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Each Movie is available in two different formats, each for a specific type of media player or purpose. Both file formats are immediately downloadable. Here are the file types, and their primary uses. Note: These files will NOT produce a DVD - see here.

NOTE: If you have already downloaded one type and want the other type, simply email or call Craig Reynolds with a request


What it's for:

for PC

Download this file to your Windows PC, and when you double-click it, a player will start, with the movie ready to play. The advantage of this file type is that it is very easy to use, because it is a self-contained Flash viewer that can be re-sized to fit your viewing area. You can also make the player full-screen [Ctl][F]. However, there are no play/pause or fwd/rev buttons to control the flow of the movie.

This is the simplest and most convenient format for the novice user, but it also provides the best platform for embedding into a Power-Point presentation (see bottom of this page) or for projection-mode viewing for large groups.

NOTE: This is an executable application (program) that runs its own Flash Player. It is NOT a Windows Media Player object, and does not play in WMP or any other player.



This format will play on PC's and Mac's. You must have the free Adobe Flash player installed on your computer for this to run.You can also make the player full-screen [Ctl][F].

Apple has made their download very easy, and the player is most convenient with all the control buttons we have come to expect of media players. If you are sure you don't have it already, and don't think you can accomplish a player download, go with the Self-Player above - or bake some cookies and get a teenager to install it ;-)
Get the player at: https://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/alternates/



This format will play on PC's ONLY. You must have the free Windows Media Player installed on your computer for this to run. The player ships with all versions of Windows computers, so it is a safe bet you will have it if you have windows. And you will have the up-to-date version of the player if you have your "Automatic Updates" turned on (as you should for virus protection.)

This version can be most easily integrated into Power Point presentations.


Both types come with a READ_ME_FIRST text file that you can read before you even extract the contents of the zip archive, by (for PCs) right-clicking the zip file and choosing [OPEN]

Note regarding PowerPoint presentations: You can include a Flash .swf file in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation. This material, and more, may be found at: https://makeadifference.com/U/?PlayInPowerPoint