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Discover how to step fully into your GREATNESS and unlock your capacity to lead. Being a leader in today's fast paced, ever changing world means you must acquire solution-generating techniques and expand your approach to decision-making and empowerment. You must have a VISION of the future you want to create, and you must be rigorous in holding firm to that vision in the face of opportunities disguised as adversity.

In becoming a leader, one must step fully into greatness and utilize one's own internal personal power as our only necessary resource. As Mary works with associations and corporate teams she finds that two of the words in our language most misunderstood are greatness and power. They have been treated by most as something we should shy away from, rather than embrace. I find this "mistake" originating from our conditioned states of powerlessness, and from the celebrity status we give victimization.

We are afraid that if we step fully into our greatness that we will "offend" someone. That someone will feel "less than" when they are around us. How foolish. How arrogant this really is. Greatness IS Grace, Generosity, Good Will, Clarity, Authenticity and yes, having boundaries and guidelines. Real power is NOT about overpowering another. Real power is the act of acknowledging and encouraging the power within another. Only when we step fully into our greatness and allow ourselves to experience and express our internal power do we give other people permission to do the same:

THIS is the most important quality of true leadership.

Strength of Mastery
We each have within us, the power to turn things around...

  • Awaken the Spirit within your workplace.
  • Step fully into your Greatness.
  • Tap into the creative mechanism of your mind.

Strength of Action
There is nothing more exhaustive than activity without Insight...

  • Lead your organization to a common vision.
  • Benefit, benefit, benefit – you know the drill.
  • Enroll others in the purpose of Change and Improvement

Strength of Balance
Where, when & how we collapse into states of "powerlessness"...

  • Overcome Challenges. Gain invaluable direction on how to excel as a leader.
  • Gain strategies for effective team-building and for motivating associates to peak performance.
  • Success Skills to boost your productivity by learning the powerful language of a Delegator.

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