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We have all heard by now about the power of visualization. We see extraordinary results occur for the athletes that are known to utilize their seeing power before every major event that they are competing for. We are also becoming knowledgeable about how visualizing affects the physiology of the body in curing disease.

     If I told you to spend a few minutes every morning visualizing yourself getting sick, would you do it? No, of course not, because you do in fact know the power of visualization. This is a time tested adage, and yet we continue to practice seeing worst case scenarios unfolding in our lives.

     Whether it's waiting for the other shoe to drop, or seeing, believing and expecting our desires to be difficult to attain. We are literally and methodically using the power of visualization to shape our experiences in any and all areas of our lives.

     Many of us have a learned expectation to make things worse than they may need to be. We do this by focusing our attention, and the momentum it will build, toward what can go wrong. And the interesting thing is that the key to creating new solutions is completely dependent on where you decide to direct and focus your attention. What you decide to see. This means you must be willing to tune into your current visual expectations and no longer allow what's been your reality to render you powerless for one more second. We all have habits of thought. What we believe, what we've experienced and have come to believe as the only reality and the only way that things can happen.

     You know that the performance of athletes improves dramatically with the power of visualization. Now, here's the big insight: not only is the athlete visualizing the results they seek, they also have a coach, a parent, a friend seeing for them, and with them too. This is the seeing power of two or more minds coming together in the spirit of harmony and agreement for a definite objective or purpose. The energetic power of two or more people visualizing preferred outcomes, can literally move any mountain in your life.

5 Quick Steps to the Seeing Power of 2

Step One: Decide who you would like to do this with. It needs to be someone who is like-minded and open to possibilities. You will be seeing for them and they for you. Anything goes. Take your most impossible situation, and dare to see something different with the help of your partner's vision. See the end results you prefer and refuse to see anything less than that. Together you will hold a rigorous vision of the future you are wanting to create.

Step Two: Decide when you are going to meet or talk on the phone. Make it a date and pen it in on your calendar, i.e., every Monday at noon for fifteen minutes.

Step Three: Decide what you want them to see for you. You can ask them to see you accomplishing something that has been difficult, with ease and efficiency. Whatever you ask them to see for you, you will want to indicate your new intention that it be easier than you've ever known it to be. Use the language, "What I'd prefer to see is _______," "See me ___________" or "See for me that _____"

Step Four: Each time you meet, start your conversations with your most recent successes. How you felt your partners' seeing power enveloping you and moving you energetically toward the things you asked them to see for you. Next you will discuss whatever is problematic and finally you will simply decide what you want your partner to see for you instead. You partner then repeats back for you what they are now agreeing to see for you. This seeing power of two then moves new energy, creative ideas and confidence through you.

Step Five: As each of your takes your turn in determining what you want the other to see, you will begin to feel the energy come through you. Because you have now elected to become deliberate about what you prefer to have as your experience, have put voice to it and have had someone else not only listen fully to you, but agree to see that it can in fact happen for you, you will instantly feel the confidence and the energy to go out there and have life unfold as you have been wanting it to all along.

     The seeing power of two or more people in agreement has tremendous energetic power that you will feel coming in immediately. By the mere act of having someone listening fully to what you are deliberately deciding for, and asking them to join with you in visualizing, you have accessed the power that literally moves mountains.

     You will feel it, you will know it, and you will experience life differently every time you join with two or more people to utilize your seeing power. And just so you know, you have just experienced the true and full out power of MasterMinding.

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Mary ReynoldsMary Robinson Reynolds, M.S., Educational Psychologist, Author and Producer of the world renowned Internet videos, and - both amassing over 10 million views within a few short months of their releases - spent many years as a classroom teacher K-8 and then as a counselor K-12. She parlayed her phenomenal success with youth at-risk into her programs for business leaders, entrepreneurs and managers on how to be energetically effective in leading improvement in their organizations through the power of Team Synergy and MasterMinding. She has written eight books, developed UTrain&Coach programs that anyone can take into their place of work to build organization wide Team Synergy, and has presented to over 20,000 people in two year period in every major city in the U.S. To learn more go to:

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