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The Power of Energetic Communication
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The famous botanist, Luther Burbank, conducted a very interesting experiment. He developed many different species of plants and one of his goals was an attempt to develop a spineless cactus. He would take a cactus and remove its spines, to see if it would live and then be reproduced as a spineless cactus. Each time he did that, the plant would die. He replicated the experiment several times without success.

Then one day, being an energy-minded person himself, he had a thought - he would talk to his plant. He assured the cactus that here in his laboratory there would be no harm. He would take very good care of the plant. That there would be no animals or any other creatures that could come in to harm the cactus, even without its spines, and that the plant would be completely safe in his laboratory. And with that, he removed the spines from the cactus. This time the cactus lived, and Burbank was able to reproduce spineless cacti.

Psychologists have slowly picked up on the relevance of quantum theory to their practice. The traditional medical community has begun to accept these theories and incorporate them into the medical model of healing. I say it's "begun" only because many of today's scientists, including those in the field of medicine, still function within the old Newtonian paradigm. It is easier for these practitioners to ignore the new findings and to continue to rely on the logical and rational models they were originally trained in. As we look at some of the findings of quantum mechanical experiments, you will see that they seem to turn logic and rationality upside-down.

Evidence of Sub-atomic Communication

In recent experiments, physicists found that particles which originated from a common atomic mass continued to experience a kind of communication with each other that kept them permanently in touch with each other regardless of distance.

The way this was tested was to split an electron in half and manipulate the spin of one half. They found that the second half would always spin in the opposite direction from the first one. If they reversed the direction of spin of one electron, then the spin of the other electron was automatically reversed instantaneously.

Furthermore, physicists discovered that the relationship of opposite spin is maintained by both electrons regardless of the distance between the partners. They even went so far as to separate the two electrons by a distance of half way around the world. The results were the same. Scientists were able to document that the two split electrons, originating from the same atomic mass, switched direction at exactly the same moment that the manipulation of one was initiated!

This illustrates that sub-atomic matter is constantly and consistently reading its environment and communicating.

Further Possibilities of Energy and Distance

This basic knowledge of electron communication was once again the impetus for experimenter Clive Baxter to further examine the possibilities of energy and distance. Baxter wanted to prove that we have the power to send energy over a long distance through characteristics that are present in atomic mass, which includes the structure and behavior of electrons.

He set up an experiment in which he scraped cells from the inside of the mouth of an actor and put them in a petri dish. He then had the actor drive to another laboratory seven miles away so that his colleagues would not know what the actor was doing, which was to act angry at certain intervals. At exactly the instant the actor began to act angry, the electrical activity in the cells in the petri dish changed. Before that moment, the cells in the petri dish were showing very little electrical activity. In fact the electronic survey only registered that there were cells there, and the petri dish was not empty. Yet the more invested the actor became in experiencing anger, the greater the level of electrical activity in the cells present in the petri dish.


Make A Difference with the Power of Connection
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Now let's look at these two experiments together.

The first experiment suggests we are all part of an incredible and pervasive communication system in which distance is irrelevant.

The second experiment suggests that thoughts have energy that magnetizes electrons, measurable by electrical activity in living cells, again at a distance.

From this we conclude that we can purposely transmit thought-energy over distances instantaneously, like a radio station to a receiver. This is precisely how we create our experiences in the physical world.

You simply cannot have an attitude and keep it a secret! You cannot secretly dislike a student and expect to succeed with that student. It's all in the connection and one, simple infinitesimal shift in your attitude will yield an entirely different result.

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