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The Colors of Success ~
Predominant Communication Styles

I think you go around with the insane delusion that people like you!
Woody Allen - Deconstructing Harry

Research indicates that 80% of people who are pink-slipped, downsized, or just plain fired – is not because of their technological know-how or competence. It is because they are not able to deal with personal differences and emotional situations within the work environment.

What motivates People?

Communication breakdown comes from not understanding other people. We don' t listen to other people and we try to talk a language that we expect people to understand when in fact they are listening and speaking in another language; "their" language. With so many ways to interpret other people's behavior, why not take time to remove some of the guesswork.

Your behavior is affected by the situations you're in. Your social style is the result of many years of development. No personality style is better than any other, yet you enhance your relationship with others if you understand your motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and those of people around you. When Mary is brought in to corporations to work on Communication, Leadership and/or Team Synergism, the first thing we do is determine Predominant Communication Styles of all participants.

Understand that you will have a little bit of every color. What we are most interested in is where you dig your heals in during difficult encounters – which is your Predominant Color. This is where confusion, conflict and heated interactions are conceived. What we want to do is not only learn about ourselves, but also start thinking about the style that is most difficult to deal with and communicate to. When we learn about our own style and how it depicts not only what we highly value, but how we think and integrate information, then we begin to understand why we are not on the same wave length verbally and intellectually as someone who has entirely different values and thinking processes.

Maximize Your Strengths ~ Minimize Your Limitations with Colors of Success

  • Better communication and relationships through understanding people. When you treat people waythey want to be treated and in the way they understand, you build rapport.
  • People will let you know how they want to be treated if you know how to read the verbal, vocal
  • Learn the 3 ways of integrating information.
  • Learn how to tap into your knowledge resources through innovative ideas.
  • Behavior style and how to maximize it's strengths and minimize it's weaknesses.
  • How to read the behavioral styles of other ~ quickly and accurately.
  • How systems and structure save time and money.
  • Improved productivity through action oriented goals.
  • Learn the "technique" which is guaranteed to build instant rapport.

Listen to an audio clip of this seminar,
Connecting with Colors ~  Predominant Communication Styles

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