TurnAround Specialist: No Labels No Limits!
...For Professionals & Parents

Seriously.  This presentation covers more than you knew there was to know in regard to the vibrational power of the label.  There is nothing like the power of the spoken word to totally affect an outcome.  Mary provides a culmination of over thirty-five years of insight, wisdom and the development of a simple, and yet profoundly powerful system that will RE-LABEL all that has gone before.

In learning how to become a TurnAround Specialist the audience will easily transform even the most difficult situations and challenging personality types, in an instant!

Teachers’ Expectations Carried Out by Students in A Profound Way

In research studies by Rosenthal, Jacobson, Lenore and others, well known as the Pygmalion Effect, also known as the Power of Expectations, children were given an achievement test, and they had a wide range of scores on the tests. The students were then randomly assigned to two groups of teachers. One group of teachers was informed that all their students had achieved the highest scores on the test, the other group of teachers was told theirs had the lowest scores on the test.

Even though the students were randomly assigned, they actually performed according to the teachers’ expectations, which were based on what they had been told about the students. The effects were seen almost immediately, within the short time the experiment was conducted. The teachers who thought they were working with all the high-scoring students had them performing at high levels of achievement on various evaluation criteria, while the teachers who thought their students were the ones with low test scores found that the students performed poorly.

After revealing this information to the teachers, they began to see that their own thoughts and expectations did make a difference in the children’s performance, and the performance of the “slow” classes improved dramatically in the following weeks as a result.

A Stanford University study showed measurable and dramatic acceleration in reading speed and comprehension when they renamed the Remedial Reading room to Accelerated Reading Room for the school year.

Behavior Modification's #1 Rule: Before you can change anybody else you must first change yourself! ... and it begins with the one's Attitude, i.e., Label!

In this presentation you'll be motivated to...

  • Work a simple process that will increase the level of help and support you get from staff, faculty and administration.
  • Apply a powerful technique that bridges communication between polarized personality styles.
  • Eliminate self-defeating esteem issues with a technique called Reverse & Re-label.
  • Learn what real, authentic power is and how to deliberately use it to empower others.
  • Effectively use Mary's 7 Best One-Liners for DEFUSING and DISARMING conflict, and confrontation, with challenging children, teachers, administrators, staff and/or recurring hostile situations.
  • Learn how to "SAY IT" with the kind of energy that "connects" confidently and credibly.

Alternate Titles

  • Increase Your Energy ~ The Power of Successful Communication
  • The Power of Team Communication ~ Problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Powerful Communication for Professional & Personal Success

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