television station. Each of us emits very precise vibrational signals based on what we believe and think.

Everyone and everything in our environment have the capacity to pick up certain aspects of these signals. However, only those who are tuned in on the same wave length can respond to them, as only those radios and television sets that are turned on and tuned in to a particular station will pick it up.

Have you ever picked up your TV remote control and randomly started flipping through the channels when something on one of the channels made you stop and watch? You were in tune, or in alignment with what was being shown or said, and that's why you wanted to stop and watch. Or the opposite can happen, and you can be in so much resistance to the information being presented that you turn to another channel immediately.

When you get deliberate in guiding your intentions, let's say from an existing situation of "lack and an impending bankruptcy" to "100,000 subscriptions," you are literally tuning in to another channel. In MasterMinding, we "know" together that another station does in fact exist. We are deliberately deciding to change channels. The power of two or more minds in agreement, deciding to tune in to more pleasurable, life enhancing frequencies and mental images of prosperity, money, happy relationships, healthy lean bodies, fulfilling and fun work opens up infinite possibilities immediately.

When we've been existing within a frequency of fear, lack and limitation, we must simply stop ourselves and interrupt habitual thinking with, "How do I prefer it to be?" or "There's got to be a better way." And there is! You ask your MasterMind partners’ support in helping you to either: 1) help you decide differently about this false evidence appearing real, or 2) look around your world with the intention of finding someone who has what you want and then tune into their channel. In doing this, you acquire a mental equivalent of another field of probabilities different from the one you've been existing in.

You Have Within You the Power to Affect Worlds

Understanding that the human body is electromagnetic, combined with some insight into quantum physics, will help you to see how energy affects us, and how we continuously affect our world, our reality and our connections with other people.

It also helps you understand that you are not crazy, because it is likely that you've been aware for some time now that you know things before you think you should know them. Most importantly, we can understand at long last that we all have the capacity to connect with anyone anywhere in time and space, and therefore bring any desire into form.

There are many experiments that show that the mind or consciousness is not restricted to our bodies nor is it restricted to any kind of locality.

In my live presentations, I use "Muscle Testing," which is also known as a form of Applied Kinesiology called Context Reflex Analysis (CRA) to prove that our bodies "read" energy in our environment. I demonstrate the immediate effect our attitudes have on other people — whether they are secret and underlying or right out there, loud and clear.

First I explain that the body is electromagnetic, and that every cell in the body has a positive and negative charge. Because of this, the mindbody energy can be tested, and the body can give me yes/no answers, through the utilization of the strength of resistance in the muscles of the person's arm, as a way of testing the body's reaction to various forms of energy. Then I ask for a volunteer to come up from the audience. I ask them for their permission, giving them a brief explanation of what I am going to have them do. I also inform them that they will be receiving both positive and negative energy.

When they have given me their permission, I explain how I use the participants arm to test and to get a yes and a no answer. When the volunteer has a good reaction, feeling, or sense about something they are thinking about, or when some energy is affecting them from the outside in a positive way, the muscles in the arm are strong. When the opposite happens, with bad feelings or negative external energy, the muscles are weak. I explain that I will have them hold their arm up, straight and out to the side in order for me to try to push it down. I push down on the arm to test for a "yes" or a "no." Strong is yes, weak is no. I will hold various substances in a plastic zip lock bag close against the midsection of their body.

If the electrical impulses within the intelligence of their body is in agreement or harmony with what I am placing in their energy field, their arm will remain firm, and I will not be able to push it down, no matter how much force I try to use. If the energetic intelligence in their body does not like or agree with the energy source I am bringing into their energy field, their arm will go down easily when I push down on it to test it. Firm and outright is "yes, this is good." Down and limp is "no, not good."

Next, I ask the person to close their eyes (or use a blindfold) and keep them closed until the end of the illustration. Now, with their eyes closed, I hold an apple in a plastic bag against the midsection of their body. This puts the apple, which has it's own particular energy, in the energy field of the person's body. This person's body reads the energy of the apple.

