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Mary Reynolds PowerPoint Presentations

For Staff Development:

In today's world, budgets are tighter than ever. Managers, Administrators, Principals as well as Administrative Assistants are now tasked with a great amount of staff training... so we've made it easier for you!

Mary Reynolds' PowerPoint presentations will help you deliver a clear concise learning experience and a powerful presentation to your staff.

The PowerPoint presentations have been created for:

Trainers who work with groups of 20 or more.
Staff developers who really want to make a difference in the lives of others.
Energize Morale and transform the culture of your work environment positively.
Anyone who currently or will in the future, spend a lot time in front of groups.

Your presentations will have title slides and closing slides. Average presentation will be 30-100 slides, depending on the topic.They are adaptable for personal customization:  adding your own titles, key themes, strategies, persons of interest, organization themes, photos and activities.

How Communication Styles Work Together ...or Not!

These colorful presentations with Mary's full script will engage, activate and prepare people to work effectively and synergistically with even the most challenging personality styles.

Some of the personality style books and assessments available today are very harsh and degrading. People walk away feeling bad about themselves and mad at others they believe they are stuck with!

What you will just love about this 2-hour Live eAudio/MP3 and Companion eBooklet with NEW PowerPoint Slides is not only that you learn what makes our individual quirks quite entertaining, you will actually feel good about those problematic areas of your personality type. What you will learn is that your strengths, ironically because they are strong, are sometimes also your problematic areas. But you won't be left hanging, you will learn just how easily it can be remedied.

Doesn't this make a lot more sense than pushing people down while telling them to get up?!

Learn How to Be Calm, Poised and Peaceful with All People

Learn More

TEAM SYNERGY: Being a 21st Century Transformational Leader (COMING SOON!)

In this 10 Hour Training Presentation You will be able to Train your Staff How To:

Learn More about
Best Utilize the New Science  •  Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory in Building Positive, Motivated SYNERGISTIC TEAMS  •  Use Intention and Energy to Create Cooperative Leadership  •  Generate Self-Sustaining Team Motivation  •  Build Solid Relationships with Anyone  •  Learn to Communicate Clearly & Avoid Misunderstandings  •  Manage Individuals with Rotten Attitudes or Lousy People Skills  •  Handling Difficult Conversations's  •  Boost Morale: Communication Dos and Don'ts  •  Handle Attitudinal Negativity  •  Be Assertive with Tact & Finesse  •  Listen  •  How to Transform & Work Successfully With Difficult, Demanding & Inconsiderate People  •  Increase Emotional Intelligence with Compassion  •  Be An Outstanding Communicator  •  Use Compassion to Create Intelligence  •  Powerful Communication Skills For Women & Men  •  Use Creative Team-Building Ideas and Activities To Create Instant SYNERGY  •  Leadership & Management Skills for Women & Men  •  Quickly Improve Your Communication Skills for Success  •  How Too Manage Emotions Under FIRE!  •  and so much more with Mary's One-on-One Q&A, Role Play and Coaching.

Choose from:
• Re-igniting Employee Morale
Innovative Solutions & Energy Enhancers
• Personality Styles, Brain Function & Learning
User friendly Quantum Field Theory & Interconnectedness
• Becoming a TurnAround Specialist: Mary's 7-BEST ONE-LINERS for Defusing & Disarming Conflict & Confrontation with Behavioral and Productivity Challenged Individuals
• Getting too the Root of Each Person's Core Beliefs and Projections
• YOUR Make A Difference Plan Identified Staff
• Mary's "What, If, When ...30 Seconds to Impact" Transformational Technique

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Make A Difference Movies & Training

Teddy Stallard Movie &
Acknowledgment Movie
+ Mary's 1-Hr Training

The Power of Compassion - 7 Ways to Make A Difference

The Power of
Compassion -
7 Ways You Can
Make A Difference
*Includes Teddy Stallard Story*

Educator's 9-Week Curriculum Package

Educators 9-Week
Make A Difference Activities
*Incl. Wristband Acknowledgment Ceremony*
and Teddy Stallard Activities

Corporate 9-Week Training Package

Corporate 9-Week
Make A Difference
TEAM Synergy Activities
*Incl. Wristband Acknowledgment Ceremony*
and Teddy Stallard Activities

I Make A Difference - Silicone Wrist Bracelets

Silicone Bracelets
"I Make A Difference®"
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