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Make A Difference with the Power of Connection

Immediately Applicable for:
Amazing Academic & Behavioral Success for ALL Students!
Eradicate Bullying, Depression & Suicide
Defusing Extremely Angry Young Children
Mega Boost to Teacher Morale

Mary's Keynote will place an emphasis on Applying User Friendly Quantum Field Theory in combination with the latest Brain Research.  She will boost morale and point the way to MEGA solutions that any one can apply.  In just 60-90 minutes Mary will show you what's really going on and what exactly you can do about it to affect a behavioral change in 30 seconds or less in emotionally upsetting situations.

Mary's 2-day Boot Camp is comprised of everything she incorporated to earn her at-risk students an increase of 2-3 years growth on the Stanford Achievement Tests - after actually losing growth in the years previous to students coming to her classroom. She has worked with ineffective teachers to get their test results into showing years of growth instead of loss. Mary had a reputation in every school she taught in! She was the teacher that every student couldn't wait to be around and who they wanted to work for.

The educational professional who has already experienced success with teaching and helping children BUT feels that there is still something more that can be - must be - done and/or learned on a school-wide an and community level. Superintendents, Principals, Counselors, Teachers, Home-Schoolers, Staff, Helping Professionals, Leaders of PTA and other Community Service Organizations wanting to participate with schools to Make A Difference in the lives of every single child in your community.


Mary Robinson Reynolds'
the Academic Success 101 Boot Camp will:
Be a Mind Expanding Experience
Push you past your Mental limits

Experiential, Inclusive, Engaging: a Totally Transforming Program that will have you leaving with a very clear, understandable, translatable 3-Step APPLICATION that changes behaviors in 30 seconds or less and Makes a School-Wide Difference in as little as a 9 Week Grading Period.

You will positively affect school culture, district-wide and be able transfer knowledge about connecting skills that change unproductive behaviors.

THE MAGIC SECRET to measurable academic success everyone wants to know about is:
it's ALL in how you CONNECT.

You will learn why: Hard work is not always the initial solution.

Mary shows how many of the traditional approaches to overcoming disruptive behavioral challenges that hold students back -- try harder, work longer, find the sheer willpower -- either do not work or may make the students' problems worse.

By optimizing each child's brain function through how you connect - following Mary's specific 3-Step Application - will improve brain function and therefore EQ + IQ = a higher GPA.

By optimizing connection, we optimize brain function, and when we do this we develop the qualities of a magnificent mind enjoyed by the world's most successful and happiest individuals.

Increase memory and concentration
The ability to maintain warm and satisfying relationships
Goal-oriented perseverance
Better impluse control and mastery over potential addictions
Free-flowing creativity and the ability to relax and enjoy life

Increasing Emotional Energy with Youth Who Are At-Risk & the Professionals Working With Them
This 2-Day Boot Camp is Potent, Concise and will Get You New Results Immediately

point  4 Personality and Learning Styles as they relate to neurological pathways.
point  3 Principles
you can use to change - once and for all - unproductive behaviors.
point  How to mentally create an Attitude Free Zone & why it's imperative that you do!
point  How to Break the Cycles of Failure and the 5 Core Beliefs involved.
point  3 Specific Strategies that transform Core Beliefs and Emotional Triggers.
point  3-Step approach that will instantly impact even the most belligerent individual!
point  Profound Life Altering Success Stories that will shift your perception.
point  User Friendly Quantum Physics that illustrates exactly what's going on.
point  How to take ANY problem and turn it completely around.
point  Develop and trust their intuition and reasoning abilities.
point  Transcend other people's limiting beliefs and opinions about what's possible.
point  The #1 Mega Magical Exercise you can take all children through to TRANSFORM your entire classroom and/or faculty.

Currently, we have problematic areas within our educational system, which is steeped in tradition and old ideas. movie graphic

It's time for new tradition.

It's time to re-write the script of the educational system.

It's time to learn how each individual learns, so we can teach better.

Bring your biggest problematic situations to this Boot Camp
and learn exactly how to Turn them Around!

Alternate Titles

  • Making A Difference with the Power of Compassion - KEYNOTE
  • Making A Difference with the Power of Connection - KEYNOTE
  • No Labels, No Limits - KEYNOTE &/or Half or Full Day Training
  • CONNECTION: Your Puzzle Pieces -KEYNOTE &/or Half or Full Day Training

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