Dear Mary
On June 18, the newly formed Elkay Business Women's Organization officially surpassed our end-of-year membership goal by 65% ... due, in large part, to the energy generated by your dynamic presentation at our kick-off meeting! On the day following your interactive speech (Increase Your Energy -- The Power Of Successful Communication), one of the e-mails that I received did an excellent job of summing up the general response. The one-word message (in large, bold-faced type) was:

In addition to the enthusiastic response to the evening speech to the Business Women's Organization, your "MasterMinding For Success" session at Elkay's Operations Council demonstrated your ability to reach and excite a group of corporate leaders who came to the presentation with a variety of experiences, challenges and agendas. Your creative, positive approach to innovative thinking and goal-setting was a hit! Several key people made the comment that you "commanded the room". They were right.

Most importantly, from my perspective as the co-leader and one of the initial founders of the Elkay Business Women's Organization, you made our new group "look good" to top corporate management! As the sponsor of your visit to Elkay, your delivery of a hard-hitting, focused, enlightening session was exactly the message that we wanted to present. Everyone who participated in the day's events left your interactive discussions with new ideas and a plan for growth and change.

Thanks for helping us plant the seeds for future success. We will definitely invite you back to share with us again!


Deanne B. Brezette, C.P.M.
Purchasing Manager