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Maluhia by Musical Artist, the amazing ...Faith Rivera!

Madonna's energy meets Shakira's grooviness meets KT Tunstall/Melissa Etheridge's organic folk-rock. Hip shakin’ rhythms, eclectic pop/r&b/world arrangements, "contagious songs" & a positive message for listeners of all ages.

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Includes Flash Movies:
Women of Today Movie
Kumbaya Movie

Faith Rivera! - Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Movies

Three Movies on One DVD

Play each movie, with continual looping, 2 or 3 movies in a continuous loop.
Flash Player and Windows Media versions for Windows PCs
QuickTime versions of the movies for MacIntosh computers.
Screen-Savers of the full-length movies are also included.

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Women of Today Movie

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1. Consider how the inspirational movie emotionally and intellectually benefits your audience.
2. Incorporate the movie into your outline at a pivotal point of your message.
3. Tell the audience how long the inspirational movie is going to be and that there will be 30 seconds of silence after the video to allow people to think and collect their insights about what they watched.
4. Explain to them what they are going to see and/or put a description in your handouts.
5. After the inspirational movie plays, allow 30 seconds for them to think about the video.
6. Explain what you just watched. And if time allows, be receptive to field audience insights.
7. Continue using inspirational movies to keep people "awake to" and "engaged in" your message.

*If your auditorium is large enough to make reading the text difficult, we recommend that you have someone with a lovely voice read along with the movie over your audio system.*

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As a Full-Movie Screensaver: You can set the number of minutes of inactivity before it starts to play quietly. The volume is lower and the images are higher resolution than the online version.

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