I test to see whether or not the apple would be good for their body to have. The body always knows what is good for it and what is not, energetically. I picked an apple for this experiment because it is one food that is generally good for everyone. I ask the person holding the apple to let us know, by the answer of yes or no coming through their arm, if this thing that they are holding is good for the body. The body knows. We are working with the energy.

In almost every case using an apple, when I push down, the arm stays firm, no matter how hard I push down. One notable exception was when I had tested a diabetic person. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, until someone in the audience whispered the information to me. She would have been out of balance with her insulin had she eaten the apple! The experiment had not "failed," but rather had proven itself correct!

Next, I take refined sugar in a baggie, hold it right next to their mid-section and ask the body again, if this would be good for it. The arm in most cases goes down. Most people believe that pure sugar isn't really good for you, right?

The next thing I do is tell the audience that I want them to send an attitude to the person I'm testing. Without the person being able to see or hear what I am doing from that moment forward, I signal the audience that I want them to think negative thoughts and project their negative attention toward the person I am testing. After a few moments of negative attitudes being sent, I push down on the person's arm.

Every single time I have done this, the person's arm is lifeless, limp. They can't even will themselves to keep it up. That's how dramatic and instantaneous a negative attitude is on the person you are having a problem with. Whether you mean to or not, you are sending your attitude, and they are responding to it energetically.

Next, I signal the audience to send the person I'm testing some LOVE. Within a few moments, their arm becomes stronger and stronger until I literally can not push it down. Which explains why we never have problems with the people we love or like or have great appreciation for. There's no push or pull.

The energy of LOVE instantly transforms and heals the human body, mind and psyche. Yet, it is usually the very thing that we withhold when we are angry or upset with someone, which gets us a reaction that fuels an already existing problem into higher degrees of difficulty. Right? We literally put ourselves between a rock and a hard spot with our attitudes that come in the forms of hurt, resentment, condemnation, judgment, rationalization, defensiveness and on and on. And as you know, nothing changes in these difficult relationships until you have a softening of the heart. Once a softening, an understanding or forgiveness occurs in one of you, the entire relationship can realign and get back on track, or on a new track.

But we are not done yet. Remember the sugar?

Now this is going to blow you away! I bring back the sugar in the baggie and place it back in the test person's energy field. I silently signal the audience that I want them to send a loving attitude to the bag of sugar. We take a few moments and mentally send our blessings and LOVE to the sugar. I push down on the arm again. It remains up and firm. I cannot push it down.

We have transformed the negative energy of the sugar to positive energy instantly, before our very eyes.

It's extremely important to understanding exactly what you are doing in MasterMinding and why this energy illustration is important. In your MasterMind requests you are intending to deliberately affect, enhance and heal problematic people and situations in your world energetically. You are intending to attract in business based on your greatest vision, expectations and criteria. The effects are immediate as shown in this example.

You are affecting the energy of people each and every time you bless them, love them and make requests that the two of you align and find harmony together.

I don't care how difficult or impossible you previously believed a person to be. When you make a request, stuff starts to happen between the two of you that has not occurred before. You are in fact affecting the electromagnetic field between you and initiating within a field of possible futures a new and different, desired outcome.

You, like the sugar, will be changed at depth and they will experience this change energetically.

You're attitude, prejudices and fears about them will be transformed because of your intention and request to experience a more peaceful and productive relationship with them, because both they and you will feel the effects immediately.

You can't have an attitude about anything in your world, and keep it a secret.

You can not continue to condemn, judge and label someone and have a harmonious outcome.

You must understand that whatever you decide for is going to have an effect energetically on this situation. You are asking that your intentions be powerfully guided through the MasterMind process so know this, you are sending deliberate, intentional energetic communication to the people you bring into any MasterMind request. Therefore, when we go for the highest intention: peace, love, joy, harmony and good will we are essentially blessing people and situations in our lives. It will be felt, energetically. And as with the initial negative energy of the sugar, the negative in them and in you becomes transformed immediately.

There is nothing stopping us from blessing the people in our world at any given moment of any day. There is nothing stopping us from having a dramatic affect on our world with all those we know, meet or whose lives we touch. It's all just energy and we have dominion over our world. Which means, we can initiate and affect change any moment we choose.

