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Celebrate the Season Movies Download Bundle


Download Includes Four Movies:
-> Autumn Blessings Movie
-> ThanksGiving Movie
-> Christmas Season Movie
-> A Silent Night Movie

High-resolution images & high quality, full-stereo sound. Perfect for showing on a larger screen for a public event, playing continuously in the background at a family gathering, or for daily personal enjoyment for you to experience peace and comfort ...again and again. (Includes ScreenSavers!)

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To our friends at home and abroad. As you know, our various Spiritual Traditions and Holiday Season activities begin with our Thanksgiving celebration here in the United States. Canada's is in October.

This year, start a new holiday tradition!

Set a peaceful, heart-connecting mood with our Celebrate the Seasons' inspirational mini-movies:

Dear Mary,

I purchased your Celebrate the Season 4 Movie Bundle a couple of years ago and I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed using your heart connecting mini movies when I entertain for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

At first I just enjoyed playing them for my husband and myself. Then one day when I was getting ready for a holiday party and I decided to put the Christmas movies on continuous loop play and let them be in the background during the party. It was wonderful.

As people stood around with their little party plates and drinks there were so many comments about the beautiful scenes and words on the TV screen.

The words on the screen were conversation starters as well as inspirational messages. It was great!

Thank you so much for providing a way for me to bring a very special message to my guests and add a unique touch to the whole mood of my party.

Since then I have used the mini movies at other little gatherings in my home and I just love the difference it makes for myself and others.

Celebrate the Season has become a holiday tradition in our house and I will be using it next week for our Thanksgiving event with our family.

They are truly a blessing.
Linda Beal

We no longer provide our Celebrate the Seasons movies on DVD because it is so easy to play them from your computer with today's technology. Many families now have a WiFi connection from their computer to their home theater TV. If you are not one of them, you just plug the HDMI cable from your HD flat screen TV into your laptop and press play. Even if you don't have WIFI or HDMI connections, there is a cable for virtually any PC, laptop or tablet computer that will connect your computer to your TV.

You will receive both of these file formats of each Movie:

1. Flash Self-Player for PC. Download this file to a Windows PC, and when you double-click it, a player will start, and the movie will play. Player does not have play/pause or slider controls, but is the simplest to use. [Ctl][F] will make it cover the whole screen without borders. Best for playing on a projector for group viewing, and simplest for the novice user. 720 x 480format.

2. Flash Movie format. This file format will play on all Mac's and PC's. Requires the free player from Adobe. Be sure to read the text files that come with the download. Download contains READ_ME text files.

NOTE: these files will NOT give you the ability to make a conventional DVD to play on TV. Click here for details.

For more detailed description of these file types and what they are best suited for, click_here.

Celebrate the Season Movies Presentation Download - Computer files to be Downloaded. As soon as you have gone through the payment process, the final screen you see will have a link for the immediate download of the movie files. So look for the word "download" in blue, underlined, and click on it to start the downloads.

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