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No Labels, No Limits

Healing Today's Children

Lessons from a TurnAround Specialist
by Mary Robinson Reynolds

Calling out the Best in the "baddest of the bad" ...

Can one adult make a lasting difference in the life of a child? Yes, absolutely.

As an educator and psychologist with an endless number of real-life stories, just like Teddy's, Mary offers you this opportunity to make your own Magic with our Youth At Risk. Spread the healing and inspire someone by learning how to shift your perception through Re-Labeling.

In her new downloadable eBook No Labels, No Limits author and creator of Make A Difference online movie Mary Robinson Reynolds, M.S., explains exactly what you can learn to "think" that will instantaneously affect unwanted behavior and produce a happy outcome.

For those looking for a real-life strategies and stories of the importance of adults in a child's life need look no further than here.

Stories include:
Melison: The Family That Couldn’t Do Math
Brandon: "Wrong Side of the Tracks"
Cory: When A Child Is Difficult to Like
Crazy Josh: The Biggest, Baddest Sixth Grade Class! Click: FREE STORY
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Children who are out of step with their peers, exhibiting learning or behavior problems, are fortunate if they meet a top TurnAround Specialist like Mary Robinson Reynolds. She knows what it takes to save these out of step youngsters and to help them find the path toward a happy, well-adjusted childhood.

Amazing positive changes will occur in the work of a TurnAround Specialist, who is trained to spot negative behavior and knows how to identify underlying reasons. In hindsight, the cause may seem surprisingly straightforward -- a negative label, for instance, like "stupid" or "slow" or "dumb at math" can take away hope and doom a child to failure. Yet these roots of behavior problems can be difficult for the untrained eye to spot.

Sadly, many teachers and parents have no access to a TurnAround Specialist. Often schools have no funding for additional help and it falls to the teachers to try to assist these children in pain while carrying out regular classroom duties. So out of step kids routinely fall through the cracks of our educational system.

Now teachers and parents can learn the techniques for identifying underlying causes of unwanted behavior and eliminating them. In this book, Mary Robinson Reynolds, nationally known author, speaker and TurnAround Specialist shares her wealth of knowledge and successful tactics for rescuing troubled children.

Learn how to take a more "non-judgmental look" at the behavior from a zero attitude & compassionate point of view ... rather than from a critical standpoint. The authoritarian model wants you to justify old-worn out methods of trying to control children into behaving well and succeeding through force.

A New TurnAround Specialist is born every day!

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 2:18 am
Hi, It's 2 am. I woke out of a sound sleep because I'm so excited I needed to write to you. My background is teaching, although I have not taught children on a full-time basis for many years. Last year I decided to sub once in a while to "keep in touch." A couple days ago I watched your Make a Difference movie, I didn't realize it was the teacher movie renamed. It made me cry...again.

Today I subbed in a 5th grade class. The teacher got sick at the last minute so the lesson plans were pretty sketchy. It's lethal for a sub to not know what the heck is going on so before the kids came into the room, I said a prayer and shined my light into the whole classroom, filling every corner.

The morning was going really well, my heart was swelling with love for these children I barely knew. There was one boy, however, Joe who was sullen and mouthy. I watched him. I saw what he was really feeling. When I had a chance I went over to have a quiet conversation with him. I just wanted to find out about Joe. It was easy to tell right away he was angry. I told him I felt like I knew him. I met him eyeball-to-eyeball. He didn't flinch. I could tell he felt some type of recognition too. I asked him about the things he liked to do. At first he said he didn't like anything but gradually I drew him out. He liked football and building things. He said he couldn't do much. I looked at him, surprised and said, "Don't you know you can do anything if you put your mind to it?" Then I told him I believed in him. The transformation was immediate. I felt a calming come over him. I felt a peace.

During the rest of the day, I had no trouble with him. He was one of my best helpers. One time another student referred to him as just plain bad. Some of the other kids laughed. I simply told the class there was no such thing as a bad kid...maybe mixed up, but never bad. At the end of the day, as he was leaving to get on the bus, he looked directly at me and said, "Thanks."

I know today I was there for Joe. I will probably never see him again but I hope that our little connection today will stay in his heart for a while. I know he will stay in mine and whenever I think of him, I will shine my light all over him.

Thanks, Mary, and a great big hug, Jasmine
I feel so good I still can't sleep...hahahaha.
You are the pebble that starts the ripple.

From Mary's book Editor, Heather Kibbey of Panoply Press, Inc.:
Thought you might be interested in this bit about negative energy: Last night my dog, my husband and I were watching a dvd of old Dog Whisperer programs. I've been working with my dog, trying to get him to realize once and for all who's really in charge here. And we're making great progress--he's now seen dozens of episodes, mostly relating to his particular behavior! But what I wanted to mention was that Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, would occasionally tell one of the owners to go in the house or stand far away. He'd point out that the owner's negative energy was being broadcast directly to the dog and that was interrupting vibes the dog needed to be getting from Cesar. And of course it was obvious to everyone that the owner was freaking out, convinced that the dog was going to demolish Cesar and the mailman and everyone else on the street. Negative energy was very obvious!!"

So whether it's your child, your dog, your spouse or your business associate you are trying to get different results with, this is definitely a great book to begin to understand the energetic power of a label.

"A book every teacher and parent must read. It gave me such hope that I could make a difference in the life of these children." - Judy Pearson

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recorded February 28

Purchase this eBooklet for only $10 and receive an additional complimentary MP3 recording of the phone group Re-Labeling coaching session with Mary recorded on April 25th. It is available to you online and as an MP3 downloadable for your listening pleasure to revisit the training as needed.

Mary, Thank you for working with me on your relabeling telecall last week. I was so nervous and afraid to speak up, but I know now its time. It made such a difference to me because at times it felt like I was the only one going through it. And at times I felt like I was not good enough and there was something wrong with me. By hearing others I Didn't feel alone anymore and it helped tremendously. Now to be called a Procrastinator is such a blessing. Now I know that there's a special spark in me and now I know its a blessing to be different. Thanks again, Many blessings! -- Mary Ann S


You'll find how easy it is to ReLabel any situation which is exactly what enabled Mary Robinson Reynolds to become a TurnAround Specialist. You can literally affect behavior in an instant once you learn Mary's techniques and strategies for "thinking."

When you get the complete ebook, you will also receive an addition MP3 training Mary did with parents and educators on April 25th. Mary’s intention is to show you how you can get more of what you want in relationship to your children, and less of what you don't want.

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