The Implications for MasterMinding
There appear to be endless scientific and medical research studies, as well as various spiritual interpretations, all suggesting that we have an incredible capacity to affect our world.As I mentioned in my book, we do not necessarily need any body to make stuff happen, and yet, because of our current mental equivalents — mindsets — we can continue to remain right where we are.

I have illustrated to you as many ways as were beneficial for me to get my mind around the importance of not doing it all alone. We are humans, and it's natural for us to need help and to need and want companionship and support.

The argument I am building is that you know unequivocally that when you open a MasterMinding session that stuff is going to happen!

The science, physiology and energy illustrations has been an incredibly powerful resource for me to not only want to seek support, but to be conscientious and mindful about the implications of each and every request I am making.

You've heard the statement:

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

Well, know this: it's not about a matter of "if" in MasterMinding, it's a matter of "when."

It's extremely important to understanding exactly what you are doing in MasterMinding. You are intending to deliberately affect, enhance and heal problematic people and situations in your world energetically through specific requests.

You are already affecting energy in every situation you are in. The experiments reveal, we are connected whether we want to be or not, whether we mean to be or not.

And when two or more minds are gathered in agreement, you can expect to see what you want guiding you to the greatest good.

What you want, wants you. If you want someone in your life to be more loving and accommodating, then you make that your request in a MasterMind session, and in that moment, you are not only sending that message energetically to this person, you now have energetic support moving in and through this situation for you.

If you want a business built with prosperous and competent minded people who easily and fervently participate in creating a self sustaining toll booth for ongoing streams of income into your bank accounts, then you begin to attract those people in because you decided for it!


Because it's all vibrational and it's all telepathic communication coming through energetically and because you asked for assistance, resolution and/or alignment in this matter.

When you make a request and ask that that your partner be more accommodating and loving, they will be affected immediately by that communication - and so will you! When you make a request that the people you attract in for business are competent, capable and prosperous minded individuals... you instantly affect energy vibrations and those people tuned in to your new decision - i.e., frequency - start showing up wanting to do business with you and wanting exactly what you have to offer!

The intended energy moves through you in new, more evolved ways and will move through them as well. New language comes through you because of the work you do in formulating your requests.


Because you asked. When you asked, you opened the way for the combined energy of creative intelligence to affect the energy that you are intentionally putting in motion based on what you've decided you prefer.

You are affecting the energy of that person each and every time you bless them, love them and make requests that the two of you align and find harmony together. When you bring MasterMinding into the deal, it gets a whole lot easier than you have ever known it to be. Because you've asked through a formal MasterMind request, your inner guidance will move you and bring through you new language and power unlike anything you've ever been able to conjure up all by yourself before.

Amazing things will happen!

Why didn't they happen before now?

You inner guidance doesn't intrude because you have free will. Inner guidance waits to be invited in. That's what you do when you MasterMind.

Remember, you can not have an attitude about this person and keep it a secret.

You can not think you have a TOUGH business, and attract in an easy, lavishly lucrative - Vacation Life Style of a Toll Booth owner!!!

You can not continue to condemn someone and expect them to be harmonious with you, not just because it's contradictory spiritually, but also because we live in an energetic universe. You will get back exactly what you've put out. Science is just explaining why and how this is so.

You must understand that whatever you decide for is going to have an effect energetically on the people and situations in your life that you are wanting different results with. You want your intentions to be intuitively guided through the MasterMind process, but know this, you are sending deliberate, intentional energetic communication to the people you bring into any MasterMind request.

And in this intentional act, you are now being spirit assisted.


How Thoughts Reach Out Into Our World
Although there are a number of different theories about exactly how we make stuff happen, most quantum physicists are coming to the same conclusion: matter and energy are essentially the same. From one side of the equation, matter is a manifestation of an energetic process in space/time. Thoughts are energy, and the physical universe is the direct expression, the direct result, of our individual and collective thoughts.

Danish physicist, Niels Bohr once said: "Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it."

Quantum mechanical experiments have consistently demonstrated that, at the very least, without us as observers, the physical universe doesn't even seem to exist! Now that's creative license! They've also shown that we aren't just passively watching the world go by, but we form the very matter and experiences we are "observing" by the act of observing it.

What Quantum Physics Explains
Sub-atomic physics had its beginning as early as 1897, when electrons were first discovered by Lorenz. In the following decades much exciting work was done, from Einstein's theory of relativity (E= mc²) to discovering sixteen new sub-atomic particles from 1947-1954. Quarks came into the picture in the early 1960's, and Gluons in the 1990's. As our capability to observe smaller and smaller particles has sharpened, they continue to find smaller elements of matter.

Newtonian physics is based on the idea of predictability: when you add this chemical to that chemical you know what's going to happen, and under the same circumstances the same thing happens every time. Newton's mechanistic theories became the basis for our cosmology, for our view of how the world works. In essence, our World according to Newton is a clockwork universe in which the present and future inevitably flow from past conditions.

Quantum physics, of which Niels Bohr is considered the founder, suggests that the old Newtonian physics explains only a fraction of how the World works.

What we now know is that,
if you want to know what your future looks like,
look at your perception of reality right how.

When Neils Bohr wrote his theory, he didn't fully believe it himself. When others in his field confirmed his findings and conclusions, he then accepted the truth of what he had found.

Many believe that Bohr may possibly do for mind and matter what Einstein did for energy and matter: show that these two entities, apparently so disparate, actually interpenetrate and become each other. This development is of the utmost importance. It might allow mind and meaning to take their place alongside matter and energy as major factors in health and illness.

Psychologists have slowly picked up on the relevance that quantum theory has to their practice, and the traditional medical community has begun to accept the theories and incorporate them into the medical model of healing. I say it's "begun" only because many of today's scientists, including those in the field of medicine, still function within the old Newtonian paradigm. It is easier for these practitioners to ignore the new findings and to continue to rely on the logical and rational models they were originally trained in.

As we look at some of the findings of quantum mechanical experiments, you will see that they seem to turn logic and rationality upside-down

Thought Affects Electrons
Nowhere is the importance of conscious choice in the shaping of manifest reality better demonstrated than in the delayed-choice experiment conducted by physicist John Wheeler.

There was a new kind of technology in the 1970's that allowed scientists to accelerate free electrons to a speed approaching the speed of light. In it's simplest terms, in Wheeler's study, when they would fire the electrons at a screen with two apertures, they were amazed to find that the electrons, which were believed to be particles, would sometimes behave like waves. Sometimes they would go through the top aperture, and sometimes go through the bottom aperture, and sometimes the electron would change into a light wave and go through both apertures and converge on the other side and become a particle again.

The scientists at first could not figure out how this happened. Finally after extensive experimentation and deliberation, they began to recognize that what determined the way the electron would behave was the observation, perception and expectation of the experimenter. When they looked for particles, they found them. When they looked for waves in the same experiment, they found waves. 

For the first time in scientific history, it was recognized that you cannot have any experiment absent of the perceptual influence of the experimenter.
Nor can you have a life that is absent the influence of the way you see it.

What does this mean to you and me and the MasterMinding process? It means that no matter what we think, believe, decide, we will always be "right." We can be "right" about scarcity, lack and perpetual life-long difficulty, competition, being dependent on the current 'state' of the economy for our financial where with all, or we can be "right" about ease, grace, love, joy, prosperity and a life filled with an abundance of everything we choose as we choose it regardless of outer appearances.

Electrons constantly and consistently read their environment, and thoughts are constantly directing electrons by intent. Our intention is being transmitted directly into our environment, and electrons pick up on the infinitesimal signals we are sending.

What we think, what we believe, what we intend, have faith in and expect, all have energy that flows out of us and is "read" by our physical environment. Electrons are responding in kind to the thoughts - mental constructs - we hold in mind.

Therefore, setting forth an intention through the convergence of two or more minds, with the third invisible mind now present in the MasterMind process is an extremely influential force for - like lightning in a bottle: busting through limitation. By setting a vibrationally higher goals and requests we are literally setting new energy in motion to bring dreams, wants, desires into form.

Language is the Key to stimulating feeling and energy. In MasterMinding, let's make no mistake about what we are really doing. We are decreeing a thing or an experience into existence. You can literally blast your way out of limitation, if you will but use your authority with your words, and decree success regardless of appearances.

Language is vibrational in nature, and the language we use can change our vibrational energy in an instant. We want to go for the highest vibrational words we can find and be succinct and specific as we can possibly be about what is wanted.

Specific words have vibrational impact. Your words repeated, held in mind and spoken forth, as in MasterMind requests, are decrees that carry the energy of focused, deliberate intention. Words embody the quantum waves of energy that travel from the here and now, to the there and then of the future, and come back as a double wave or echo wave from the future back to affect the here and now.

Getting clarity about your heart-felt request is like your authentic dynamite: you will have an effect on your world. You were born with the power and the authority to remove all problematic issues from your life for good. The inexhaustible energy in man is released by clarity, desire and resolve. A person free from fear, undisturbed by appearances, sending resolve to men and nations, could say to these mountains of hate and war: "Be thou removed" and they would return to their native nothingness.

Resentment and intolerance rob us of our power. We should have signs in the subways, freeways and fast food drive-throughs that warn: "Watch your thoughts!" "Watch your words!"

The word "affirm" means to "make firm," and your MasterMind requests help you make firm the good in life that you are drawn to. Anything, and I do mean anything unlike what is good for you is your immediate opportunity to decree, make firm, a result that is for the greatest good for all concerned. And this is the exact moment we tend to fall back into our conditioned states of powerlessness, believing we can have no effect on a given situation or circumstance. This is error thinking.

Owning to the vibratory power of words, whatever you decree - that is what you release within yourself and your world. The word "utter" and the word "outer" have the same root meaning. What you "utter" literally becomes an "outer" part of your world!

The language you use induces energetic states that inspire you to take whatever action is required of you, from this point forward. The implications for this in designing your MasterMind requests are crucial. You must use the most powerful and affirmative language that you can come up with.

ART OF THE REQUEST: You begin with the most courageous, bold thought you can decide upon and begin formulating your requests from that place. Probably, most of the language you are currently using to describe your problematic situations is creating vibrational calibrations in the lower ranges and thereby keeping you in a perpetually weakened state.

To change this requires courage. And as we know, when we have a MasterMind partner who is approving and accepting of our plight, we can be doubly, even triply more courageous in initiating a bold request.

It is through bold words that you begin applying your faith to the formulation of your MasterMind requests. Your words will help you acquire the confidence necessary to take whatever action is required to bring your dreams, goals and desires into your experience. Every word you speak is what you are choosing to believe and give your power to in any given moment. The language you elect to use is what creates a Rich vibrational state of mind.

I have a preference for the statement: I request and accept. After many years of MasterMinding, I feel that including the word "accept" is the most powerful way to phrase a request. While making a powerful request is paramount to the MasterMinding process, the ability to "receive" what we've asked for has seemed to be an even bigger issue for me and the people I've worked with. As it is, we have plenty of resistance to just "receiving" without struggle, anguish or strife, let alone that we are now learning to request that it all be easier somehow!

The universal life current is subject and obedient to the word of man.

Be, do, have. As you will see in the following sample requests, it is best to state your request in the present tense. This keeps the mind from pushing things off into the future when you are asking for something to “become” or “will be,” etc. From this point of view, tomorrow never comes. It’s like the Spanish expression: “maňana,” which literally means "tomorrow," but really translates as: "not today."

Throughout time, it has been said that, in every circumstance and situation, and in the face of any result or outcome, you should "see the perfection" in it. This doesn’t mean to merely accept whatever happens, but rather to be receptive to the thing that you've asked for, to feel it and accept it as so, regardless of the appearances.

For every single circumstance or situation of anything unlike what you prefer, you can formulate a request for it, right here, right now.

Requesting and therefore accepting that you will in fact, either have an instantaneous change of events or you will be guided to the best and highest right action, or non-action, and outcome.

  • Identify the real problem and then turn it around. Use opposite words to describe the thing you prefer. Try to use the most powerful vibrational words.
  • Do not use words that have negative energy such as any word with a 'not' in it.

I don't want any more of_____

Which has the better vibrational quality?

I request and accept stupid people to leave my world.

I request and accept competent,
prosperous minded people to do business with.

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